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Work History



After successfully completing the Lifeline telephone crisis training in December 2019, I have recently begun my volunteering at Lifeline as a telephone crisis supporter. In the limited time I have been a crisis supporter I already feel I have gained so much from the role. This includes the experience and insight I feel the work has given me into mental illness, although more importantly the sense of pride I have taken from undertaking the work. I am also completing a certificate IV in Mental Health at this time also. 



Managing store visual expectations and goals in a creative, inspiring yet commercially aware manner. Understanding trends relevant to each H&M customer profile and styling the store in a manner which will both inspire the customer and hit commercial sales targets for H&M. Visual Merchandisers are a critical part of the H&M leadership team and a large part of the role is teaching sales assistants the H&M store standards and empowering the team to also take pride in the stores appearance. Along side the visual merchandising of the store my role also includes analysing commercial information, sales reports and acting accordingly on this information. 

assistant store manager

lorna jane
NOV 2018MAR 2019

Assisting in leading & coordinating a team of 8 stylists working within the store at different times/ days of the week. Opening & closing Lorna Jane Cannington's banking systems daily. Banking twice weekly, ordering stock, ordering miscellaneous items needed for the effective running of the store. Reflecting on the achievement and monitoring of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales targets to heads of LJ. Setting necessary sales targets for myself, my team, the store as a whole and most importantly implementing tools in place to ensure the success of these targets by each and every team member involved. Other tasks also included, customer service, general housekeeping within the store, co-coordinating with center management, creating rosters and more.

Sales Assistant/ Visual Merchandiser

tommy hilfiger
AUG 2018OCT 2018

Assisting PVH brands set up both their Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein stores for opening in the new DFO Perth Shopping Complex. During trading hours my tasks included assisting customers, stock fulfillment and management, visual merchandising, for-filling sales through the POS system and assisting managers to open/ close the store & tills.


AUG 2017AUG 2018

Working everything from early morning to late nights within a 24hr cafe environment. Making an average of 20 coffees per hour, using a variety of milks and milk alternatives. My role also includes working as a cashier, food safety management, baking baked goods and I also from time to time would assist in our sister store, Boost Juice to make juices and smoothies. 

Ecommerce INTERN - paris, france

April 2017july 2017

Setting up Yves Salomon's first online boutique along side a dedicated eCommerce team. Translating data for the website into English, organizing packaging for the online store, re visiting existing exchange/ return policies, garment care etc appropriate to online sales.  Continuous maintenance and organic growth of social media platforms, mainly being that of Instagram. Working on introducing new social media platforms into the companies social media strategy including Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.  

Media Intern - Shanghai, China

Aus fashion labels pty
aug 2016dec 2016

Assisting in executing various social media projects, quality control checks and liaising with manufacturers. Organizing both logistics and creative direction for The Fifth Labels' brand launch in the Greater China Region. This work included interactions with all of AFL's brands including C/MEO Collective, Keepsake, Finder's Keeper's, The Fifth Label & TYLR.

fashion Design Intern - Jakarta, Indonesia

Tex Saverio
may 2016 jul 2016

Design assistant developing Tex Saverio SS17 RTW collection. Including input on aesthetic and construction details, pattern making and creative direction. Assisting in organizing various media events, liaising with our sister company East Wellsum Textile Division and creating detailed sales forecasts for clients. My main project during this internship aside from the development on the SS17 collection was organizing the logistical details related to settling up the first multi brand fashion design conference in Manilla, Philippines. This conference brought promising fashion designers from across Asia to Manila to meet and showcase their newest collections to buyers and media personnel across the world.

New Colombo Plan Scholar - Hong Kong, China

Department of trade and foreign affairs australia
Dec 2015April 2017

In early January 2016 I moved to Hong Kong representing Curtin University at Hong Kong Polytechnic University specializing in the field of Fashion Design.

The New Colombo Plan is an extraordinary initiative by the Australian Government, created in efforts to strengthen Australia’s relationship with and towards the Indo-Pacific region. I whole heartedly believe the future of many industries,  particularly that of fashion  lies within the opportunities available to Australian’s within the Indo-Pacific Region. For me these opportunities included continuing my studies into computer aided fashion technologies, exposure to advanced tailored and pattern making techniques and the oppurtunity to create life time networks with local fabric and garment suppliers.

Part of my scholarship included being fully financially supported by the Australian Government whilst interning in both Jakarta, Indonesia and Shanghai, China (detailed above).

This scholarship also give me an opportunity to fully immerse myself within the Hong Kong, Jakarta and Shanghai culture and way of life. Making lasting contacts in all of these locations and spending my free time traveling, immersing myself in local culture and learning the local languages. (Particularly that of Mandarin Chinese, which I am at beginner level)

Fashion Mentor

Curtin University
Feb 2015Dec 2015

Mentor for new fashion students, assisting in retaining and encouraging new fashion students to the Curtin University fashion program. Keeping in touch with approximately 15 students with face-to-face contact and on line contact throughout a length of 16 weeks (each new semester) 

Sales Person/Shop Floor Assistant

ZARA Garden City(Inditex Group)
Jul 2014Dec 2015

Delegating appropriate tasks to other employees, supervising and instructing new employees, resolving minor and major issues with customers. Communicating with other stores, suppliers and industry representatives, managing stock levels via the various stockrooms located outside the store, managing the positioning of incoming stock and new products on shop floor. Learning and understanding the current sales and promotions of the time. Personal shopping for customers (upon request), managing the incoming and out coming customers within the women's wear change rooms, running stock from the change rooms back to the appropriate place on the shop floor. Clear understanding of the sequence of clothing types, often worked both on the shop floor, in the change rooms or in the stockrooms. I also assisted in opening both the new ZARA Garden City store and the ZARA CBD store in Perth, Australia.

Workroom Assistant

Empire rose
Aug 2015Oct 2015

(Work Experience). Assisting with numerous activities include creating samples and patterns. Distributing stock to wholesalers, organising collection for Perth Fashion Festival.

Back & Front of House Assistant

Aug 2015Sep 2015

Assisting the PFF team at pre-festival events include model castings and event organisation. During the event my duties included organising garments for numerous local and international designers, dressing models, seating guests, promoting festival and merchandising. 

Workroom Assistant

Aurelio costerella
Feb 2015Mar 2015

(Work Experience). Assisting with hand sewing and machine sewing of samples,  organization of new collection, preparing for upcoming photo shoots and general workroom duties.

Sales Person/Assistant Supervisor

Spotlight Australia
Nov 2009Jun 2014

Leading, managing and supervising staff alone, when supervisors or mangers were otherwise occupied. Assisting supervisors and managers with various tasks including finalizing end of day figures and organizing start of day cash floats. Opening/closing store, delegating appropriate tasks to other employees, supervising and instructing new employees and Resolving minor and major issues with customers. Communicating with other stores, suppliers and industry representatives, managing stock levels, ordering stock and finalizing stock movements. Customer orders, visual Merchandising in the following departments(Dress Fabrics, Furnishings, Manchester, Craft and Home Décor) and driving and processing store sales on POS systems. Returning faulty or unsuitable goods, managing the positioning of incoming stock and new products on shop floor and learning and understanding the current sales and promotions of the time(sales are ongoing at Spotlight). Deciding on appropriate markdown prices for clearance items orders, on-line orders and personal shopping for customers (upon request). 


I am motivated and driven in whatever I put my mind to. I have studied in Hong Kong, Australia and mainland China and have work experience in Australia, China, France and Indonesia.

I am extremely independent and reliable. All of my work/ studies across the world over the past five years has meant I have been living and moving countries alone since I was just 19 years old.




I am currently over 80% of the way  through studying the certificate IV. I am due for completion in mid 2020.

Bachelor of Arts (Fashion design)

Curtin University / Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In February 2018 I graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion (Distinction) from Curtin University of Technology. I graduated with a course weighted average of 77.33%. 

I spent a total of 1 academic year studying abroad at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Focusing my studies on advanced tailoring, graphic design using Adobe systems and pattern making techniques.

High School

Frederick irwin anglican school
Jan 2000Nov 2013

Graduating with a 92% overall average across all my subjects I was also awarded the top student for Materials Design and Technology 3A/3B, Business Management and Enterprise 2C/2D, Visual Arts 3A/3D and Mathematics 1D/1E.



curtin university
Jan 2014FEB 2018

Graduated with a BA in Fashion (Distinction) in Feb 2018. Acknowledged from the Dean of Humanities at Curtin University for consistently achieving an average of over 75% across all semesters at Curtin University. This includes an entire academic year of exchange at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

New Colombo Plan Scholar

Department of trade and foreign affairs
Nov 2015APRIL 2017

Awarded a prestigious New Colombo Plan Scholarship by the Australian Government. This entails being fully sponsored to study, intern and live anywhere within the Indo-pacific region for up to 18 months. 

Curtin Mentor Program

Curtin university
Jul 2014Dec 2015

Acknowledged for my volunteer work as part of the team at Curtin University. My duties here include helping to retain students within their degrees and help them transition into university life smoothly.

LEAP Scholar

the leap foundation usa
Jul 2015Aug 2015

Accepted into the LEAP (LEADERSHIP, EXCELLENCE, ACCELERATING POTENTIAL) foundation and took part at the LEAP leadership conference in 2015.

Highest Achieving Student

Frederick irwin anglican school
Jan 2012Dec 2013

Materials Design and Technology 2C, 3A & 3B, Business Management & Enterprise 1A, 1B, 2C & 2D, Visual Arts 2A, 3C & 3D and Mathematics 1B,1C,1D & 1E.