Isaac Fairclough

  •  10 Crydermans Side Road,Baldwin, ON


I would like to obtain part time employment working evenings and weekends at Tim Hortons.


Aug 2013 - Present

Currently in Grade 10  

Sutton District High School

Currently a hard working student 

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2013 - Present


Sutton District High School Holiday Dinner

I help out with the holiday dinner at Sutton High by helping guests find all the places around the school such as the coat room,  washroom and kitchen. 

Sep 2014 - Mar 2015

Farm Hand

Elliot Sedore

Responsible for feeding farm animals in a timely manner and stocking the farm feed for the animals. 

Jun 2014 - Present


Michelle Sedore-Goodman 

I have experience working with children in a home setting. I was responsible for feeding and ensuring a proper schedule for a toddler and two other children.




I am an excellent listener and will follow the instruction giving to me.  

Good With Team 

Work in a supportive and respectful team making it easy to collaborate. 

People skills

I can show patience, manage conflict and resolve issues. 


Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

Math Award

Sutton District High Schools

I received an award in grade nine Math for getting a mark above 80% average in the class.


I'm interested in working with people and helping them with any questions regarding products and service.