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My Focus

  • A servant leader with significant senior executive skills to build community and a highly empowered organization that has a passion for delivering results.
  • An innovator with a knack for thinking collaboratively and strategically to build lasting solutions to the most complex issues.
  • A global thinker who understands, reviews, and heeds a strong financial understanding through the use of listening, insight, judgment and timing. I act on my belief that employees can all contribute to company growth.
  • A believer in consistencythrough details to drive customer satisfaction through solid standards, integrated technology, and the highest level of integrity in each decision.I believe communication should be open, authentic, and used to drive success.
  • A competitor with a concentration on utilizing analytical approaches to overcoming complex business challenges and to make high-stakes decisions using experience-backed judgment.
  • An experienced leader with over 10 years of solid management expertise and who is respected as a proponent of empowerment and accountability.

Work experience

Chief Operating Officer

Global Education Technologies (Excent)

  • Lead day to day operations for entire company including significant budget, cost reduction, corporate wide procurement, advertising and marketing strategy, and continual improvement strategies.
  • Designed and launched the internal cultural program called Ultimate [email protected] to bring unity to the entire organization in an effort to recognize company mission and align departmental goals.
  • Customer Care System: Increased customer retention rate from 85% 2008 to 95% in 2009 (expecting less than 3% in 2010 turnover). Worked with Client Services leadership to transform into a client centered, empowered customer support department.The net effect was increased retention, greater communication with clients, and more listening by our team by solving problems not symptoms.
  • Professional Services Organization: Focused these efforts with increased revenue and decreased the average implementation timeline from 5-8 months to 3-4 months on existing products. Scaled deployment operations from single, one district at a time to multiple, high quality, and thorough implementations by introducing the PMI (PMBOK) standards for Project Management.
  • Business Strategy and Sales: Increased sales revenue in the third and fourth quarter by $1.9 million in existing and new product sales.Facilitated the sales team into a unified approach to K-12 selling strategy focused on organic company growth.Delegated to a new EVP Sales to continue the sales growth process with our established team.
  • IT Infrastructure Redesign: Lead all network, desktop support, and internal systems personnel.Jointly engineered integrated systems design including internal networking, collaboration software deployment, project management software, SaaS and ASP solutions setup to support hosted products.
  • Consulting Services Department: Designed and established an “Education Solutions” team launching the consulting services department to bring a market defining ideal from thought into reality.Our services department is expected to grow from $250K in 2010 sales to $1.5 million in 2011 in highly profitable revenue.
  • Software/Application Development: Created a new development organization to work with an outsourced strategic partner in the development of next generation Special Education Management software.
  • 315 School Districts - $5 Million annually 

Vice President Professional Services Organization

eSchool Solutions, Inc.

  • 600 School Districts - $12 million annually
  • Organized the consulting services sales department to streamline offerings and identify new areas of focus working with sales force closing over $550,000 in new deliverables within the first 90 days. 50% of those deliverables were fully integrated and revenue recognized within the same 90 days.Overall revenue increase of over $1.2 million in the first year.
  • Increased profit margin per client on each implementation by 33% in the first 6 months.
  • Grew Project Management revenue by 30% per client with new practices and support model.Integrated a new Project Management model with integrated principals of PMI (PMBOK). Decreased full scale software and ERP integration timelines from 6-8 months to 3-4 months allowing for increased client migration to recognize cash faster.
  • Increased training revenue by 15% per client through improved support and additional services.
  • Produced corporate partnerships for increased sales and consulting services opportunities. One such partnership has yielded over $250,000 in support and training services in the first 30 days of closing.


The Rascal Group, Inc.(TRG)

  • Lead US and outsourced Ukrainian teams to develop over nine niche software products specifically focused on the K-12 education sector.Lead a $500,000 growth model in year one for education portal development.Sold two of the top producing products to eSchool Solutions, Inc. in 2007.
  • TRG’s primary software initiatives were in Classroom Learning Management Systems, District Strategic Planning, Teacher/Leadership Appraisal, Volunteer Management, and LEP (Limited English Proficiency) Management.

Director, Professional Services

Spectrum K12 School Solutions (formerly 4 GL School Solutions)

  • Directed tactical direction of Professional Services team including project managers, analytical teams, DB admins, integration specialists for ERP and SIS systems, and learning managers/trainers for enterprise software installations.
  • Executed new project management and training strategies reducing costs by 25% and increased client satisfaction ratings by 75% in the first 6 months. Strategies also reduced timeline from 9-12 months to 5-8 months.
  • Increased revenue through PSO contracts, product sales, and renewal agreements by more than $3 million.

Chief Information Officer

HTKU, Inc.

(A technology training firm serving over 500 retail and campus locations in Texas, Florida, and Arizona.)

  • Served as Principal in securing $1.2 Million in operating startup capital, software and hardware.
  • Delegated software training for Child Care facilities, PreK institutions, and Before/After School Programs for K-12.
  • Coordinated retail chain setup including technology, contractors, refurbishment, and vendor management.



Dallas Baptist University


Key Areas of Strength
Leadership Development | Project Management | Program Management | Social Community Creation | Operations Management | Software Strategy | Client Retention Strategy |  Serial Entrepreneur | Training and Consulting Services
Partial Technical Skill List
A wide range including Application Development Software, Learning Management Systems, Graphic, Server and OS, Productivity, Database, Programming, Project Management, ERP, SIS, and Networking.  PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Visio, MS Project, @Task, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ErWin Data Modeling, MS SQL – Analytics, VMWare, SaaS backend deployment and monitoring solutions software are among some of my direct expertise.