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Israel Castelan SANCHEZ

Field Support Specialist at Oracle



My principal objective is in all time respecting the policies and regulations the environment where I will develop, find appropriate ways to excel always in favor of the company through efficiency, the quality, and my knowledge.Contribute with ideas for improving the service or products offer by the company in or out this.


Read books.




Storage Area Network

Storage (SAN-Disk) Recently I have obtained an accreditation from Oracle University on ZFS storage technology called "ZFS Specialist Accreditation". and Flash Storage solutions Called "Flash Storage Accreditation" Both accreditation compiles knowledge and experience in the field.
As part of the ZFS, I have worked on many projects of storage, such as Engineered systems to the ZFS Configuration in Solaris OS Solutions.

The Virtual environment such as OVM (Oracle VM for SPARC and x86) is the principal configuration for both solutions.
My skill has been increased in this environments.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I have experience in Network Attached Storage (NAS) Environment, implementation and support.

Network Admin and Support

As part of my works on NAS, the network skill is essential to be able to build NAS into Virtualization solutions, my skill in this area has been ground according to experience and training.
Cisco switches and InfiniBand switches were the principal network technologies administer and supported as part of my role.

Virtualization environment
I have experience in OVM troubleshoot. Oracle VM and VMware. Oracle Linux.
Sys admin Unix.

I have achieved accreditation for Solaris Operating system Administration and Oracle Linux. I have the capability to administer others OS such as UX and AIX.

Storage Tape.

Backups are the other pillar of the IT, my skill on this has been achieved through time experience and accreditation.
Accreditation such SL Libraries Large, Medium and small solutions.
Tape Drives accreditation such LTO and StorageTek Tape Drives.
Capability to administer backups software such Legato Networker, Symantec Netbackup and Oracle Security Backup is part of my skills.

Pre-sale Support.

The work with the pre-sale area was another of the experience achieve.
As part of my job in the current company, I had provided support to pre-sale area in different technologies solutions but especially Storage Disk and Storage Tape solutions.
Orale VM and monitoring solutions.  

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Field Support Specialist

Oracle de Mexico

Nowadays, I'm working to System support area in Guadalajara Mexico, my actual functions are:Provide support remotely through remote solutions such as Gateway or Webex sessions and on site to different Oracle products.

In special.
* SAN solutions.
* NAS solutions.
* Virtualization Solutions.
* Engineered Systems.
* Upgrade FW and OS Patching.
* Network Switches.
* Libraries and backup software solutions.

As a dedicated engineer, I have responsibility for providing a quick response to issues on the different Oracle solutions in the area.
Provide support to others areas such as:

* Customer Meeting with Pre-sales team.
* Resolve any technical requirements in the sales processes.

The installations of the Oracle solutions is part to my skills.
Perform Standard Installation and in other cases, Advanced Installation of Oracle Solutions. 

Aug 2007Dec 2010

Technical Support Engineer

Sun Microsystems de Mexico

In this company my functions was: Support to all Storagetek technologies and others software technologies in different customer sites.- SAN Support.- NAS Support.- Libraries Support.- Switches SAN Support.- Mainframe first level attention Support.- ACSLS environment Support.- HSC environment Support.- Netbackup and Backup Exec Support.- Legato Networker environment Support.Only by mentioned some solutions.

My main customers assigned to provide support was:

- BBVA Bancomer in Storage Support Environment.- Banorte Banco Mercantil in Storage Support Environment.- TV Azteca in SAN and Storage Support Environment.- Radiomovil DIPSA (Telcel) in SAN and Storage Support Environment.-  HP EDS in Storage Support Environment.

Mar 2003Aug 2007

Support Engineer

Storagetek de Mexico -Servinext

In March, 2003 I was assigned to Storagetek account as Partner,  reporting direct to a Storagetek Service Manager.My responsibilities was:Provide support to all Storagetek Technologies, Software and Hardware.STK Tape Drives.

STK Libraries.STK Router SCSI Communications.STK Fabric Communications.

STK Softaware (ACSLS and HSC).

STK Medium and large libraries, (Implementation and Support)    -  STK9310.    - SL8500.    - SL500.    - SL3000.    - SN6000. Provide support to others technologies:    - VTL. Virtual Tape Libraries. (Implementation and Support).    - VSM Virtual Storage Manager. (Implementation and Support).    - VTSS. Virtual Tape Storage Subsystem. (Support).    - VTCS. Virtual Tape Control System. (Support).    - Client Server Disk. (Implementation and Support).    - SAN´s (Implementation and Support). Provide Support to multivendor technologies.Customer: Gigante Supper Market Group.Solution Technologies Supported: RS6000 AIX.Activities: Provide support to all servers RS6000 AIX in the occidental area.Customer: HP de Mexico.Solution Technologies Supported:  HP Superdome and 9000 servers series (UX).Activities: Provide support hardware level to all critical severs.

Jan 1999Mar 2001

Support Engineer

ServiNext SA de CV

In this company my responsibilities was various, I describe the most important. - I was assigned to PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) account to provide support to HP-UNIX servers in different sites in Guadalajara and some times I provide support to Mexico City team.- I Was assigned to Bancomer account to provide support to all HP - Servers in the banks branches in the occidental area.In this account my responsibilities was concentrated in OS support, in site or remotely support.Additional, I participated in the migration to BBVA Bank to new BBVABancomer technologies.


Jul 2001Present

Microsoft Implement Microsoft Windows NT Advance Technologies.

Jul 2001Present

Microsoft Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Core Technologies

May 2002Present


CCNA Discovery
Sep 2003Sep 2004

SAN Fundamentals

Jul 2003Jul 2004

IBM Server Technologies.

Nov 2008Present

SL8500 Install and Configuration

Sun Microsystems
Aug 2008Aug 2011

VTL Admin

Sun Microsystems
Feb 2008Nov 2008

StorageTek Training Path

Sun Microsystems
Mar 2010Present

Solaris Administration

Sun Microsystems
May 2012Jul 2012

Tape Library Advocate Accreditation

Oracle University
Jun 2012Jul 2012

Solaris Accreditation

Oracle University
Feb 2012Apr 2012

Tape Drive Advocate Accreditation

Oracle University
Nov 2013Present

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration.

Oracle University.
Nov 2013Present

Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86

Oracle University.
Oct 2013Oct 2014

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Advocate Accreditation.

Oracle University.
Mar 2014Dec 2014

ZFS Storage Appliance Specialist Accreditation.

Oracle University.
Sept 2015Jan 2016

Sun Fire x86 Product Family Advocate Accreditation

Oracle University
May 2016May 2017

Oracle Flash Storage Advocate Accreditation

Oreacle University

Oracle Cloud Certification

Oracle University

Nowadays, I am working to achieve a certification for the Oracle Cloud with the bellow Pillars.