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Work experience

Nov 2012Nov 2013

Professional Summary

Masters Cut

During my experience in barbering, I worked as a helper and after learning how to cut hair and use all the materials I started cutting hair and practicing it more with my friends. I did not get to work because I didn't go to barbering school for my license yet. 



Using non-professional cameras, but i still take professional pictures and edit them to fit the style I want it to be .
Language skill
I speak four languages which are Arabic, English, Chaldean, Turkish.
Computer skill
My experience in the technical world is huge, In Windows I have a very good view of using it. I also have done a lot of experience with most problems that happens during the program is running.
Hair dresser, making new styles(not designs).
I have worked on Adobe photoshop for two years, I'm also working on illustrator now that will improve during this school year.


Sylvia Ibrahm

My math teacher Sophomore year, and I had TA classes with her the last two years (junior,senior) years. Contact information : 619-405-9466

Jimmy Dervalshi

Resettlement director at Alliance for African Assistance Refugee agency. Agency primary phone number : 619-286-9052


Star VIP for CST's test
Jan 2013 - Jun 2013
Issued By: Valhalla High School
It is basically a certification to several students because they did well in the CST's tests.


Honest, On time, Truthful, Confident, cooperative 


  • I mostly do soccer for fun with friends in a matter of hour and half.
  •  I also spend most my time on the internet reading and educating myself. 


  • Reported IOM arrival cases for one month on Alliance for African Assistance (AAA).
  • Advertised for my friend's shop in order to help getting customer.
  • Edited research papers and essays with peers in school. 
  • Volunteered in Refugees agency that was mostly office job, and helped the refugees resettle in the new country. 
  • Filling out social security applications for SSI.
  • Filling out welfare applications for financial aid.
  • Very intellectual view on the internet and websites.