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HCA Blake Medical Center: Integrated an efficient system whereby the radiology department increased their total yearly revenue from $600,000 to $2.2 million within two years (1997-1999). Accomplished via innovative solutions to Increase productivity, patient exams and imaging flow, decrease of waste and supplies via a better methodology of maintaining optimal inventory.

HCA Largo Medical Center: By means of personal innovation and education, increased the Emergency Room’s MRI requests by 15%, decreased the total turnaround time in diagnostic findings, educated the ER physicians on CT and MRI exams critical pathology, anomalies and general interpretations for a more proficient and timely treatment plan.

Harbor Imaging Center: Increased total revenue by $300,000 in one year via the implementation of better MRI Breast Imaging and the initiation of MRI Breast Biopsies. Developed a more suitable scheduling protocol for MRI and CT exams. Cultured the front office staff on scheduling and appropriate time allotment for exams, directly increasing total patient exams by 40%.

Partners Imaging Center of Sarasota: Successfully managed a state-of-the-art Imaging center with a total spending of $350,000/mo expenditure into a profit driven organization whereby net revenue exceeded $120,000/year within 3 month time frame from start-up. Secured diagnostic report turnaround time to physicians within 24hrs or less. Improved all of the diagnostic image quality and productivity by 15%. Qualified and accomplished ACR accreditation for the center. Provided education and installation instructions to our referring physicians, enabling them a seamless and immediate internet access to our PACS system in a secure manner. Developed an automated a VPN image protocol system to the individual radiologist, to automate the transmission of completed exams to their home reading stations. Improved the center’s marketing presence via the incorporation of free advertisement by developing personalized patient exam image capture CD. Eliminated the use of courier staff by 50%. Established a voice recognition dictation system and installed/implemented the centers PACS, HIS, RIS and scheduling hardware/software and maintenance. Key contact processional for all vendor communications, trouble shooting, access and evaluation. Responsible for all installations of center’s network, image library, DR, Sans, NAS, Wi-Fi, DSL, PBX, VoIP, Cisco Phone, Sonic-Wall Router, DMZ servers, Website and remote access / security.

Mobile Psychiatric Services, LLC.: Developed and implemented an Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) for better patient charting, accuracy, report turn-around time, electronic dissemination of information and storage, …views, statistics, collaborations, Medicare form compliance, increase in revenue by 45% via better billing methods and appropriate coding. Provided a method whereby remote and mobile access was incorporated into the NP's practice paradigm.

Vanderbilt University – Radiation Oncology: Active participant in the radiation oncology department’s research of Taxol (sponsored by Bristol-Squibb Myers), active participant in the research and radiation measurements of Iso-Stent (sponsored by Johnson & Johnson) and Associate professor at Vanderbilt University physics department. Participant in major yearly QA of Varian’s Linear Accelerators including compliance assessment with MD Anderson’s quality assurance protocol. Research assistant and physics validation person for the QA and treatment of the Gamma Knife radiation treatment device for Osteoblastoma and other terminal brain diseases. Participant in TBI treatment of children with Leukemia, HDL/LDL treatment of Prostate and Cervical CA, Publication in the red journal for radiation oncology.


Keeping up with technology and its evolution. Outdoor activities - Hiking, Biking, Sailing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Rock-climbing, Photography, and developing software.


Whilst my early education, experience and knowledge were focused on technology as it applied to the medical field, my newly found inspiration is dedicated to the prolific changes that are ensuing the mobile industry, specifically mobile smartphone/devices and mobile communication. My current interest and experience are focused on being a holistic participant and developer for the Apple platform, as it is the dominating mobile platform for usability in the business industry. I am especially enthusiastic of keeping abreast with the latest in the development of programing, new innovative gadgets, platform/SDK changes and nuances of testing tools. This has opened my mind and skills to the many innovative perspectives that can be leverage to deploy and create some exciting, practical and efficient applications.  My new found tallent enables me to develop creative and fun applications that leverage all the new aspects of iOS 5, AR, Geo-Location, social network integration and analytics.

In addition I like to end on a famous quote from a famous person:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” by Albert Einstein.

Work experience

Apr 2011Present

Mobile Applications Specialist

Haworth, Inc.

Brainstorming, creating, innovating and developing some of the most exciting mobile applications for the high end furniture Industry that is Haworth. Involved in all aspects of development (code writing, testing, wire-framing and blueprinting) for the Apple platform (iPhone / iPad) as well as the Android platform (Xoom, Assus Eee). Planning to expand the development knowledge in the new upcoming Windows 8 platform.

Involved in research projects with Grand Valley State University Mobile Lab. Involved in the local Grand Rapids Michigan area mobile development interest groups. Leveraging the nuances of analytics as it relates to mobile technology and the mobile platforms. Working with multiple departments and VP's to develop Haworth Mobile branding and presence. Initiating the development of a more cohesive process of mobile application development.

Dec 2008Apr 2011

IT Director / Developer

Mobile Psychiatric Services, LLC.

Responsible for the development, testing and implementation of a useful, simple and efficient Electronic Medical Records system (EMR). Integration of unified communication for both messaging and video conference, utilizing Adobe connect pro, ooVoo and remote system access. Implementation of secure data storage and data transfer via the user and clients. Providing encryption and secure VPN site to site communication and data sharing. Creating and implementing electronic signature on all forms and ensuring HIPPA and other regulatory compliance. Establishing a more accurate billing and data capture, while providing the necessary guidelines to assure proper coding is maintained. Assisting in all aspects of technology as it relates to the day-to-day operation.

Aug 2007Feb 2008

CT / MRI Technologist

Metro Health

Involved in all aspects of Diagnostic Imaging at a new Hospital, facilitating both outpatient and inpatient population. Participating in improving image quality, personnel training, creation of more efficient and quality protocol and assisting the radiologist in complex procedures and exams. Directly responsible for increased volume and quality in MRI exams.

Oct 2006Apr 2007

IT Administrator / COO

Partners Imaging Center

Assisted in the development of a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center from inception. Involved in the planning of all aspects that relate to the technological infrastructure of the facility, including but not limited to selection of products (routers, cables, servers, PC, etc.) to the layout and networking of all equipment (Servers, Storage Rack/tape library, PC/workstations, MRI, CT, PET, reading stations, etc). Established all communications and data management, including VPN’s, Storage, Back-up, Disaster recovery and emergency virtual utilizations. Managed the day-to-day network infrastructure, assisted in marketing to referring physicians, established secure VPN’s with other facilities and referring offices/hospitals and educated staff and physicians on the use and practice for secure and regulatory computing. Maintained load balancing on system, monitored for any anomalies, established fault tolerance in bandwidth and router usability and initiated HIPPA guidelines. Assisted in centers ACR certification and in the Imaging QA and protocols.

Mar 2001Oct 2006

MRI / CT Technologist

Largo Medical Center

Lead MRI / CT Technologist in a very busy Hospital Setting. Increasing the efficiency of the radiology department and the turn around time of exams as well as exam reads by the radiologist. Implementing my many years of experience to directly increase the radiology department's revenue by $ 500,000/year profit and increasing the Emergency department MRI referral and exam orders. Responsible for the quality and quantity of performance by the technologists, as well as assuring a smooth functioning PACS system operation. Educating and leading in 3D reconstruction of Imaging, Vessel analysis, cardiology imaging, vascular imaging, virtual colonoscopy and specialty exams (MSK, Neuro, Arthograms, etc.). Assisted in the Hospital wide implementation of their McKesson PACS system integration and digital imaging.

Apr 2003Sep 2006

Center manager

Harbor Imaging Center

Responsible for all aspects of QA, Imaging techniques, PACS, RIS, and patient care in a high volume outpatient Imaging Center. Working directly with the Radiologist, management and vendors to implement better more efficient work performance and new imaging methods. Implemented their MR Breast Imaging and breast biopsies, analyzed and assisted in purchasing equipment, advised on new standards, techniques and regulations, and managed in their evolution to becoming a paperless imaging department.

Oct 1997Apr 2003

CT Technologist

Blake Medical Center

All aspects that pertain to quality Imaging utilizing a 16/64 MDCT. Including 3D post processing, vessel analysis, virtual colonoscopy, CTA, and emergent care. During my tenure, I was directly responsible for the radiology departments increased revenue 3 years in a row by $ 250,000/year.

Directly responsible for better management of supplies, imaging report turn-around, communication with departments and vendors and lead support specialist for their GE Centricity PACS system.

Apr 1997Dec 1998

Jr. Medical Physicist / IT Analyst

West Coast Radiotherapy

Networked their current treatment plan system (ADAC) with their office’s peer-to-peer network infrastructure. Assisted in their daily treatment planning of patients, including image acquisition and transfer to their planning system, treatment plan recalculations and analysis and Varian Linear Accelerator monthly QA.

Jul 1994Oct 1997

System Analyst

Southern Hills Hospital

Implemented the hospital wide radiology department Meditech system, including on the committee for HCA Headquarter for development of the radiology specific Meditech module. Created and developed HCA corporate-wide radiology module mnemonics, billing codes, report structure and dashboard views.

Mar 1995Aug 1997

Junior Medical Physicist

Vanderbilt Center for Radiation Oncology

Involved in all aspects of complex and progressive state-of-the-art radiation treatment planning, including daily, monthly, weekly, yearly QA of Varian Linear accelerators; Participation in all medical physics research programs, including nationwide treatment protocol creation and study and radiation protection QA. Integral participant of Gamma-Knife treatment planning, Montecarlo calculation of new treatment software, treatment planning and CT Simulations on all procedures, monthly chart reviews, Patient and technology education, Seminar presentations and industry collaborations.

Active participant in the radiation oncology department’s research of Taxol (sponsored by Bristol-Squibb Myers), active participant in the research and radiation measurements of Iso-Stent (sponsored by Johnson & Johnson) and Associate professor at Vanderbilt University physics department. Participant in major yearly QA of Varian’s Linear Accelerators including compliance assessment with MD Anderson’s quality assurance protocol. Point person for QA in treatment with Gamma Knife for Osteo-blastoma and other terminal brain diseases. Participant in TBI treatment of children with Leukemia, HDR/LDR treatment of Prostate and Cervical CA, Publication in the red journal for radiation oncology.




University of Liverpool

Highly geared and specialized in the aspects of computer Science and how these methods relate to Information Technology Security. Offering a wealth of individualized learning aspects and team projects with people from around the globe. Internationally recognized as a leading University.


Computer Science

Grand Valley State University

Graduate Level courses in System Analysis, Distributive Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Java, Android.


Vanderbilt University

Completion of course work for my undergraduate degree in physics, graduate course work in medical physics, Associate faculty at the University, teaching undergraduate physics lab, and being a study guide for medical students taking the MCAT. Participated in the Radiation Oncology department research projects (dose measurement in IMRT, and Gamma knife, Taxol, radiation induce heart stents, fMRI, Image fusion, etc.) Published in the Radiation Oncology Red journal. Gave presentation to the therapist and assisted in chart reviews and recommendations.


Objective-C / Xcode 4.3 / iOS5
All aspects of Object Oriented Programing as it is applied and used in Xcode for Apples latest SDK - iOS5. This includes but is not limited to: Storyboard, Twitter, Camera, iCloud, Newstand, Coco Touch, Custom NAvigation and View controllers and much more.
Via my intricate involvement in programming and developing an Electronic Medical Records system for the psychiatric nurse practitioners, I have the insight and skills required to be proficient in Database design, tuning, security, development and SQL scripting. Familiar and current on the use of MySQL, MS SQL server, and some Oracle 11g. Currently integrating with the Android platform and SQLlite for a mobile technology implementation.
System Analyst
Evaluating the configuration, integration, practicality, usability, efficiency and most importantly the security and fundamental aspects of many software / hardware combinations and implementations to the current business infrastructure. Analysis of the use of mobile devices in the enterprise. SEO, Analytics and Mobile device statics for the corporations main website and their many platforms, including their mobile devices. Analysis and testing of a variety of VoIP, Bluetooth, Remote software / hardware implementation and integration.
Knowledge in a variety of programing languages, including: Adobe LC ES2, HTML5, CSS3, JQery, JavaScript, Java, Objective-C, PHP.
IT Networking
Full breadth of understanding everything from set-up of network infrastructure to maintainability, usability, security and integration. Real world experience from running cat 5/6 cables (even making my own cables), network set-up with Hubs, Switches, Routers, Servers, DSL, ADSL, PBX, Tape Library, DR, NAS, SANS, VM, VPN, and security.
Excelled in every aspect of the field. Mentioned by many to be in the top 1% of knowledgeable and quality oriented technologist as well as efficient, proficient and ethical. Unmatched work ethics and attention to detail, while still able to maintain an exemplary work-flow and volume.
Exceptional knowledge base with a variety of vendors and how they can be implemented, maintained, tweaked and networked into existing systems and organizations infrastructure. Well versed in the inter-connectivity and limitations, as well as, their usability and security / integration with other systems and users. Experience with Intelerad, McKesson, Phillips, GE Centricity, Erad, and Dynacad, AllScripts, HL7, DICOM3, ePerscribing, Mobile EMR/EHR, Practice Fusion EMR, EPIC.


Feb 2012Present

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie
Nov 2011Present

iOS 5

Mobile Applications Institute
Jun 2011Present

Objective-C / iOS4

About Objects
Aug 2011Present

iOS 4

Mobile Applications Institute
Oct 2011Oct 2013


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