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Guided by an interest in developing the intersection of community and environmental health, specifically as it relates to food, I hope to offer my own unique experiences as well as broaden my working knowledge in how we can expand alternatives to the current industrial food system.  I am cooperatively-minded, detail-oriented, and thrive in a work environment where I must accomplish a variety of tasks. I have worked directly in many different aspects of the food system, from conducting research with coffee farmers in Ecuador, to being an urban farmer and lead member of a small food business in Chicago.


Sep 2010Jun 2014

Bachelor of Art in Environmental Science

Northwestern University, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences - Evanston IL
Jan 2013May 2013

Comparative Ecology and Conservation

SIT Study Abroad - Ecuador
Sep 2009Jun 2010

Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE)

University of Salamanca - Salamanca Spain

DELE Level B2 Certification ("Vantage")

Aug 2005Jun 2009

High School Diploma

Skyline High School - Oakland, CA

Work experience

Jan 2016Present

Farmers Market Sales Associate

The Phoenix Pastificio - Berkeley CA
  • Run farm stand at three markets weekly (load up products and supplies, drive to market, set up booth, sell product for duration of market, post market break down, unload everything back into shop, sales accounting and clean up) 
  • Establish and maintain relationships with other market vendors,  market managers, chefs and customers. 
Apr 2014Jan 2016

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program Coordinator

The Urban Canopy - Chicago IL

A collaboratively minded, small start up business with the mission of creating a sustainable and equitable food system in Chicago. 


  • Contributed to establishment and development of the company's mission and internal operational structure while gaining extensive experience in backend coordination and daily operations of all branches of the business - deliveries, compost club, indoor farm, outdoor farm, farmers markets, and CSA.
  • Managed CSA program for two consecutive seasons (Winter 2014-15, Summer 2015).
    • Responsible for budgeting, marketing, member services, ordering, prep, harvesting, packaging, delivery, data tracking and data analysis of CSA shares.
    • Reached out to and developed relationships with local food producers, farmers, and chefs. 
    • Expanded this branch of the business by doubling our members served from 25-50, offering a winter CSA for the first time, and sending out weekly newsletters to CSA members via Mailchimp.
    • Created infrastructure for improved data tracking and analysis of our CSA using Excel and Google Spreadsheets.
  • Operated company farm stand at three markets weekly, all located in food deserts and subsidized by a grant from the City of Chicago.
  • Participated in weekly meetings with core crew members in which we used a collaborative meeting structure and voting system to make decisions and delegate tasks. Gained extensive experience in collaborative work platforms such as GoogleDrive.
  • Helped organize our annual end-of-season Harvest Dinner Celebration for two seasons, an event used to show our gratitude for and build community with all our CSA members and local food partners.
Jun 2013Jul 2013

Research Assistant

Sustainable Coffee Agroforestry Production Survey- Intag Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Conducted a 6-week ecological and anthropological study in the cloud forest region of Ecuador, in collaboration with Cornell University and an Ecuadorian NGO - AACRI (Asociación Agroartesanal de Caficultores Río Intag)


  • Evaluated an organic coffee initiative implemented by AACRI ten years prior in several rural communities, originally intended to offer a viable alternative to sugar cane cultivation and cattle ranching - two common practices in the region that contribute to deforestation.
  • Used scientific research methods to evaluate ecological health of coffee farms.
    • Mapped coffee plots using GIS technology
    • Measured biodiversity of coffee plots vs sugar cane farms
    • Tested soil for nutrient levels
    • Recorded prevalence of diseases in coffee plants
    • Input all data into spreadsheets
  • Used anthropological research methods to evaluate social/cultural impacts of initiative
    • Lived with families that participated in initiative, built rapport and trust with them to learn their opinions & experiences with the initiative
    • Hiked to other farms daily (about 30 total) to interview farmers and tour coffee plots
  • Crafted a written report summarizing our research findings and offering advice and suggestions for future improvement to the initiative implemented by AACRI.
Sep 2011Jun 2014

Food Coordinator and Resident Member

MOSAIC Co-op - Evanston, IL
  • For 2 years led and coordinated the house "food team" (shoppers, meal cooks, and bulk cooks) which fed all 20 residents.
  • Responsibilities included sourcing and ordering food, assessing house food needs on a biweekly basis, compiling shopping lists and coordinating overall purchasing and budgeting of house food. 
  • Prioritized local, organic food sources and initiated relationships with local food co-ops and a local farm through which we started buying about 80% of our produce without having to raise our food budget.
  • Responsible for leading organization of house events centered around food (Faculty Dinner, Recruitment Brunch, etc.).
  • Practiced group consensus decision making with 20 other residents through weekly meetings to manage house maintenance, food, events and recruitment.
  • Gained experience using Excel to compile shopping lists and track budget.


Computer Literacy

Proficient in MS Office, Excel, GoogleDrive, Google Spreadsheets, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Squarespace, InDesign, ArcGIS, and Social Media platforms.

Spanish Language

Fluent, semi-native speaker. DELE Level B2 certification in proficiency.

Permaculture Design Course

Completed certificate in Permaculture Design through the Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco (Feb-Apr 2016)

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