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iTOK is an easy solution for people who need tech help on their computers, tablets, wireless routers, TVs, smartphones, or printers. iTOK employees tech experts who log on to clients’ computers remotely to diagnosis problems, fix the problem, and then take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future. One common way of ensuring protection for technology is to upload software that protects computers from viruses and other changes that can cause problems. And iTOK clients can sign up for different kinds of care, depending on their technical needs. Customers can sign up for iTOK platinum member care, which involves a one-time fee and includes remote support for fixing problems and pro-active maintenance (set-up fees, as well as on-site visits, are more). If clients need less regular support, they can receive gold member care, in which they get a 20-percent discount for most services. Alternatively, iTOK customers can pay for services on a need basis, paying for each service they require. All iTOK services are satisfaction guaranteed. If customers are not satisfied, they can call the company within five days, and iTOK staff will do everything they can to make it right. iTOK offers outstanding service in three primary ways. First, it is fast and convenient. Because iTOK tech experts fix computers and devices remotely (they sign on through the internet), the problem is fixed today, rather than in weeks when things could only get worse. Second, all iTOK employees are certified in computer maintenance and security. Third, iTOK has been around since 2004 and has built up a customer base of thousands of consumers and businesses in America, Australia, Canada, and other countries. iTOK uses its vast experience to better serve its clients.