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I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 29th, 2001. Although I am a sixteen year old, I have very high objectives and contribute my all to everything I do. I have learned many lessons and have discovered how to handle stress with poise and composure. I am very adaptable to change. With a mindset that pays great attention to detail, I am able to create final products that are not only pleasing to me, but pleasing to the public eye. I have the ability to work productively and collaborate with others, express creativity, meet deadlines, and construct quality work. I have found that communication is one of the most important traits you can have. My creative thought process means that I have ideas that are often "out of the box". I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and I will endeavor anything that is thrown my way.

Work History

Mar 2014Mar 2015


How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Packaging chocolate covered coffee confections with sanitary and neatness.

Jun 2014Present

Product Demonstration

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Introducing potential customers to products, describing the product in detail and using sales techniques in stores such as Whole Foods, Raley's, and World Market. In-store demos allow the potential customers to sample the food or beverage being advertised, and this often results in their purchasing of the items. 

June 2016August 2016


Sierra Surgical

Faxing, filing, and answering phone calls for this group and their practice. 

Mar 2016Mar 2017

Video Editing and Production

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Using marketing skills to create a video that encourages viewers to buy a product.

Jan 2016Present

Portrait Photography

Seniors, weddings, engagements

Photographing professional portraits for a variety of people using aesthetically pleasing tones, lighting, locations, styles, etc.  

Aug 2016Present

News Production

Reno High School

Editing, writing, and anchoring in a weekly newscast broadcasted for the entire school to see.


  1. Writing is something that has always been a strong suit of mine, and it is something that I enjoy to a great extent. I love poetry and fictional writing, but I am also good at informational writing. I write in my free time, and that is something that I will do no matter what career I choose. However, because writing is something that comes easily to me, I'd love to have a career which allows me to use my skills.
  2. Communication is an extremely beneficial skill to have. I am able to speak with results in a respectable, composed, and engaged way. Having experiences to be involved in trade shows, the opportunity to give speeches, and speak with adults in a professional environment have all contributed to my superior communication skills. 
  3. Creativity 
    • Growing up, I've always been creative. However, not until a few years ago did I discover the passion I have for interior design. Being an organized and observant person, I can appreciate the beauty in well designed interiors, as well as exteriors. I have an eye for tones, symmetry, and different kinds of aesthetics. I'd love to create my own brand of home goods and my own company for interior design.
    • Photography is something that I've always held close to my heart. Having an attention to detail, I always notice when things could be a great photo opportunity. I saved up and was able to purchase a Nikon camera, which is suitable for the types of photographs I wish to produce. I enjoy a wide spectrum of photography; from astrophotography to engagements.


Aug 2015Present

11th Grade Honors Student

Reno High School

With a 4.0+ grade point average, and an excellent work ethic, I am a very hardworking high school student. I am on track for an Honors Diploma, and will continue taking advanced classes through my high school career. I will make sure I challenge myself until I reach full potential. I aspire to follow my grandfather's footsteps and attend Princeton University, or any exceptional college. 


Athletics are something that I take great pride in. 

Here are some of the athletics I partake in:

  • Lacrosse
    • Varsity High School Lacrosse
    • High Sierra Lacrosse League (Pioneer)
  • Avid Running
  • Varsity Tennis
  • Basketball