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Work experience

Jan 2005Present

President Director

Island Aid

Mission Founder and Coordinator, ISLAND AID is a volunteer based disaster relief organization working in Aceh, Nias, Mentawai and Telos Islands.

Within hours of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Rick posted a website proposing a “sea-bridge” to ground zero. Volunteers loaded my yacht & sailed a few days later. The UK embassy agreed to fund a 800 ton aid ship. We loaded in Jakarta and arrived in west Aceh to find devastation beyond belief. Colin Powell said “I have been in war.... I have never seen anything like this”. It was a crash course in disaster management. We delivered 650 tons of mixed aid to over 6,000 survivors & hosted 240 volunteers over 5 months. See a Slide Show of Island Aid's work.

May 1995Present

Marketing Manager / Founder

Mentawai Sanctuary

PT Mentawai Wisata Bahari (MS local partner)

Established a Surf/Adventure tour investment company and announced plans to construct a resort in the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra. Invited by the Provincial Government to form a joint-venture company to develop the resort and establish Indonesia's first "Surf Management Zones". Arranged surveys and investment proposals and raised funds to commence operations of 2 yachts in 1995and grew to a 7 boat fleet in 2001.

Co-Founder: Villa Air Manis

A hilltop hide-away hotel near Padang. An eco-friendly small resort style villa development designed by Rick and his partner, artist Jane Liddon.

Based in Fremantle  and Padang for this period. 

Mar 2011Present

Director / Founder

Tecta Pty Ltd

Tecta’s concept was born in 2009 in the chaos of a magnitude 7.9 quake that devastated W. Sumatra. 1,400+ people died & 200,000 homes were destroyed beyond repair.  80% of multistory buildings collapsed causing a high proportion of fatalities & injuries. Most were constrained masonry. Our experience confirms that ‘earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do’. Our goal is: Affordable structures that protect occupants at the epicenter of Magnitude 9 quakes or in the path of Category 5 cyclones.

By rethinking how buildings are made we have found a way to deliver low cost structures that are so simple to assemble that communities can DIY their own housing. Pouring a special concrete mix into a continuous trough at the top of light weight walls automatically generates a 3D hidden skeleton. Light-weight stressed skin components are locked together into a fire-rated permanent structure with exceptional thermal & acoustic insulation

Tecta Systems factory-made modular elements for foundations, floors, walls and roofs adapt to almost any design style with a whole chassis thermal performance of R=5 Metric (R=28 US)  Wall blocks are 150mm thick with a range of core materials including expanded Cork & a patented EPS-Mineral-Composite (EMC) foam that chars in a fire and will not melt.

If manufactured in developing nations, we estimate that Tecta Systems building costs will compare well with conventional constrained masonry but be far faster to build, safer & more energy efficient.

R&D work continues with a view to conducting lab testing late in 2014.

Tecta Systems is supported by Garry Baverstock & Ecotect Architects. Rick is an associate architect at Ecotect Architects and involved in planning and design work in the Mid West region. Rick consults to a land owners group in the Buller area advising on planning for an environmentally sensitive coastal development Structure Plan and associated infrastructure development.

Feb 1994Aug 1995

Technical Advisor

PT Pioneer Trading

Financial planning, technical advisor for the establishment of Indonesia’s first Polyethylene Boat molding process in joint venture with Allied Plastics Ltd of New Zealand. Duties included extensive  surveys  of market potential for low cost “peoples boats” to replace rain-forest hardwood  dugout boats used by many coastal communities for fishing and transport. Site surveys,  manufacturing  facility planning and hands-on technical assistance in the field led to the successful completion of a boat factory in Papua New Guinea building  the worlds largest PE molded boats. 

Feb 1982Oct 1993

Project Architect

P.T. Pulau Seribu Paradise

Marine tourism  development, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Completed a wide ranging contract : designer, supervisor and hands-on trainer, resulting in the successful opening of three new tourist islands in  the Pulau Seribu group 40 miles north of Jakarta.       

Responsibilities   included :

1. Design, product development, supervision of  construction, fitting out, engine installation and sea trials for prototype fast passenger ferries in  co-operation with P.T. Salira Fibre Boatyard and Volvo (Indonesia).

2.Crew training and maintenance of the company passenger and supply fleet.

3. Design, supervision and on-site management of Indonesia's first marina  on Pelangi Island, Facilities included docks, shops, 27 bungalows and a restaurant built over a coral reef. Responsibilities included preparation of designs, drawings, cost estimates, specifications, followed by intensive supervision and training  of local craftsmen in the principles  of appropriate timber technology and the use of power tools where necessary.

4. Design and supervision of island services, water supply, waste water, landscaping, gardens, beaches, electrical generation and reticulation.

Mar 1992Sep 1993


PeachTree Enterprises Ltd

Financial  planning, technical consulting and public relations role in the development of a multi destination resort chain based in S.E. Asia/Australia. Work included negotiations with potential joint venture partners, location evaluations (marine tourism  potential), proposals for boat operations and assessment of suitability for marina construction. Based in Jakarta for the duration of this contract. 

Mar 1991May 1992

Technical Advisor

P.T. Safiera Amalia

Wide ranging advisory role in the planing of a 275 Ha Golf Resort/Marina  complex in West Java. Work included evaluation of all services  for the development and the detailed Survey and Feasibility  Study for a 150 berth marina. Based in Margaret River for the duration of this contract. 

Jan 1990Mar 1991


P.T. Layar Wisata Nusantara

Bali  International Yacht Club - Related Projects

In Addition to continued employment with B.I.Y.C - Consultant to:

1. P.T. Indosail Sakti, Benoa, Indonesia.

A joint venture company formed by P.T. Tourdevco (Indonesia) & Silver Sails Pty.Ltd. (Australia) to  build  marina facilities  in  Bali.

Responsibilities  included :

a) Supervision  of shore facilities to service tour vessels operating to nearby islands.

b) Design & supervision  of pontoon structures for a passenger terminal to handle vessels up to 35m length.

2. P.T. Bali  Cruises  Nusantara,  Benoa, Indonesia.

A joint venture company formed by P.T. Layar Wisata Nusantara (B.I.Y.C.) of Indonesia and Bali Hai Cruises Pty.Ltd. (Australia) to operate marine tour vessels from Bali to other islands.

Responsibilities included :

a) Consulting on all aspects of establishing the new joint venture company.

b) Liaison with Indonesian Government Departments to secure necessary licenses and permits.

c) General Technical Advice related to the operation of the company's new Australian  built  300 passenger vessel in Indonesian waters.

Sold all interests in the above companies in 1991 when I returned to Australia for personal reasons.

Feb 1987Dec 1989


PT Layar Wisata Nusantara

Bali International  Yacht  Club 

Established Indonesia's first scheduled daily "marine tour" service using modern power boats built by P.T. K.I.T. 

Responsibilities included :

a) Management & Accounting.

b) Technical Advice & Training.

c) Design and construction of club facilities to service  own boats and visiting yachts.

d) Marketing.

Sole expatriate employed by the company. 30 local employees. Company sold to PT Indosail Sakti.

Mar 1984Mar 1987

Expert - Wooden Boat Building and Repair.

UNIDO Project DF/INS/78/002 - DP/INS/85/037 & DP/INS/85/1722

Based Jakarta, with missions to 12 provinces of Indonesia.

Initiated and worked as part of a LKI/UNIDO team to establish modern boat yards throughout Indonesia.

Responsibilities  included :

1. Surveys of existing boats and boat building facilities in 12 provinces.

2. Preparation of reports  and feasibility  studies for proposed new developments ranging from small scale repair facilities (US$75,000) to large manufacturing facilities (US$1.5 million).

3. Design and implementation assistance for the following new boatyards.

a). P.T. K.I.T. Jakarta (US$200.000) building laminated wooden boats for the fishing, mining, oil and tourism sectors. Building boats in "kit" form for sale to village "assembly" yards.

b). P.T. Yosiba Jayapura, West Irian (US$400.000). P.T. K.I.T. 's  first  client. Complete "kit form" construction hall s  and 5 boats shipped to West Irian in containers and assembled.

c). P.T. Boneco, Kendari, SE Sulawesi.  Now Building  laminated wood pole and line tuna boats.

4. Established a new technical advisory department for boat building  in Indonesia jointly  funded by  the Indonesia and Dutch Governments. This department now employs 15 full time staff and a number of part time consultants. Several hundred boats have now been built using the improved design and technology available to participating boatyards.

Mar 1982Aug 1982

Sailing Coach

PORLASI (Indonesian Yachting Federation)

Coached the winning Indonesia Crew (PORLASI) in the 1982 Darwin to Ambon International Yacht Race achieving the following:

- First monohull overall

- First and Fastest (cruising division)

- Set a new race record (monohulls)

Own self-built 17m yacht was used for this event, sailing more than 2000 nm to Darwin for the start in August 1982. 
Mar 1980Jul 1981


Boat Builder

Architect & Boatbuilder, self-employed, Perth, Western Australia.

Launched own 17m wooden yacht (Electric Lamb) after 8 years of mostly single handed building  and departed on the vessel's maiden voyage to Indonesia. With the exception of the sails, electronic gear, navigation equipment, mechanical components and some of the welding, all the work was undertaken without outside labor or assistance, using hand tools and portable power tools. Gained experience in all aspects of wooden boat construction.

Mar 1974Mar 1980

Founding Partner

Design Farm Pty.Ltd.

Established and directed an architectural firm undertaking a wide range of architectural projects stressing the development of low cost energy efficient building techniques. Projects included rural, residential and office design as well as providing construction supervision. Won the "Group Housing" award for the State of Western Australia for two consecutive years.

Jan 1972Mar 1974


Bruechle Gilchrist & Evans Pty.Ltd.

Responsible for the architectural design of projects including :

Alcoa mine site Pinjarra.

Mt Newman Mining - Beneficiation Plant.

Mt Newman Mining-150 prefabricated concrete houses.

Osborne Metal Industries-2 factories in Osborne Park.

Numerous other industrial developments.


Jan 1961Dec 1966

Leaving Certificate

Wesley College

Selected for First XIII rowing team (Bow position)

Runners up in Head of the River delivering best ever result for Wesley in 20 year history of the contest.


Mentawai Marine Tourism Association - Advisory Board Member 2003 - 2009

In March 2010 completed a 2 year 9 month rotation as Australian Embassy Honorary Consular Warden - West Sumatra.

Pelsaert Pearls - Family owned aquaculture business in the remote Abrolhos Islands off the West Australian coast. The farm cultures pearls from 3 species and is a pioneer in the area. 2004 till present.

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