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  • A challenging career opportunity within a healthy atmosphere where a unified vision is shared a position that offers a room for development and extensive learning a position that allows me to demonstrate my efficiency and ability to learn quickly.


Diploma in Banking and Finance Studies

Sep 2014Present
  • Develop Detailed Knowledge and Critical Awareness Of the main ideas, concepts, Models and Principles in Economic Analysis and their Application to the Study of Financial Systems and Institutions.

Bachelor Of Commerce

Mansoura University
Aug 2008Jul 2012
  • Graduated of the Faculty of Commerce Mansoura University 2012.
  • Accounting and Business administration Department 
  • Grade Good

Work History

Banker, Teller

Banque Du Caire
Jun 2013Present
  •  Balance currency, coin, and checks in cash drawers at ends of shifts, and calculate daily transactions using computers, calculators, or adding machines.
  •  Cash checks and pay out money after verifying that signatures are correct, that written and numerical amounts agree, and that accounts have sufficient funds.
  •  Receive checks and cash for deposit, verify amounts, and check accuracy of deposit slips.
  •  Examine checks for endorsements and to verify other information such as dates, bank names, identification of the persons receiving payments and the legality of the documents.
  •  Enter customers' transactions into computers in order to record transactions and issue computer-generated receipts.
  •  Count currency, coins, and checks received, by hand or using currency-counting machine, in order to prepare them for deposit or shipment to branch banks or the Federal Reserve Bank.

Retail Sale Advisor

Feb 2013Jun 2013
  • Bills Payment, Prepaid Lines, Postpaid lines, Data Line Prepaid, Data line Postpaid, E-TopUp Service, Data Entry, Sim Swapping and Customer Service as an authorized Distributor. 
  • Handle with customers' needs .
  • Responsible for a section of the outlet, making (price tags, merchandising & stoking).
  • Responsible for Cash handling and spreadsheets.

  • Responsible for achieving the store's sales target.


Advanced Excel

oct 2012DEc 2012
  • Using advanced graphs and presentation techniques to maximise impact
  • How macros and VBA automate your spreadsheets and increase interactivity
  • How superpower functions can solve complex problems
  • Using PivotTables and PowerPivots to turn raw data into clear information that supports key decisions

Conversation English

Aug 2011Oct 2011
  • The training focuses on a variety of everyday essential topics to ultimately improve participant fluency, accuracy and ability to communicate. The conversation courses give the participants the extra practice they need to become fluent

Human Resources.

May 2010Dec 2010
  • Human Resource Management explores how the proper management of employees contributes towards organisational effectiveness. This major provides you with a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in the management of people and employment .

International Computer Driving Licence

Scientific Computing Center (SCC)
Mar 2010Jun 2010
  • The aim of the course is to empower individuals with skills to operate a personal computer, create and edit documents, effective creation of worksheets, creating presentation slides, and effective use of the Internet and E-mail.


  • Training in Banking
  • Training in forgery and counterfeiting
  • Attend: Leadership (6 Hours).                   
  • Attend: Human Resources (12 Hours).
  • Attend: Team Building (6 Hours).
  • Attend: General English (Level 4, 5).       
  • Attend: Organization Behavior (12 Hours)   
  • Attend: Customer Service (Vodafone)
  • Attend: Customer Service ( Banque Du Caire). 



  • The ability to lead effectively is based on a number of key skills. These skills involve dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse and build respect.

Team Work.
  •  being an effective group member
Analytically Thinking
  • Analytical thinking is a critical component of visual thinking that gives one the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively
Work under Stress
  • Working under pressure involves tackling difficult situations which are challenging
  • Knowing the steps to take when faced with an issue can lessen the stress of working under pressure.


Delta RadioShack


Banque Du Caire

Banque Du Caire