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Irina Mappin


Irina Mappin is an entrepreneur and collector of art as well as being generous in her philanthropic undertakings that reach across all borders. As an owner of the Camelot Castle Hotel, she holds a great appreciation for the wisdom of the East and draws upon famous examples in history as a precedence that helps guests at the hotel find their way to truth and light. The hotel is located in the mythological area of King Arthur and the Round Table, which adds to the mystique and unique ambience of the property and through the special atmosphere and the amazing views that look out to the ever-changing coastline of the Atlantic, hotel guests often undergo a renewal in their spirits and an uplifting experience that energises and inspires. The hotel is a popular destination for artists and creative people as well as local tourists, couples and families.

Russian Roots in Education and Communication

Born into a Russian family, Irina Mappin claims an ancestry that she can not only be proud of, but use as an example for her own life, as her relatives helped to instil the great Russian ruling houses with a sense of creativity and beauty. His Noble Excellency Ablak learned the aesthetics of Eastern sciences in Egypt and when he returned to Russia he was a teacher and advisor to the court of Russia's first Tsar, Ivan IV Vasilyevich, also known as Ivan the Terrible. He had a deep appreciation of beauty and he had a great influence on the shape of the nation and his philosophy and sense of aesthetics carried over into the beautiful cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ibrahim Ablakov, Irina Mappin's grandfather, was famous for his help in shaping the nation of Kazakhstan and  throughout the rule of Communism he influenced people through his powerful letters and his very high quality of communication. With these great men in her background, Irina Mappin was raised with a rich understanding of the importance and connections that lie between aesthetics and beauty in life as well as a respect for a high quality of communication. She enjoys ballet and studied choreography as a child and is well educated at one of the top British universities where she graduated in Political Science and Economy. She loves nature, gardening and sharing her love of life with her wide circle of friends from around the world.

Programmes that Promote Higher Communication

By taking advantage of the unique ambience of Camelot Castle Hotel, Irina Mappin is creates programmes that will help and encourage others to enjoy a more communicative life. She and her husband, John Mappin, and their business partner, Ted Stourton, warmly welcome artists to come to the hotel and learn, work and be inspired in the creative atmosphere of the hotel. Ted Stourton is a well known artist and works at his studio that is based in the hotel. The three hotel owners devised a programme, Artists in Residence, whereby they allow artists with a true desire to communicate light and truth through their works, can come to the hotel free of charge and devote themselves to their craft. Another programme, the Icons for the Future, puts artists together with teachers to help them learn to promote their work, in whatever media they choose, and learn business techniques that will make them viable in their particular field. In both programmes, the goal is to teach the value of communicating positive messages through an understanding of the relationship between art and basic aesthetics along with the business concepts that will help artists reach success.

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