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I would like to add  Donutchat too to my portfolio. I would add it because it's very intresting and fun to use.. Donutchat is a social online chart room. It provides media-enable online chat room for your social community. I like to chat on the internet alot and Donutchat is the perfect tool for me to use. I would use donutchat for two purposes. The frist one will be to chat with friends from all part of the worlsd on the internet. The second purpose would be since Donutchat works on iphone and ipod for free with no web-base, would use it to install cool stuff on my ipod.

I would also add google buzz to my portfolio. Google buzz is use to  start conversations about  fun and  intresting things people finds on the internet. it's also use to shears videos,photo and  updates abouts themselves  with whomever they want to shear it with. Besides chating on the internet, I also like to blog. I usually sech for intresting and funning videos and photos on the internet and share them with my friends. I think google buzz will be a good tool to add to my portfolio because I can also use it professionally to advertize my business.

Work experience

Community Vision Developmental program

Personal Care Assistant


North hennepin community College

I am Currently working on my RN degree.