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Hi there my name is Kieran Daniels! I am currently focusing on San Diego SEOSan Diego Social MediaSan Diego Internet Marketing, and San Diego Web Design

If you have any questions or something you would like to show me, please sign up for my new 6 Week Marketing Bootcamp Series and I will personally email you and we can chat!  (It's totally free right now so sign up for a lifetime membership ASAP) You can find the opt in on my website thats linked below. The custom article marketing plug-in I send out in week 1 is worth the time to signup alone. Go check it out and all I ask is that you please share with someone you know who can also benefit! Thanks everyone!!!

Work experience

May 2012Mar 2013


Web Viking
The Web Viking has been conquering web pages for over 15 years. As Boise business owners, there are some things we just don’t enjoy doing; one of those things is taxes. We don’t care exactly how they are done; we just want to know they are being done right and that we are saving the most money possible. That's the philosophy of the Web Viking. We know how to help your business be easily found online. Most business owners understand the importance of ranking on Google and other search engines, but simply don't have the time to learn everything needed to really dominate Boise SEO and Boise Social Media.  So here is what we offer - the whole thing. We don’t offer different pieces of the online jigsaw puzzle and we don’t want you to have to deal with 5 different guys that do 5 different things for your Boise Online Marketing. We want you to have one guy that takes care of EVERYTHING. From Boise SEO to Boise Social Media to Boise Web Design;  the Web Viking has you covered. 

We may be vikings of the Internet, but we can also be found on the golf course, in the back yard with our kids, or relaxing by the lake. Please email us if you want to stop by and hangout or if you have any questions about what we can do for you.

Let's make everything easier.

Kieran Daniels & Creed Cameron 

Web Viking


Mar 2010Jan 2012

New Media Marketer


As a New Media Marketer I am responsible for creative leadership and ownership of multiple projects. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of original online strategies and approaches with individual project teams while creating relevant content, as well as, frequent interactions and updates to all marketing materials

My responsibilities also include, providing marketing guidelines and leadership to designers working on their project teams and capitalizing on creative resources available

I have created a strong relationship with multiple teams of designers and I have communicated marketing objectives in a professional manner to ensure productivity on assigned projects by adhering to established goals, budgets, and schedules

I provide input for the creative approach and presentation of proposals. This position requires working closely with the Business Development Team, as well as, the Creative Team to ensure that New Media strategies are executed correctly and efficiently to meet or exceed the established business objectives

Jan 2009Sep 2009

Sales Representative/Technical Support 

Alert Cellular

High-pressure public oriented sales and technical support related to Verizon cell phones.

  • High Volume; Direct Phone Sales.
Jan 2005Jan 2009

Floor Supervisor/Telemarketing Sales

Sterner & Klein

Direct supervision of 30-40 sales representatives. Daily tracking of sale to call ratios. Monthly management of representative scheduling. Close relations with an internal IT department to monitor sales performance.

  • Notable interpersonal skills
  • Capacity to relate to all levels of management staff and customers
  • Strong dedication to to customer service while commanding multiple managerial responsibilities
  • Consistently meeting and exceeding objectives and goals, while sustaining a positive working attitude beyond expectations



High School Diploma

Mountian View Highschool


Chris Raymond

Chris was my superior at Yellowboxstudio. He was the person I directly reported to in reference to any digital illustration or graphic design mockups used in my marketing campaigns.

Jason Vandenbosch

Jason and I Co-manged an Express T-Mobile Store. We were in charge of hiring and training as well as team managment. We also both managed ordering and inventory of product. My personal focus was managing a plan to steadily increase sales growth.



  A passion for selling An ability to engage and pursue any type of person with the intent of developing a quick and stunning rapport Staying focused and guided throughout the sales process and always keeping closing in mind. Evaluating the customers needs as well as guiding and up selling towards products that could be useful in their current and future lifestyle The ability to avoid micro-managing and to naturally stimulate the workplace with motivation and drive. Networking with customers during the workday and placing follow-up calls whether it be before or after normal working hours Understanding the principles and psychology of selling versus a "slam dunk" approach of closing the deal as soon as possible Building Value and standing behind any product that I advocate  
Social Media/Marketing
  Facebook Fan Page Marketing and Business Profile Management Twitter Account Management Daily Blog and Page 'Freshness' Relevance  Realistic and Quarterly Relevant Trend Prediction  Consistant Community Management and Engaging Interaction  Contests and Polls Analytics  
  100% Proficient on all Windows based platforms Expert knowledge of the Mac OS X Versed in Microsoft Office Suite/Google Drive Google Apps (Voice, Calender, Gmail, Drive, Nose...) Strong physical and digital presentation skills. "SDK Versed" Mobile App Early Adopter and Innovator Redditor