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Islam Yousry Abd El Aziz

Process Engineer


Seeking to be an excellent chemical engineer in the field of process engineering, where I have a very good academic background related to all topics, specifications and considerations which related to this field where I 'm interested and where I like to achieve my ambitions.


B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering  May 2013.

UNIVERSITY          : HIGHER INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING                                                                                                                                            EL_SHOROUK  ACADEMY .

Graduation Grade  : Very Good with honors //  ″

Graduation Project 


LNG ( liquefied natural gas).

Project Degree :  Very Good.


Refinery DiplomaUsing Dynamic Process Simulation Software :
  • equipment simulation using HYSYS        
  • Distillation tower        
  • Heat
  • Fired heater
  • Separator
  • Pump and Compressor
Skilled in using computer applications :
  • Then & Absorb
  • Tow phase flow
  • Pipe line design

Training  Certificates

  • Assiut oil refining company.
  • Sector factories Assiut Fertilizer (Manqabad).
  • Treatment company of drinking water and sewage.

Key Skills

  • Experienced user of Windows Operating System (XP , 7 , 8).
  • Experienced user of Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, . .etc).
  • Skilled in using Internet.

Language Known

  • Arabic  : Mother Tongue.
  • English : Very good (Speaking / Writing / Reading).


  • Work as an engineer processes has the ability to development and implementation.
  • Good ability to work in a team work or individually according to job requirements.
  • Good ability to learn new technologies, and work under pressure efficiently.
  • Good research abilities and Good ability to innovate and come up with new ideas.
  • I am self motivated, co-operative, smart and ambitious person.
  • High communication skills.

Personal Details

  • Date of Birth      :     3rd October 1989
  • Marital Status    :      Single
  • Nationality          :      Egyptian
  • Military Service  :     Served


 All reference  will besubmitted when requested

I am constantly ready to give the best of myself   and hope that I will have the opportunity to work in your estimated company.