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I am an energetic, hardworking and reliable individual. My strong communication skills are evident when I liaise with clients and co-workers from all professional levels and backgrounds. I am also extremely self driven and thrive within a team orientated environment.

Work experience

JAN 2020MAR 2020

Technical Product Manager - Identity owned by Move INC , Subsidiary of newscorps

Working on a new  Identity model that incorporates the highest security measures and privacy. Plus integrates with modern recommendations system 
- Introduced Sign in with Apple Identity 
- Improved registration by over xx% a day  (CAN'T DISCLOSE REAL NUMBERS)
- Worked with a team of 12 ppl across the world (Half the team was in SF, other half was in India) 

MAR 2019MAR 2020

Technical Product Manager - CCPA owned by Move INC , Subsidiary of newscorps

I work with every team in the company to make sure we are compliant with CCPA and privacy regulations.
- Over 72 services are now compliant with CCPA regulations 
- OPTOUT: on at least 7 of our companies that move owns we have opt-out implemented 
- ACCESS/DELETE: I helped the company sign a contract with OneTurst to manage our privacy and respond to customers 

OCT 2018MAR 2019

Technical Product Manager - LEADS owned by Move INC , Subsidiary of newscorps

I worked with the leads platform on introducing new methods of lead delivery 
- We get thousands of leads to our systems, we have many data pipelines
- I helped my team create a new method of delivering leads using an existing pipeline 
- we also started working on a new pipeline as well. 

Jun 2015OCT 2018

Senior software Engineer owned by Move INC , Subsidiary of newscorps

Worked on three teams as a software engineer at
Full-stack development w
orking with the team responsible for developing the new RubyOnRails application replacing the existing .net website. I work both on the back-end and the front-end applications. I also helped to develop FESL (front-end service layer), manage the business requirement and help to make Agile decisions. In addition, I work on some Node applications and AWS tools.
RubyOnRails, JavaScripts, Agile, Scrum, github and TDD.

Sep 2014Mar 2016

Teaching Assistant for Web Development

Lighthouse LABS

I mentor student groups about their final projects, answer questions regarding their assignments and give the students support throughout the course. I also lecture when needed.
RubyOnRails, JavasScripts, SQL, Servers and TDD.

Feb 2014Jun 2014

PHP and Front-End Developer


Translating Photoshop files into responsive interactive web elements, developed features to match the business requirements.
BootStrap, JavaScripts, jQuary, php, HTML and CSS.

Dec 2013Jul 2014

Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

BeHeld (Direct2Artist)

Using the terminal to give commands. Creating responsive Bootstrap visuals for the upgrade of the web-application, developed and added new features as required by the business. 

JavaScripts, jQuery, RubyOnRails, HTML and CSS.

Mar 2013Jun 2013

Web developer


Web developer and administrator and managing a large number of client websites.


Pledgely - PHP/ front-end Developer, Translating Photoshop files into interactive web front-end elements using Bootstrap JavaScripts, jQuery, HTML and CSS. - Ruby on rails/ front-end developer, Art e-commerce platform. Using the terminal to give commands, creating Bootstrap visuals for the upgrade of the webapp. 
JavaScripts, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS.

DDWiki - Django wiki.
github :

lss - ls linux command enhanced using Python.

Dominion -  NodeJS, SocketIO application taking a board game into the online world. Role: Mentor, project manager and backend developer for complex code.   

Snowd'In - Bootstrap, RubyOnRails application for snowboarders. Launch date is July 2015. Role: Mentorproject manager and backend developer for complex code.

TextBook -  A magazine for entrepreneurs. Built with RubyOnRails and AngularJS. Launch August 2015. Role: VP of engineering, project manager and FullStack developer for the prototype. <- This is a privet repo, this code is old but public

Splashers - Swimming classes for toddlers and mothers. Built with Ember front end and a RubyOnRails API backend. Role: Mentor, project manager and backend developer for complex code.


Computing and System Studies

The Open University, UK

Java, software development methodologies, artificial intelligence, web development, object oriented programming principles, systems science, networking principles, automated testing and relational databases.  

Passion projects


Volunteer/Co founder

Startup Ladies Nights

None profit meet-up aimed at bringing women in tech and startup world together

June 2016Present

Volunteer for Traction Conference

Traction Conference

I managed sponsors for the conference.  

June 2015

Volunteer Point of contact/ Organizer

Code It Forward Hackathon

Code It Forward is a social initiative where fifty developers, designers, and ideators gather together for a weekend to assist charities and non-profits with their IT needs


Volunteer Mentor

The next big thing

I also volunteer to discover the next fresh startup founder. 


Volunteer Mentor for HTML500


A special day where volunteers help teach interested parties how to code in HTML.


Volunteer Css/HTML/Payton/Java scripts mentor

ladies learning code

On a monthly basis, I mentor for Ladies Learning Code session.