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Personal Proclamation

I'm looking for a part time job s. As I am a self motivated and hard working individual, I would like a job in order to gather as much experience as I can to work as effectively as possible in a future permanent work place. In the workplace, I believe I will bring my charismatic aura, the ability to communicate effectively and my creativity will be useful.    I am determined to push myself harder and I go out of my way to make others feel comfortable and happy wherever I am. I enjoy teamwork but I am also able to work independently.



Northampton College Booth Lane


Malcolm Arnold Academy


My hobbies are playing football, which I am really passionate about and which helps e to relieve stress and keep active. I also enjoy watching football so I am able to practice the skills of my favourite players. It gives me the motivation to work hard and to achieve success in life. In my free time, I play football most of the days, always aiming high.

Work History


Mail Sorter

Mail sorter Angard Staffing It was zero hous contract job. My duties were packing letters together and push small containers containing parcels.

Casual Worker

Royal Mail
Casual Worker


Royal Mail
it was just a job for the period. I had to make sure that the letters with a certain postcode would of be inside the correct postcode box. Steward Event People Responsability was to make sure the supporters in the stadium located in Milton Keybes would of get of from their sits and invade the rugby pitch, done this with a team of 15-20 people all around the stadium. This improved my communication skills and improved my people skills too. The dress code was smart, wearing a black shirt with a black tie tacked in the trousers.