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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Program Manager

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Program Manager- Regional office Palestine. I am responsible for the" office projects" and" special funds projects I". follow up the work of our partners and coordinate the office based projects. I am also responsible for projects applied in Jordan.
Jul 2011Aug 2013

Project Manager

Maan Center

I was working as PM for a child protection project funded by Save the Children and  UNICEF.  Part of my responsibilities; train and supervise the social workers working at the field, follow up the rehabilitation process at CBOs, coordinate the major joint activities of all clubs and youth, develop the main elements and follow up the M&E process for the project, consolidate field reports and more.

Oct 2008Jun 2011

Project Manager

Kanaan coalition/ Jerusalem

A project Funded by the Spanish Cooperation.  It is a partnership between five local NGOs ( Health Work Committees, Land Research Center, Bisan Center, Union of Palestinian Women Committees, Defense for Children International (DCI)  and two international organizations ( Acsur and Mundubat). The project aims to develop the quality of life of people in Jerusalem with a special focus on education and social sectors.

I was responsible to lead the working team from different organizations and different backgrounds in planning, executing, evaluating and redesigning the different tasks within the project. I coordinated the relationship between the local and international organizations, prepared and supervised the training programs including TOT programs, cooperatives development programs and IT trainings.  I also oversaw the preparation of timely and high quality reports to the donors.

Apr 2004Sep 2008

Director General

ZEINA Center for Families and Friends of Children with Cancer
Director General-ZEINA Center for Families and Friends of Children with Cancer/Jerusalem. ZEINA is a community based organization that promotes public involvement in combating cancer and raises public awareness to its causes and psychosocial effects. I used to supervise projects' implementation and staff, as well as manage the relationships with different stakeholders, including the Board of Directors. This position was appointed by the UNDP.
Jan 2003Jan 2004

Program Manager

Youth Development Department
Program Manager- Arab studies society My duties included development of several projects within a small community based organizations, following up and monitoring the implementation of the different projects and development of a capacity building plans to develop the capabilities of the organizations and the member's skills. I was also responsible to develop and deliver professional trainings in PCM, life skills and more related topics.
Jun 2001Dec 2002

Social Sector Consultant

Multi-Sector Review Project

This project was supervised by the welfare association and was funded by the European Commission. My tasks focused on reviewing the social welfare status quo of Jerusalem and its residents, and preparing a strategic plan for future techniques in the social field in Jerusalem, taking into consideration the different scenarios of the final solution for the city.

Jan 2000May 2001

Program's Coordinator-Women

Women Training Unit-YMCA Jerusalem.
Program's Coordinator- I used to coordinate the training courses for career counseling and vocational training at all West Bank schools. This included coordination on regular basis with schools, local centers and the Palestinian Ministry of Education to introduce the Valper test units for detecting physical abilities.
Jan 1999Jan 2000

Program Officer

BADIL Resource Center
Program Officer- Bethlehem My responsibilities included lobbing with the local organizations and following up with the youth and children centers and clubs at the Jerusalem area, where we used to form groups and organize volunteers to work with youth & children at risk.
Sep 1996Aug 1999

Educational Counselor

AMAL Technical High School.
Educational Counselor- I used to counsel students in groups and as individuals, work with teachers on teaching methods, feelings, plans… and other related issues. I also worked with parents to explore the most efficient way to solve student's problems.
Mar 1995Mar 1997

Social Worker

Shekel Society for Mentally Disabled People



facilitation for several conferences, workshops and trainings in different areas of interest.

Trainer in Animation techniques including developing the story, scenario, and using the stop motion software, the Photoshop and Microsoft video maker software.  Several products (short animated films) can be found at YouTube or can be linked.

I am a  free lancer trainer since 1997 in Life and Managerial skills; Conflict & Crisis Management, Leadership & Social Change management, Communication skills, Project life cycle, Youth leadership, Advocacy, lobbying & networking, Team building & leading, Negotiation & Bargaining, Volunteers recruitment and mobilizing. In addition to life and managerial skills, I had TOT in Animation technique with both children and adults and certified trainer for children’s rights.

Full details may be provided upon request.

Some of the organizations that I trained with include;

Bethlehem university, National institute for training, UNRWA, Ma’an center, Defence for Children International DCI,  Health work committees, SEEDS Consulting company, Free Lance training group, WICLAC, PFPPA, Beit Sahour Municipality, Arab culture association – Haifa, YWCA, CRS, YMCA, JUZOOR, AlQuds University, others.

i prepared M&E manual for women centers TAWASOL, where this manual was adopted by Palestinian Ministry of Women as the reference for monitoring and evaluation.

I participated in evaluation for several projects at Palestinian family planning and protection organization.

I prepared several TOR for evaluation at different organizations and projects include Kanan coalition, ZEINA center, Palestinian Union for social workers and psychologists, seeds company for consultations.

I was main speaker in the international conference for UK-Palestine network that was held at UK on 11\2013.

I organized 2 international conferences the first for educators from 5 countries (August 2014 with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung) and the second for economists on development alternatives ( With Birzeit university and RLS).

I chaired one session out of two sessions at international conference at Tunisia on October 2014 that was held by RLS North Africa office.

I am organizing international conference for social workers, where 50 international participants will join the conference including the SG of the international union for social workers and SG of the British association for social workers. the conference will be held on November 2014 and I will be chairing it.





Prepared M&E manual for Tawasol women centers in Palestine, the manual deals with all M&E techniques and designs all the forms needed to implement M&E at women centers. The manual was designed for Ministry of Women affairs and the Italian cooperation.


Prepared, along with colleagues, specialized study about the effects of house demolitions on women and children at Jerusalem area. The study focused on the Psycho-social effects and the future expectations. The study was prepared for the women center at Jerusalem.


Prepare and developed, alone and along with colleagues, several training manuals for trainees that address different training aspects such as volunteerism, leadership, communication skills, lobbying, PLCM and more. The manuals were prepared for different training organizations; Maan center, Bethlehem university partnership institution, ZEINA center, National institute for training and more. a sample of manuals that i participated in developing:


Prepared a specialized study concerning the social problems relating to Palestinian children at Jerusalem. This study was presented to the “Jerusalem Day Committee” conference at Jordan and was awarded certificate of Honor by the organizing committee.

Jul. 02

Prepared a strategic plan study for developing the social sector in east Jerusalem, where many suggestions and proposals were to be discussed depending on different scenarios for the future status of east Jerusalem. The focus of the study was on proposing managerial structures and political conditions to promote the social welfare sector’s status; this study was prepared for the Multi – Sector Review of East Jerusalem that was funded by the European Commission.

Jun. 02

I was the coordinator for the fieldwork of a study relating to the Palestinian youth in Jerusalem; where I was part of the team responsible for holding focus groups all over Jerusalem area and analyze the gathered information. Youth Development Department (YDD) published this study in July 2002, and Ford foundation funded it.

May. 02

Conducted a study related to the Israeli government violations against Palestinian children in Jerusalem during the last decade. The study tackled the Israeli measures that violated the international convention of children’s rights. The study has been published as a part of a collective study, which was presented to the United Nations as the Palestinian alternative report for the Israeli report about children’s rights in Israel. This study was conducted by and for the Defense For Children- International / Palestine (DCI/P).

Mar. 02

Participated, as a consultant for the social sector in the multi- Sector Review of East Jerusalem project, in reviewing the social welfare status in east Jerusalem. In this paper my colleague and I presented an analysis of the social services provided in Jerusalem by governmental and non-governmental bodies and described the qualitative and quantitative levels of these services. In addition, we provided SWOT analysis, which included Strengths and Weakness in the social sector and explored the available opportunities and Threats that characterizes that  sector. The European Commission funded this project.

All the reviews of the MSR can be seen on the internet as a full text on the MSR website:

Sample of all my publications can be provided upon request

91- 96

I was named for Honor certificate for four semesters and the Deans list certificate for one semester At Bethlehem University, and was graduated as an Honor student with a GPA of 3.14 out of 4.00



6\2012 – 11\2012        I Participated at TOT program for using MAYA software – first level - in developing animated clips, logos and characters. This was 75 training hours and was held by Maan and Save the children.


1\3 – 31\3\2012      I Participated at TOT program for using animation technique as  advocacy and lobbying tool.  This course was 50 training hours and was  held by Save the Children - Sweden. all animated films depend only on  the skills of the participants and i aim at empower their skills in creative writing, drawing, capturing and editing the film. you can see one of the  animated films that i trained children to do on:

 and a film done by youth:

 and a film done by adult women:

23\4 – 27\4\2012   I participated at TOT Program – new trends, with LEADERS  organization. The training focused on the new trends and theories of delivering, developing and evaluating training matrix.


1\7  – 28\7\2005

I participated in threeTraining of Trainers courses” in Change Management, Conflict Management, and Leadership for Social Change. This was 90 hours courses that was held by Maan center & the Hydrology Group center in cooperation with Karuna center for peace building in USA. Major topics that were introduced at these courses were related to the role of the trainer in  Exploring nature of change \Adapting to change\ Tools to guide the change and manage the conflict\ Helping communities adapt to change\ Anticipating change and becoming proactive\ leadership and more 

14 & 15\7\2004

Attended video training program “A Force More Powerful” that dealt with different types of popular resistance in six different international conflicted areas. This was intensive 16 hours program.


Attended Training Program on MANAGEMENT SKILLS. This program was held by and at PASSIA It aimed at “to empower civil society practitioners to deal more effectively with the tasks ahead”.The training included:Psychological Aspects of Managing People, Management of Organizations, Mission , Structures, Goals, Strategic planning, Vision, Goal-setting, Development Priorities, Human Resource Planning and the Management Cycle, Time Management, Project Management, Managing Change, Managing Conflict and Crises, Financial Management: Budgeting, Accounting.

2/6 - 17/6/2003

Attended a pilot course in distance learning in the topic of "Gender in Program and Project Monitoring and Evaluation" this course was held by and at the World Bank. The outcomes of this course included the following:-          Introduce participants to the practice of, and make familiar with, tools, techniques and resources for, integrating a gender dimension into program and project M&E.-   Provide applied/practical experiences in integrating a gender dimension into M&E designs so as to improve the quality of program and project M&E.

Oct 2008Jun 2009

Diploma in “Training of Trainers and Consultants TOT"

Mastricht School

Bethlehem University - Institute for Community Partnership ICP in cooperation with Mastricht School for Management/Netherlands.

A one-year TOT  program on different modules; Training Cycles, E-learning Methods, Training Monitoring and Evaluation, Consultancy, Project Management, Tender Management, and Project Writing.

Jan 2002May 2003

MASTERS in Development Studies

University of Gothenburg

Courses related to different issues in the research field concerning the peace & development topics, including perspectives on peace & development research, historical background of the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict, political systems & civil society, ethnicity & nationalism, Israeli / Palestinian peace process and conflict resolution. My thesis was about the role of education system in combating corruption in the OPT. Graduated with honors degree.

Jan 2001Jan 2002

Diploma in “Web Designing"

Professional Career Development Institute/ USA.

This was  an online one-year diploma that covered wide topics in web designing, front page usage, hard coding and much more

Sep 1990Jul 1996

BA in Social Work and Psychology

Bethlehem University

The courses focused on group and individual therapy, strategic planning in social organization and human communication, planning and therapy. Graduated with honors degree.

High School Graduate

College Des Freres


Valid driving license, Jerusalem license Ability to travel between Jerusalem, West Bank and Abroad
Computer skills
V. Good command Microsoft Office applications; word, excel access, and power point. High familiarity with the internet including web surfing, searching and good designing skills including Photoshop, and MAYA software. Very high ability and interest in learning.
ARABIC Mother Tongue\ ENGLISH V. Good (TOEFL score 240 at CBT)\ HEBREW V. Good


Nabil Abdalah

Palestinian Union for social workers and psychologists. Head of Jerusalem Branch till 2012 0503859988 [email protected]

Volunteer work

I was involved in voluntary work in different organizations and on different levels since 1987 when I was at the high school. And I am still  an active volunteer in different organizations; to name some:

I was one of the establishing team of the Jerusalem Branch of the Palestinian Union of Social Workers & Psychologists (PUSWP) in 2002. I represented the Jerusalem Branch at the General conference of the Palestinian Social workers & Psychologists and was named for the international relations committee. I was elected head for the Jerusalem branch  at June 2013 till June 2015.

I was member of the Ad Hoc committee for College des Freres school alumni association at 2007 – 2008.

I am member of the general assembly at ZEINA center for children suffering from cancer since 2003, and at Dallia Association since 2007, I am member of the project’s committee at the association.

Member at the PTA at College des frères school at Jerusalem since 2007 till present


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