Muhammad Irfan Ullah

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2013 - Present

Assistant Professor

Government College University Faisalabad Pakistan


Teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses including Functional anatomy and physiology, Pulmonary Physiology, General Immunology, Parasitic Physiology, Immunology of Parasitic infestation, Human and animal behavior


  • undergraduate and postgraduate Lab in-charge
  • Organizer of First semester BS Physiology
  • Member of departmental purchase committee
  • Member of departmental seminar organizing committee
  • Member of lab management committee
  • Member of prospectus committee


  • Project supervisor and co-supervisor
  • Clinical trial assessment of running research project
  • Sampling and Bio-assay expert ¬†



Research project

Research Project

Research Project

Dietary effects of different extracts of mushrooms in boilers post Eimeria Infection

In the process of submission

Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus): immunomodulatory and therapeutic effects of different extracts against coccidiosis in chicken

Submitted in International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

Immunotherapeutic effects of different extracts (hot water, methanolic and polysaccharide) of mushroom (Lentinus edodes) against coccidiosis in chicken

IPSF (International Poultry Scientific Forum) Georgia Atlanta

Immunotherapeutic Activities of Mushroom Derived Polysaccharides in Chicken

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology

Clinical trials of mange in dogs by Ivermectin and cypermethrin

Science International



Sampling and animal handling

Lab animals including rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs Companion and production animals including canines, feline, equine, bovine, caprine, ovine, swine and poultry Humane sampling techniques in accordance to international laws of lab and companion animal rights

Diagnostic assays

Parasite isolation techniques including sedimentation and floatation methods. Haematology and biochemistry reports, Radiography, ultrasonography, PCR, column chromatography (Size exclusion), Small and large animal energy profiles. Skin scrappings,


PCR, HPLC, Rotary Evaporator , Soxhlette apparatus, ELISA reader, lyopholizer, laminar flow hood, different sorts of centrifuges, different types of microscopes, haematology and blood biochemical analysis, Digital X-rays, Ultrasonography. .



Membership for Pakistan Veterinary Medical council

Pakistan Veterinary Medical council, Islamabad Pakistan
Life time Membership of Pakistan Veterinary Medical council