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I believe that the people we become stems from a whole series of incidents that ignited before we were even born. These same incidents led me to parents who were Asian-strict. However, what they taught me through their own brand of motivation was tenacity, street smarts, and the annoying habit of never accepting information at face value. 

Thus, I have become the person I am now - constantly questioning, looking for problems to solve, and never being satisfied even after the connections have fallen into place. 

I trust in the power of experiential learning, having amassed my knowledge and outlook through various stints in industries such as F&B, logistics, insurance, construction, and more recently, visual marketing. Through these learning experiences, I have developed a keen nose for strategy, thus allowing me to tackle problems with a process-driven approach.  

Through my interactions, I have also realised that I have the ability to relate to many different types of personalities. This has further guided me to new pastures while uncovering new enriching experiences. 

In my little free time, cooking, hikes, staring at the ocean where possible, and rolling around with dogs are some things that make the day that much brighter. 


Work experience

Jul 2014Present


Trace Asia LLP

A content marketing agency, Trace Asia looks to position itself as a specialist producer of visual content and content strategy in the region. As an early mover, we believe that the shift will take place in the next two to three years, and have thus started to align ourselves with strategic partners in the inbound marketing sphere. 

Jan 2014Apr 2014

Business Development


A short stint at a construction firm to assess their market position. Company is a family-run business that was looking to further improve their regional operations due to increased competition from larger players and manufacturers.  Stint was unfortunately too short-lived as the directors were not willing to make many changes.

What I did learn: how to manage traditional businessmen. 

Mar 2011Dec 2014

Director / Main Moose

Meese Studios

Started up a commercial photography and design production studio to aid marketing efforts for direct marketing, PR, above- and below-the-line advertising, and editorials. Managed a small nomadic team of 2 full-timers and 2 freelancers, achieved more than $200k in revenue in last year of operations. 

Jun 2009Dec 2011

Assistant Photographer


A gig that allowed me to learn skills in a completely new industry while I got paid a little.  Worked closely with photographers such as celebrity photographer Russel Wong, fashion photographer Peter Lau, commercial photographer Olivier Henry, and fine art photographer Tan Ngiap Heng. 

Jan 2007Dec 2009

Financial Advisor

Great Eastern Life

Using templates created by actuaries, advisors had the task of presenting and explaining the benefits illustrations to clients.  Clarity of communication and accuracy of information were paramount, as was the ability to relate to different people at various levels. 

Most importantly, this allowed me to pay my way through school. 

May 2006Aug 2006


Encentuate Inc.

Error-checking, code documentation, and anything in between that the coders didn't want to do. 

Jan 2002Aug 2002

Wait Staff

Olio dome

To help with the delivery of food from hot counters to tables.  Learnt to manage difficult customers, and also learnt that knowledge can be gained from random conversations with customers. 

Dec 1998Jul 1999

Wait Staff

Breeks! Restaurant

I had to ensure that the buffet line was always topped up and that the food was fresh. Oftentimes, took it upon myself to ensure that the food served was edible. Please don't judge, I was a hungry student. 


Published freelance writer, last gig was with SPH custom publications for companies like Toyota and Park Hotel Group.
The entire photographic process
Darkroom or digital, I'm well-versed in the photographic medium, from both a commercial as well as artistic point of view.  I work with programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One.