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Work experience

Foley Editor

Monkeyland Audio
  • Current Credits:

American Pie : Book of Love

The Collector

Mr. Troop Mom

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  • Previously dealt with general intern duties that required client services and assisting on various ADR/Foley/post sessions.
Oct 2002Jan 2007

Student Librarian Assistant

Cal State Long Beach

  • Assisted students with reference material, research questions and troubleshot minor computer problems.
  • Assisted with the organization of the Library.
Jan 2003Nov 2006

Concerts DIrector/Entertainment Commissioner

KBeach Radio


•Organized various concerts including the Halloween Bash, Spring Concert.

•Assisted artists with their contracts.

•Negotiated directly with various booking agents.

•Booked the weekly Thursday Night Concerts at The Nugget Pub.

•Controlled the sound booth at weekly concerts.

Jan 2004Jan 2006

Publicity, Advertising, Promotions

Kung Fu Records, INC.

  • Wrote weekly newsletter promoting artists and label news.
  • Coordinated press interviews, tour promotions and show reviews for artists.
  • Organized press kits. 
Jun 2005Aug 2005

Merchandise Manager, Kung Fu Records

Warped Tour

  • Traveled through out the USA and Canada and set up merchandise tent.
  • Tracked inventory and managed revenue.  Maintained positive sales attitude.


Feb 2008Sep 2008

Master Recording Arts II

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

  • Software: Pro Tools 7.4, 8, Logic Pro 8, SMARRT
  • Consoles: C|24, Neotek Elite, Neve VR and SSL 4000 E/G+ signal flow
  • Outboard Gear: Lexicon PCM-80, TC Electronic M3000, DBX-160
  • Microphones: Placement and care of various microphones
  • Knowledge of audio cables and soldering
  • Consistent file management and trouble shooting
  • Certifications: Pro Tool Tier 1-4, TC Electronic M300, Antares Auto Tune
Aug 2002Dec 2006

Bachelor of Arts


Expand on my current experiences as a sound editor and develop into a sound designer in order to

continue delivering quality work.


Joe Escalante

Joe has known me for many years, starting out as an intern for his record label and transitioning into part time publicist, then going on tour to promote the label's bands and merchandise. 

Phillip Nichols

Phillip was my Pro Tools teacher at the conservatory and has also been a mentor of mine in the audio world. 

Peter Lago

Peter has helped develop my skills as an editor and has supervised various projects that I have worked on.


Familiar with Studio Suite 8 and SoundMiner.  Familiar with iWork and Microsoft Office applications.
  Fluent in Spanish.