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Professional Teacher's Certificate in Teaching English as a Second languages ( Grades K-12)

NY, United Sates, date of issue: 09/01/2013

Initial Teacher's Certificate in Russian

NY, United Sates, date of issue: 09/01/2006

My Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

My life philosophy is “Be brave and persistent”.

    The talent couldn’t conquer the world because no matter how talented one is, if the conditions don’t sum up in a right sequence, the talent may never be discovered.

        Pure physical strength could be greatly appreciated under certain circumstances, however, like beauty, it withers with time and it also might become a formidable foe if it’s not guided into right direction.

  Intellect is an inborn brain power that can be fostered and increased by constant mental work, nevertheless the world is full of high- brow intellectual derelicts who are not only  incapable of utilizing their mental capacity for the better good of the mankind but also don’t know how to use it for their own benefit. 

    Only courage and the power of determination are omnipotent. They are the only forces that will conquer the world and fly their master  to the highest summits of human achievements.

My educational philosophy is a continuation of my life philosophy: “Don’t be afraid of academic “terra incognita” that lies ahead of you, persist and conquer it, showing the way to others”.  As a teacher and a learner I realize that studying could be a long and daunting process, but  I know that each time a novice learns something  the experience can be so rewarding that the next step becomes easier.  I try to help my students realize that the mastery of a difficult subject is always a wonderful prize.  While it will be easier to slide through life without a purpose it won’t be fulfilling. Through my lessons I try to demonstrate to my students that only by setting difficult goals and achieving them can we reach the stars and know our self-worth.  I always have had expectations for my students,  and have taught them that in order to accomplish any goal in life, they have to put some effort, spend certain amount of energy and have a never-give-up attitude, because, I believe, that teacher’s  calling is to give children much hope and love, and, most importantly, belief in themselves that will change their lives forever.

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Competence in Age Psychology
Competence in Teaching Methodology
Technological Skills
- Curricula design and lesson planning; - Setting educational objectives and achieving them through English language instructions   based on the whole language approach and corresponding to New York state ESL academic standards; -  Selection  and creation teaching materials for content- based teaching instruction; -  Design of the individualized programs to meet specific needs of the students with various levels of proficiency (from pre-production stage to the advanced stage); - Composing and conducting educational lectures according to the program’s requirements and student’s learning needs; -  Development of the instructional and advisory services for students; -  Working in a large metropolitan community with multicultural, multi-ethnic and bilingual population; - Good organizational and classroom management skills; - Proficiency in four languages : Russian, Ukrainian, English, German; - Proficiency with video and audio technology, computer software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, Pikasa, etc, and selected Web 2.0 tools.
Computer Skills
Foreign Languages

Work experience

May 2006Present

ESL teacher (full time) 2006-present

Greenwich Japanese School

Chappaqua Horace Greeley High School

Chappaqua, NY, United States

Teacher of Russian ( part-time) 2004-2005

Vinnitsa State Technology, Economical College of Kiev National University of Trade and Economics

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

College Professor in English and German,1997 - 2002

Vinnitsa Public School number twenty nine (29)

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Teacher of Foreign Languages                  1994 -1997


Jan 2012September 2013

Graduate Master's Degree In Instructional Technology

University at Albany

College of New Rochelle 

New Rochelle, NY, United States                  2006-2006

  Graduate study courses:

- Teaching ESL through Content;

- Multicultural Education

Touro College   

New York, NY, United States                        2005-2005

Graduate study courses:

Basic Reading Instruction;

Teaching Children with Disabilities

Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University           1989-1994

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Bachelors and Masters Degree; Faculty of Foreign Languages – specialization in English and German.  Degrees have been evaluated as  Masters degree in 2011.