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Work History

media intern

Aus fashion labels pty
aug 2016dec 2016

Assisting in executing various social media projects, quality control checks and liaising with manufacturers. Organizing both logistics and creative direction for The Fifth Labels's brand launch in the Greater China Region. This work included interactions with all of AFL's brands including C/MEO Collective, Keepsake, Finder's Keeper's, The Fifth Label & TYLR.

Design Intern

tex saverio
may 2016 jul 2016

Design assistant developing Tex Saverio SS17 RTW collection. Including input on aesthetic and construction details, pattern making and creative direction. Assisting in organizing various media events, liaising with our sister company East Wellsum Textile Division and creating detailed sales forecasts for clients.

New Colombo Plan Scholar

Department of trade and foreign affairs australia
Dec 2015Present

In early January 2016 I will be based in Hong Kong representing Curtin University at Hong Kong Polytechnic University specializing in the field of Fashion Design.

The New Colombo plan is an extraordinary initiative by the Australian Government, created in efforts to strengthen Australia’s relationship with and towards the Indo-Pacific region. I whole heartedly believe the future of many industries,  particularly that of fashion  lies within the opportunities available to Australian’s within the Indo-Pacific Region. For me these opportunities will include continuing my studies into computer aided fashion technologies and the opportunity to intern and study trade possibilities between both Australia and Hong Kong.

This scholarship will also give me an opportunity to fully immerse myself within the Hong Kong culture and way of life. Something that is incredibly important to me as I intend to look at possible business opportunities in and around Hong Kong for the future.

I intend to learn both Cantonese at a conversational level and eventually Mandarin in a professional business context.

Fashion Mentor

Curtin University
Feb 2015Dec 2015

Mentor for new fashion students, assisting in retaining and encouraging new fashion students to the Curtin University fashion program. Keeping in touch with approximately 15 students with face-to-face contact and on line contact throughout a length of 16 weeks (each new semester) 

Sales Person/Shop Floor Assistant

ZARA Garden City(Inditex Group)
Jul 2014Dec 2015

Delegating appropriate tasks to other employees, supervising and instructing new employees, resolving minor and major issues with customers. Communicating with other stores, suppliers and industry representatives, managing stock levels via the various stockrooms located outside the store, managing the positioning of incoming stock and new products on shop floor. Learning and understanding the current sales and promotions of the time. Personal shopping for customers (upon request), managing the incoming and out coming customers within the women's wear change rooms, running stock from the change rooms back to the appropriate place on the shop floor. Clear understanding of the sequence of clothing types, often worked both on the shop floor, in the change rooms or in the stockrooms. I also assisted in opening both the new ZARA Garden City store and the ZARA CBD store in Perth, Australia.

Workroom Assistant 

Empire rose
Aug 2015Oct 2015

(Work Experience). Assisting with numerous activities include creating samples and patterns. Distributing stock to wholesalers, organising collection for Perth Fashion Festival.

Back & Front of House Assistant 

Aug 2015Sep 2015

Assisting the PFF team at pre-festival events include model castings and event organisation. During the event my duties included organising garments for numerous local and international designers, dressing models, seating guests, promoting festival and merchandising. 

Workroom Assistant

Aurelio costerella
Feb 2015Mar 2015

(Work Experience). Assisting with hand sewing and machine sewing of samples,  organization of new collection, preparing for upcoming photo shoots and general workroom duties.

Sales Person/Assistant Supervisor

Spotlight Australia
Nov 2009Apr 2011

Leading, managing and supervising staff alone, when supervisors or mangers were otherwise occupied. Assisting supervisors and managers with various tasks including finalizing end of day figures and organizing start of day cash floats. Opening/closing store, delegating appropriate tasks to other employees, supervising and instructing new employees and Resolving minor and major issues with customers. Communicating with other stores, suppliers and industry representatives, managing stock levels, ordering stock and finalizing stock movements. Customer orders, visual Merchandising in the following departments(Dress Fabrics, Furnishings, Manchester, Craft and Home Décor) and driving and processing store sales on POS systems. Returning faulty or unsuitable goods, managing the positioning of incoming stock and new products on shop floor and learning and understanding the current sales and promotions of the time(sales are ongoing at Spotlight). Deciding on appropriate markdown prices for clearance items orders, on-line orders and personal shopping for customers (upon request). 


Motivated and results-driven Australian fashion student with a strong interest in aesthetically modern fashion design specifically for a female based market, quality garment manufacturing and exploring trade possibilities between Australia and the Indo-pacific region. I am currently over mid way through my Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University and will be transferring to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to complete the remainder of my degree.   I am the founder of my self titled label Isla Munro Designs in which provides quality bespoke clothing to a young female market. 


Bachelor of Arts (Fashion)

Curtin University

Entering into Curtin University on the Principles Recommendation Award in 2013, I am now 2 years into my Bachelor of Arts (Fashion) degree with a course weighted average of 77.33%.

High School

Frederick irwin anglican school
Jan 2000Nov 2013

Graduating with a 92% average I was also awarded the top student for Materials Design and Technology 3A/3B, Business Management and Enterprise 2C/2D, Visual Arts 3A/3D and Mathematics 1D/1E.


Fashion Design and Production

Skill include experience in pattern making, clothing production, sample manufacturing, fashion merchandising, design presentations, screen printing and digital design.

Programs I am experienced in include In-design, Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft programs .

In-depth understanding on how to treat customers, credited sales skills, exceptional problem solving skills, experienced leader and team player within both the environments of education and workplace, experience within assisting both supervisors and managers for approximately 3 years and over 5 years of experience as a sales person. Over 5 years of fashion design experience, sewing experience and manufacturing. I have run a small but notable design business from home during high school and university where I have created ball gowns and everyday attire for young women. 


Below are illustrations of my latest collection for coursework at Curtin University & Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The collection "Yakut" includes both digitally designed textiles that I created and traditional screen printed fabric design. This collection includes a mix of traditional tailoring techniques, modern silhouettes and delicate traditional beading inspired by Russian folk art. This collection was created entirely by myself from the creation of both the prints used all the way up to the final sewing of each garment.