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To date, I have been a Geosciences student, a president, general coordinator, a poet, a human development trainer, an event planner, and most recently, a geology demonstrator. Each of these roles has taken me beyond my studies and has given me further insight to the various roles Geosciences plays in our lives, and has ultimately built up my thirst to learn more.



Shale Gas and Fracking online Course

University of Nottingham
  • Considered how shale gas formed and studied the process of extraction through hydraulic fracturing. 
  • Absorbed the politics, economics, and effect on the environment and energy markets.
Jun 2014

Bachelors' of Geology 

Faculty of science, Alexandria University.
  • Ranked 2nd of class.
  • Received final grade: Good.
  • Completed Graduation project on topic of Unconventional Oil Shale
    (Grade: Very Good).
  • Focused the unconventional world, and the ways of extraction, hydraulic fracturing, and examining the environmental and economic effects.

      Petroleum Geology 

    Geophysics Courses

    Geology Courses

    - OrganicGeochemistry
    - Petroleum Geology
    - Basin Analysis
    - Drilling Engineering
    - Well logging 

    - Marine seismic survey
    - Seismic data acquisition
    - Seismic data processing
    - Exploration Geophysics
    - Electric and Electromagnetic survey Methods    

    - Geology of Egypt
    - Stratigraphy and         Sedimentology
    - Structural Geology
    - Stratigraphic Paleontology - Biostratigraphy   


Oil Field Familiarization Course

Egyptian Drilling Skills (EDS).

Fixated on petroleum geology, oil field fluids, rig types and components & drilling operation specifics.


High School Diploma 

Jamal Abdu-El Nasser Military School
  • Grade : Excellent 93%.

Work experience


Demonstrator, Geology Department. 

Faculty of Science, Alexandria University
  • Demonstrated 3 levels of education in first semester.
  • Applied methods of explaining scientific matters with a high level of understanding and satisfaction rates from students.
Jul 2013

Summer Training, 10 days Field Training  

General Petroleum Company
  • Presented knowledge of the petroleum geology, the geology of gulf of Suez, the components of rigs, the process of exploration and drilling,  (Grade: Excellent).

Consultant Assistance 

Nubaria Port 
  •  Worked as a supervisor on construction site assisting the port  infrastructure development, recalculated and reported the field work to  supervisor.


Personal Skills 

I am an ambitious, accurate, hardworking, problem solving. Who has a great desire to learn, can work well under pressure, and has excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Vista Seismic Software.
  • Internet Savvy.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Language Skills
  • Arabic: Mother Tongue.
  • English: Very good (Writing, Reading and Speaking).

Other Professional Experience

President of EAGE
European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, Alexandria University, the first student chapter in Egypt.
Led student society of geology department and petroleum geology program Conducted technical and soft skills session in professional environments: (field trips, petroleum company visits and many other activities).
Created training sessions for teams in (event planning, public relations & marketing).


Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Head logistics of EAGE
-Planned events for any movement in the student chapter.
-Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills in organizing a team to meet needs of events and student chapter.

May 2013 - Oct 2013

Director of Twinkle Media Team
-Managed budgets and financial issues as well as
-Advertised, coordinated, photographed and video graphed concert coverage.

Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

Head logistics of AAPG

Sept 2012 - Oct 2012

Members of the Logistics committee
-Assisted Bridges Project and was a member at MAC Club initiative,

logistics team, and selected to lead the team in  an event.

July 2012 - July 2013

Trainer on the  Ensan Alex Project
-Became a Life Makers Initiative trainer, dealing with society problems and education  affair.

May 2012 – Oct 2012

Member of Talent Committee of GSAU
-Geological society of Alexandria university talent member as a poet wining the talent day two successive year.

 Oct 2011- Oct 2012

Trainer in Y-PEER Egypt Network
-Taught youths in a Peer Education Network, dealing with students awareness  towards life and their future.

Oct 2010 – Jan 2011

Trainer in Caritas Egypt
-Taught AIDS Awareness, UN Project.
Targeted students in high schools, and have celebrated the world AIDS day in Alexandria city center.

Nov 2009 – Sept 2010



Talent Appreciation 

Ministry of culture 

As a talented poet. 


Summer Training Certificate.

General Petroleum Company  

Certification for summer training 


Talent competition 

Geological Society of Alexandria University. 

The two successive years winner in talent competition 


Appreciation from Alexandria Regional Center and MAC CLUB. 

Alexandria Regional Center 

Appreciation of being a logistic member in the program.  


Six Sigma White Belt.

Alexandria University

Certification of attendance. 


Oil field familiarization.

Egyptian Drilling Skills (EDS).

Certification of completion the course   


Appreciation from Y-PEER and Caritas Egypt.

Y-PEER and Caritas Egypt

To be a trainer about AIDES awareness. 


Provided upon request.