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My target is to enhance my knowledge and gain experience by working in a challenging and competitive work environment which will help me to built my career and my personality

Courses and Events

1- MBA Academy (English course) ,Nasr city, Cairo (Feb, 2016- to-level five)
2- Scholarships in and out Egypt, Hansa'dkTebda'a Team, Al-azhar University (Event-Feb, 2016)
3-Time Management , E7na Bto2 Alsun Team ,El-tatbikien Tower,Alabasia,Cairo (Event-Feb,2016)
4-How to make a decision,E7na Bto2 Alsun Team ,El-tatbikien Tower,Alabasia,Cairo (Event-Feb,2016) -Business 5J  5 Administration,E7na Bto2 Alsun Team ,El-tatbikien Tower,Alabasia,Cairo (Event-Feb,2016)
6-Planning Skills course, Arab Center for development , Nasr City ,Cairo (Course Mar,2016)
7-what is the Financial analysis and Technical Analysis and Forex markets,African society (workshop APR,2016)

Volunteer and EXPERIENCES

1_Member : in the committee of the Research & development , AYB Al-Azhar University,(Feb, 2016- to Feb,2017)               (AYB is a student activity which wants to develop El-dwika area and makes a great change in many ways)

2_member in organization BENAA (BENAA is building the capacities of the youth, in order to build up interdisciplinary Sustainable development projects, and create an interactive enabling environment in the MENA region),(march,2016 to date ).
3_member in Resala Charity Organization.

4_ I was worked at Elshikh store for sales shoes (may 2015 to Aug2015)

5_ I was worked at voice for sales clothes (Feb 2016 To June 2016)

6_working in Vodafone Egypt (customer care ,call Center from July.2016 To Feb2017 )

7_ working in Vodafone Egypt (customer care , technical support . To date )


2011-2014 Secondary School  

                                                Very Good 88%       

2014 - to date . Faculty of Commerce- Ain Shams University

                                                first year :good

                                               second year :good

                                                 third year :to date
                                                                                     Accounting and Finance


  • languages                                                              computer

Arabic :native                                                                 Microsoft Office Package

English :good                                                                 Social Media Expert

Acquired Skills

1-Marketing and Selling Skills.
2-Solving Problems in a Professional Manner.
3-Ability to Work under Stress.
4-Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
5-Team Work Spirit and Staff Development Skills.

Personal Data

  1. Mobile Phone Number: 01121329600
  2. Data of Birth: 21_12_1995
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Nationality: Egyptian
  5. place of Birth: Cairo
  6. Residence Location: Ain shams
  7. Marital Status: Single
  8. Military Status:Adjourned
  • References are finished upon request