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Professional Associations

The American Nurses Association

Columbia Chapter of SIgma Theta Tau Honor Society

Former member of New York Chapter of the American Neuroscience Nurses Association


  I am an RN, MS and hold a dual degree from Columbia University as an adult NP and a geriatric NP.   I am currently licensed as an RN in both NY and NJ, and have NP licensure as an adult NP in NYS.  I am 45 years old and have many years of experience as an RN in primary care.   My past experience was at Columbia Presbyterian medical center where for 10 years I worked in neurology/neurosurgery, then per diem as a Medical/Surgical nurse for several more years.  I graduated with my masters degrees in 2003.  I was an assistant head nurse for 10 years on the neurology floor which gained me some management experience as I was in charge of a 36 bed acute care unit, which also contained within it a 4 bed epilepsy monitoring unit.I have a strong background in neurology and medical/surgical and concentrated on internal medicine during my master's studies and currently work for a neurologist. ..I am a compassionate person, a fast learner, and graduated from CU with a 4.2 cumulative average.  I am currently looking to expand my position and explore my passion for nursing.


Rosario R Trifiletti

Dr Trifiletti hired me as his nurse practitioner to see the adult Neurology/internal medicine cases in his practice.  He sees children and confers with me on adult issues.

I have worked with him for 4 years in his office in Ramsey NJ

Mrs Kathleen Dunleavy

Kathleen Dunleavy, RN, MS was my head nurse in neurology and also oversaw the neurology unit where I worked early in my career.

  She  was named Nurse of the Year in 2006, and she is now nurse manager of the Neuro ICU at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Ms Marie Morgievich

Marie is a renal transplant NP at St Barnabas hospital. Her email address is [email protected]

Mrs Lois Joseph

Lois is a very qualified RN who also cared for her patients to the best of her ability.  She was an assistant head nurse on the evening/night shift, as I was on the day shift


refresher course

Ramapo College

In February of 2010 I attended a seminar created to be a "brush up" course in basic health assessment for those re-entering the work force.  

Mar 2009Present

3 credit course taken as a personal refresher for myself

Fitzgerald Health Education Associates

I took this comprehensive pharmacology course, worth 3 graduate degree credits in pharmacology, to refresh myself as I have been home caring for my children for the last several years. It was much like the course I took at Columbia in NP school.  Now I am up to par on the latest in pharmacology as I re-enter the work force and prepare for the certification exam.

Sep 1999May 2003

Dual degree, MS to be both an Adult NP and a Geriatric NP

Columbia University School of Nursing

These MS degrees were tailored specifically to prepare baccalaureate degree nurses with nursing experience to become advanced practice nurses.  My program was a dual degree for both Adult and Geriatric Nursing.  Laws governing licensure vary from state to state.  I chose these programs as I had worked mostly with an adult and geriatric population in the neuro institute and followed them as they moved into the Milstein building where the 8th floor was all neuro/ neurosurgery. While working as a perdiem nurse for four years I was on every floor of the building and gained experience in medical/surgical work, leading to my certification as a Medical/Surgical nurse from the ANCC.

Sep 1983May 1987

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Dominican College of Blauvelt
Sep 1979Jun 1983

Regents diploma

Albertus Magnus High School

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner

Rosario Trifiletti, MD, PhD

Dr Trifiletti is both my husband and a neurologist specializing in child neurology. We also see many adult neurological problems with many internal medicine co-morbidities. He sees the children and I see the adultls.   I work as his right hand Nurse Practitioner   office duties that  include but are not limited to counseling patients and their families struggling with neurological disease which are often chronic in nature, evaluating lab results, collaborating with other physicians on referral.

This job also gives me experience with budgets and managing one in an office setting. I see a fairly high volume of patients and evaluate their needs and continue their care as an NP would.  

He can be reached by phone at 201-236-3876 or email [email protected]

Sep 1999Jun 2001

School Nurse

The Village School for Children

I was asked to take this job part time as I was always waiting in the parking for my children.  The school was too far to drive back and forth to get my children there and back so I waited and read.  Once they found out I was  a nurse they convinced me to come in and help out 2-3 days/wk even though they knew I had very little experience with children except my own.  It turned out to be a good experience and challenging as well.  Children with autism, ADD, and Type 1 diabetes with insulin pumps was all new to me.  I was in school at night at Columbia to become a nurse practitioner, so this was a fun way to be with my children in the school and work with children.  I still prefer my neurology/neurosurgery to school nursing any day.  

Aug 1987Mar 1998

RN staff nurse, then assistant head nurse

This  was my first job as an RN.  I went to the recruiter wanting a day shift and was shown neurology.  Of course I only knew what was taught to me in school but I quickly studied and picked up what the patients needs were.  I often listened in on rounds with the doctors and residents and learned any way I could how to care for Neurology and Neurosurgical patients.  After two years I was promoted to assistant head nurse and stayed in that position for six more years.  This was in the NI or Neurological Institute of New York which eventually merged with the rest of the hospital in a new building called the Milstein Building and the NI became the 8th floor.  I loved this job.  I left when my first daughter was born and they dissolved my position as the hospital was in a state of downsizing at this time.  Units were being closed and jobs eliminated.  This was not the end for me, as in a few years I returned for four more years as a per diem nurse where I continued to often work in neurosurgery and neurology as well as medical/surgical.  Overall it was a great learning experience and where I honed in on my skills and became a mentor for newer nurses.  My responsibilities included being the charge nurse for a 36 bed unit and overseeing the care provided as well as all the nurses providing it.   It was a huge responsibility as the patients were acute in their needs and I had to make sure each nurse knew how to handle it.  I loved this job!!   Each July when new residents came in doe eyed and a little scared of neurology I often had to help them know the protocols most doctors used for diffferent diseases.  I felt at this point I was functioning almost as a Nurse Practitioner, which is what propelled me to return to school after spending some more time at home with my children.

    It is worth mentioning that during my tenure at Columbia part of the Neurology unit was dedicated to epilepsy monitoring, and I have extensive experience taking care of stroke patients with neurological deficits some needing neurosurgical intervention.

May 1986May 1990

LPN and then RN

Full Care, inc

I took this position as a new nurse.  First as an LPN and then as an RN.  This was a home care company where I would take shifts to people needing acute care who were homebound.  They were mostly an elderly population, adding to my decision to become an adult and geriatric NP.  I feel it was a great experience to have home care under my belt as working in an acute care setting you need to be  aware of what happens when the patient returns home. Many times the end of life process was viewed from a nursing standpoint.


Mar 1990Present

Hospital certified IV insertion nurse

Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Oct 1992Present

PICC line insertion

An IV home infusion company
Aug 1996Present


American association of Neuroscience Nurses
May 1995May 2001

Medical-Surgical Certified RN

Jul 1996Jul 1999

Certified BLS instructor

Red Cross