Most of the documents a notary public is required to witness are documents that are needed for legal purposes.  These legal documents include:  Transfer of Deed of Sale; acknowledgments; affidavits such affidavit of loss, adoption, citizenship, authentication of documents, oaths, and many more.

The notarial services provided by a public are crucial and vital for every document that needs authentication.  His or her services are very valuable since her or his stamp, seal, or signature is necessary for a certain document to be legal and thus, applicable and binding.  For adoption cases and legal contracts to be binding, the notary public is the independent third party. He or she stands as the witness and in result, authenticates the legal contract entered into by the first and the second party.

A notary public is not allowed to provide legal representation in court for a person with legal cases, disputes, etc.  Furthermore, the services that a notary public can offer may vary from one place or to another.

For loan agreements, the notarial service provided by a notary public is very relevant.  He or she is the individual who will verify and confirm the identity of the borrower or loan applicant entering the legal contract.  He or she is responsible in validating the deeds and documents signed by the first and second party.

Legal confirmation and authentication are needed for legal contracts such as acquisition of property, business contracts, memorandum of agreements, etc.  The notary public is the individual who has the authority to authenticate and confirm of all the documents.  His or her stamp, seal or signature affixed on the legal documents signifies the authenticity of such legal documents.

It is true, that the notary public fees are but nominal when compared to a licensed lawyer, but nevertheless, his or her services are also as invaluable because in your life, there will always come a time that you will need his or notarial services for your legal documents .  Irina Poloskova is the founder of Academy of Finance and Notarial Services. She offers affidavit l affidavits l notarial forms l bill of sale in cheap prices for just $5.99.

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