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Work experience

Feb 2009Apr 2009

Volunteer Worker

Children's Spastic Association of Singapore

The Children's Spastic Association of Singapore functions like a school to teach the children with disabilities based on their specific needs. I was able to participate in the class activities and focus on certain children to help them to train their memory. At the same time, observing the teacher's actions when she teaches the class so that I could follow after her teaching method.


I was taught photoshop by a friend when I was in secondary school. However my skills were not very good and I only knew how to the basic things. After learning more about it in polytechnic, I can say that my skills have very much improved.


I have interest in singing, photography and fashion.Singing

Singing has been my passion since I was in primary school as I was in the choir. I then proceeded to joining the choir in my secondary school where my singing skills was better developed. Right now, I sing for church but I would like to further enhance my voice and brush up on my vocals when I have the time after my education.


Photography is a recent interest that I have developed. I was awed by how images and moments could be captured so beautifully in one single snap. Photographs also have the ability to provoke emotions and feelings and that is what I am drawn to. 


Personally, fashion to me is a form of art and taste. I like to pick and choose, mix and match different clothing together to make an outfit. However, I have not much experience in the practical side of fashion such as sewing.I am often envious of the creativity and passion designers have for fashion,