Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Present


Self employed

Now I work as a freelance director making commercials and corporate films.

Nov 2005 - Feb 2009


2005 - 2009


1987 - 2002


Nanne Film AB/Citron Film AB

I started my own filmproduction company in 1987. In 1995 I canged the name to Citron Film. It was time for a change!

1985 - 1987


Svensk Filmindustri

At SF I continued directing commercials and corporate films. I won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 1987 and started my own production company: Nanne Film AB.

1983 - 1985


Mekano Film & TV

At Mekano I directed a lot of commercials and corporatefilms. I won a Goldmedal at the New York Filmfestival.

1980 - 1983

Commercials Director

Pinguin Film

I spent three years learning the craft of directing commercials for cinema. That is we worked on 35mm film and edited on a Steenbeck editing table.


1974 - 1975

Completed course

Grundskolan för fotografisk utbildning

I learned the art of stillsphotography at this school that was started by the famous photographer Christer Strömholm. I also developed and copied my own negatives.

1973 - 1974

120 points

Stockholms universitet

I studied art history at Stockholm University with the teacher Madeleine von Heland.


Erik Irion Nanne has worked as a filmdirector för nearly 30 years. I have made about 350 films and won 2 Gold Lions at Cannes International Filmfestival (among others).

After being employed during all these years I am now working as a freelance director.

Betyg från min senste arbetsgivare Anna Nordström Carlsson, Producent på Scandvision Filmproduktion:

"Erik är en mycket erfaren och uthållig regissör. Erik har varit ansvarig regissör i flera av våra tongivande produktioner för stora kunder, bla IKEA och Volvo Group. Erik är en duktig skribent, arbetar snabbt och med stor kraft. Är en engagerad och driven regissör och arbetar utifrån projektets bästa." - Maj 2009


For me, in a perfect world, 30% of my work time will be on projects I’m doing primarily for love, 30% primarily for the education, and 30% for money. The final 10% is for boring but necessary administrative work like invoicing, filing paperwork, and backing up my computer.