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I am looking for a company that is well positioned for growth, in an exciting work environment and needs a capable leader to take them there.  I am fairly open as to location, looking to be apart of a medium to large size company, and would be seeking a President role.  Culture and fit are important for both the individual and the company.  I am excited to find my next opportunity.


President, Real Estate Development

Respected in the Industry • Tactical Thinker • Strategy to Action • Relationship Development

Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent • Internal Controls • Results Oriented • Problem Solver • P&L Mgt.

I have over 15 years of award-winning experience achieving incredible results when leading real estate development organizations to success. I have built three development companies from the ground up, and most recently turned around a failing organization into a prospering one, performing significantly better than the industry average in a down market. My experience ranges from startups to high profile market leaders, and with both private and public companies. I am adept at raising capital, both debt and equity, having raised over $900M within nine years and leveraging the buying power of Wall Street giants, including Goldman Sachs, ING and Carlyle. I have been responsible for development, design, construction, entitlement, sales & marketing, staffing, legal, financial reporting including P&L, project management and property management. Scopes of these projects range up to three years in length and in the seven to nine figures. I am looking for a company well positioned for growth that needs a capable leader to take them there.

  • Highly Successful Turnaround Experience
  • Extensive Startup Experience 
  • Strong Strategic Leader with Emphasis in Financial Discipline
  • Exceedingly Effective Negotiator

Work experience

Feb 2010


Vail Resorts Development Co.

Responsible for all real estate development activities including  project management, property management, sales and Marketing, operations, project reviews, construction, entitlement, negotiating construction agreements and other legal issues, entitlement, staffing, project budgets, operational budgets, Division P&L., and for in house legal group for VRDC.  Also responsible at the corporate level developing culture, new products such as the Epic pass and acquisitions of new opportunities.

Nov 1997Apr 2006


Intracorp San Diego/Hawaii

Responsible to open a new office in San Diego and charged with building a team and a business.  Our business plan was to target smaller site for smaller projects initially to get our feet wet for mid rise urban residential for sale projects utilizing equity partners.  Our goal was maximize profits and minimize risk., pre-sales and partners were critical to our strategy.  We progressed to larger sites and larger building as high as 38 stories in Hawaii and 18 in San Diego.  We achieved profitability in 3.5 years.  We opened Hawaii under my over sight 4 years after we opened San Diego.  We built a great team with a great reputation.  I was responsible for acquisition, raising equity capital and some debt, design, construction, staffing, sales & Marketing, P&L for my two divisions, project budgets and operating budget


Sep 1983Aug 1985


U of San Francisco
Sep 1973Aug 1975

Bachelor of Science

U of Colorado


P&L responsibility
In the last 15 years I worked for two large companies in charge of my divisions P&L.  The result was a proven success due to the ability to dive deep into the details including operational and project budgets. 
raising debt and equity
I have years of experience raising both debt and equity for years including partners such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, ING, Carlyle and Mcquarie.  I have strong experience as well  with the documentation for debt and equity structures.
sales & marketing
I built two in house sales and marketing teams and most recently completely  revamped my last companies sales and marketing efforts.  We included 3rd party market studies, focus groups and branding and positioning. Implemented aggressive pricing and sales launching strategies successfully.
Very experienced with just about all legal documents related to real estate development including, purchase agreements, Construction contracts, consultant and designer contracts, insurance agreements, leasing documents and many others. 
Start up and turnaround experience,
I started 3 development companies that proved successful and stepped into my last company and turned around a struggling business.  Ability to build a business and a team and lead the team to achieving our company goals.
Results and action oriented
Proven success and commitment in achieving goals.  I have a good understanding of external trends that may impact our business by staying abreast of significant trends.  Committed to the organizations success.  I have the ability to  assess the situation and am prepared to make decisions. 
Excellent skills at developing and managing to project, operations and P&L budgets.  I have the ability to attract and retain top talent. I feel I have strong leadership qualities to motivate and inspire the team to perform well,  Willing to share freely my knowledge and expertise to others. Maintain flexibility to changing situations and provides opportunities for development and advancement for team members.
Design, Development and Construction
Very experienced in hiring designers, other consultants, and contractors for the initial design stages from resort hotels, resort condos, urban for sale and for rent mid to high rise residential, industrial, office, small retail, apartments, affordable housing and large holdingsfor recreation, open space and dedication to Nature Conservancy.  Very strong at overseeing our team of project managers and contractors during the construction phase.  Negotiated all the GMP, designer, consultant and insurance documents.  Utilize 3rd party peer review on MEP, structural, schedules and cost estimates to insure we have a complete budget, a solid schedule, and a good of set of plans we can to build from.  I was a licensed General Contractor in California for 13 or so years.  It was deactivated when I moved to Colorado.
I have over 25 years experience in acquisition from urban, suburban, residential, office, industrial, mixed use mid and high rise for sale and for rent residential.. Adept at negotiating the deals and moving through due diligence, closing and any other requirements of the transaction