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Competent and results driven professional with major background being a customer services support or a sales consultant/adviser. Handled international inbound/outbound calls, and provided results for any customer satisfaction concerns. A team player, goal oriented individual who accepts and value team work and effort to find solutions to any challenges.


Excellent coordination/organization skills

Being a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Development Communication, I have been actively a participant with organizing, especially in extra curricular activities. From organizing for the benefit concerts to theater to outreach program to immersions, these activities made me a complete individual and taught me how to organize people, coordinate with the right people in order to come up the most successful event/program as possible. It helped me in becoming more approachable especially with my co workers, I let them participate to company activities in order to create not just a productive working environment but as well as fun and exciting, something to look forward to when coming to work.

Superior ability in dealing with all kinds of people

I have been working in the BPO industry for quite a long time. I have been dealing with different kinds of people, and I must say, never did I have any serious personal conflict with my colleagues, the supervisors and managers that I have worked with. I make sure I get to adjust with the kind of environment and the people that I get to work with. I am versatile in terms of bending my relationship with my co workers, I help them when need arises, and I make sure that I get to understand them as well. I believe that when you have a healthy relationship with the people you are working with, it results to a very productive workplace.

Good oral and written communication skills

I have been in the sales/customer service profession since I had my first employment . I have been speaking American English Language to communicate effectively with my clients and customers. I have been writing business proposals and other concerns that effectively improves my work and craft since I have studied, especially in my College years until getting my first job. And until now I am still learning, it helps me to improve the output of my work and also my skills and abilities. As I have my work experience in Dubai as an Administrative Officer, aside from the written and oral communication skills that I have, I also can handle office works; booking appointments ad meeting, filing, data entry, working on excel sheets, keeping track of the attendance, handling purchase orders and submitting reports to our accountant and to the managing director.

Work experience

Sep 2015May 2016

Human Resources/Office Administrator

Memits Solutions LLC, Dubai

I worked as an all around administrator in the office including tasks such as answering telephone calls, booking schedule appointments and meetings for my manager and the rest of the team. Calling out to different kinds of clinics, both for medical and dental; checking which clinic software they are using at the moment. After which, booking them a schedule for a product demonstration done by our manager. I have also  experienced in creating purchase order, invoice and receipt payment for billings in the office.

Feb 2014Jul 2015

Alumni Career Services Advisor

Contact Solutions in Cebu, Philippines

I am an Alumni Career Service Advisor at an Allied Healthcare Academy, helping Alumni/graduates from this Academy to look, search and find for job/s that is/are related to the medical field. I also call and find for employers to check job opportunities. I set up job interviews, get the alumni hired and earn job placements out of those alumni that got hired. I basically, make outbound/inbound calls to both alumni and employers and also send/receive follow ups through email., google text/call, LinkedIn and other social media platform just to communicate with the graduates and employers too.

Jun 2012JAN 2014

Sales/Customer Service Representative

Convergys (formerly Stream Global)                                         Cebu, Philippines

I worked with Stream Global, now also called as Convergys for an online credit/shopping account. I was receiving inbound calls and customers from US placed order online by using their credit line, purchasing different items, from personal to home use, for all types of use. I did also offer upgrade selling to customers for them to enjoy their purchase. I also got to handle calls, for some customers who has complaints about their purchased item and found resolutions, it maybe through item exchange or if there's no other way, customers may return their purchased items within return warranty date.

Mar 2010MAY 2012

Publishing Consultant

Author Solutions (formerly Xlibris Corporation)                     Cebu, Philippines

I worked with Xlibris, now called as Author Solutions as a publishing consultant. It's an inbound/outbound call setting, also I dealt with doing a lot of follow up calls and email to authors, may it be with an amateur or professional authors. Primarily, I called out to authors, to get to know them and the book that they are writing at the moment. I discuss with them their plans, some maybe their vision about their book. And then, I discuss with them the different publishing packages/services available for the authors. 

Mar 2009Feb 2010

Sales Travel Agent/Customer Service Rep

Teleperformance ( formerly Aegis- People Support)                 Cebu, Philippiness

This is technically the second job that I had in the BPO industry, but my very first company since I relocated to Cebu City. I was working with Expedia, an international online travel account. I worked there as a sales/customer service representative. It's an inbound call setting, where customers from the US called in to search for travel updates and book for reservations, it maybe through airlines, hotels and  car reservations.

Apr 2007Mar 2009


Arriba Telecontact Inc.                                                           Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

I was once a sales agent/customer service agent at Arriba Telecontact. The main account that I was working with was for a publishing, free/paid subscription. I called out for big companies such as engineering, food, welding and IT industries. We verify their businesses and gave them a free subscription of the magazine in line with their businesses.


Jun 2003Mar 2007

Bachelor of Science in Development Communication; Major in Educational Communication;

Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan
Jun 1999Mar 2003

High School Level

Liceo de Cagayan University