My target is to enhance my knowledge and gain experience by working in a challenging and competitive work environment which will help me to built my career and my personality

1- MBA Academy (English course) ,Nasr city, Cairo (Feb, 2016- to-date)
2- Scholarships in and out Egypt, Hansa'dkTebda'a Team, Al-azhar University (Event-Feb, 2016)
3-Time Management , E7na Bto2 Alsun Team ,El-tatbikien Tower,Alabasia,Cairo (Event-Feb,2016)
4-How to make a decision,E7na Bto2 Alsun Team ,El-tatbikien Tower,Alabasia,Cairo (Event-Feb,2016) -Business 5J  5 Administration,E7na Bto2 Alsun Team ,El-tatbikien Tower,Alabasia,Cairo (Event-Feb,2016)
6-Planning Skills course, Arab Center for development , Nasr City ,Cairo (Course Mar,2016)
7-what is the Financial analysis and Technical Analysis and Forex markets,African society (workshop APR,2016)

1_Member : in the committee of the Research & development , AYB Al-Azhar University,(Feb, 2016- to-date)               (AYB is a student activity which wants to develop El-dwika area and makes a great change in many ways)
2_Resala Charity Organization.

2011-2014 Secondary School  

                                                Very Good 88%       

2014 - to date . Faculty of Commerce- Ain Shams University

                                                first year :good

                                               second year :to date
                                                                                     Accounting and Finance


  • languages                                                              computer

Arabic :native                                                                 Microsoft Office Package

English :good                                                                 Social Media Expert

1-Marketing and Selling Skills.
2-Solving Problems in a Professional Manner.
3-Ability to Work under Stress.
4-Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
5-Team Work Spirit and Staff Development Skills.

  1. Mobile Phone Number: 01121329600
  2. Data of Birth: 21_12_1995
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Nationality: Egyptian
  5. place of Birth: Cairo
  6. Residence Location: Ain shams
  7. Marital Status: Single
  8. Military Status: Exempted
  • References are finished upon request