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6 years of AML experience, Global QA MCA coordination, Risk Management, CAMS certified, multilingual skills, oversight of EMEA Regional Country Hubs

Work History


Global Quality Assurance MCA Manager

  • Coordination of all regions effort in keeping QA controls at consistent global level
  • Providing consolidated global MCA reporting to Global R&C coordinator
  • Execution of QA MCA process and being global SPOC for Global R&C coordinator
  • Coordination of the management control report delivery from all Regional Hubs
  • Coordination and being interface with Global R&C coordinator and QA in the regions for Issue/CAP management and Audit/Exam Management
  • Conduct regional level up to global level root-cause analysis on the results of management control and potential or factual risks or other appropriate follow-up actions to unit manager
  • Act as a liaison between QA Regional Heads, QA Global Head and Global R&C coordinator for driving goals and objectives to enhance effectiveness in control and issue management
  • Review and ensure QA controls corresponds to current standards and procedures
  • Timely delivery of documentation for approval ensuring proper consultation process is in place
  • Proactively assist to develop and report Quality Assurance management control results and distribute to senior management and stakeholders
  • Engaged in regional implementation of QA standards and procedures

Aug 2015APR 2016

Senior AML Quality Assurance SME, acting as TL back, Country Hubs oversight

  • Acting as Quality Assurance Team Lead back up, managing core team performance. Validation of monitoring gaps and addressing correction actions, analysis of productivity vs capacity and adjusting goals settlements
  • Responsible for oversight, governance and management of QA teams Country Hubs (Russia, Switzerland and Turkey)
  • On site visits to CH, conducting program evaluation and requested support to address potential quality and performance gaps
  • Risk management and identification of risks, their analysis, monitoring, solving and escalation
  • Conducting Quality Assurance reviews on all types of alert monitoring process and dispositions or closing actions
  • Judgmental random monitoring and re-review of QA SME's assessments to ensure procedural standards are being maintained, acting as SME on AML monitoring, identification of potential risk and/or quality improvement areas, as well as technology enhancements
  • Leading, managing of special projects and assuring all documents, key project performance metrics and requirements provided in a timely manner
  • Quality management of projects with the inclusion of design work’s and program’s plans, problem analysis, early warning and constant attention to improving processes
  • Conducting team level up to business level root-cause analysis on the results of reviews performed by investigative analysts in order to recommend remedial training or other appropriate follow-up action(s) to team leads and/or unit manager
  • Monitoring of Quality Assurance SME’s reviews to ensure procedural standards are being maintained
  • Maintaining constant review of global QA and Operational procedure in order to address all required changes or correction are submitted and do correspond to QA and Operational needs and address key regulation requirements
  • Conducting trainings and calibrations to ensure consistency to quality reviews on regional and global basis

Aug 2013Aug 2015

AML Quality Assurance SME, acting as TL back, Country Hubs oversight

  • Reviewing transaction monitoring alerts versus quality standards
  • Identification and analysis of potential risk and monitoring gaps, implementation and control of solutions for key partners
  • Detecting procedural adherence, analysis and research discrepancies
  • Monitoring, reporting, reviewing Operational performance and risk
  • Adherence to global standards policies and procedures.
  • Providing feedback and recommendations to the Operations department
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating AML QA related policies and procedures
  • Conducting and preparing internal trainings
  • Taking part in initiatives and projects to develop current standards trainings, processes and systems
  • Leading Team and Regional calibrations 
  • Providing mentoring, training and lead graduation process of QA new hires
  • Act as partner to Operations, Procedure and Standards and other departments to ensure common approach on standard and policy requirements
  • Acting as backup for country hub manager - supporting on daily basis activities, providing SME knowledge and ensuring consistency within region


Jul 2011Aug 2013

AML OPS Senior Analyst

  • Analyzing of customer transactional behavior from point of view ofmoney laundering, both corporate and individual clients within EMEA regions Conducting trainings and mentoring for new employees
  • Analyzing of performance issue trends and conducting feedback to analysts
  • Analyzing of influence of current financial situation in a world on customer behavior
  • Improving of analyst work in team, experiencing their mistakes, reporting and providing additional trainings
  • Taking part in different project and initiatives and preparing different types of presentations
  • Review of decision taken by Analyst and providing expert knowledge of detected gaps in analysis
  • Detecting monitoring gaps and conducting risk assessment                                                   
Oct 2010Jul 2011

AML OPS Analyst

  • Preparing reports of suspicious transactions in order an appropriate decision to be made
  • Reporting unusual customer behavior that could be related to the process of money laundering
Jun 2008Sep 2008

Summer intern

  • Analysis of bank's loan agreements
  • Keeping records of loan portfolio



Lviv Institute of Management

  • Major Subject: Management of organizations



Full professional proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Native or bilingual proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Quarterly Award for engagement – Most collaborative employee of quarter

  • Leading EMEA AML Case Review Championship - a gamification and learning project through simulation of complex AML business cases

Quarterly Award for engagement – Most collaborative employee of quarter

  • Co-leading of Enhanced QA engagement model, enhanced collaboration between QA and operations

Monthly awards for engagement - Most collaborative employee of the month

  • Active engagement in CARE implementation in Russia CH

Monthly awards for engagement - Most collaborative employee of the month

  • Support of Operations CAP backlog closure in Russia CH




Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist