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Entry level position to gain experience and an advancement

in the future.

Work experience

Feb 2011Jan 2013

Steward/ Heavy Duty Utilities

Hollywood Casino Speedway Kansas City

October­ 777 Hollywood Blvd Kansas City, Kansas 66111 (913)­ 288­ 9400 Stewards and Heavy duty utilities Dishwasher, Clean floor, Stoves, Hoods/walls, and trashes.

Star Performer In a Starring Role 2012

Oct 2011Dec 2011

Packages unloading/loading

Hatch Inc

­ January 2010 22161 West 167th Street Olathe, Kansas 66062 (913) 660­ 5333 unloading/loading packages and organized Zip codes

Mar 2004Feb 2008

Room Attendant

Housekeeping­ Laundry Dept, Public
Area and Room Attendant ­ February 2008 Pizza Hut Inc 3900 State Ave Kansas City, Kansas 66102 (913)­ 371­ 3647 Food Preparation, and Pizza Delivery ­ February 2009 Tomahawk Labors 1500 Central Ave Kansas City, Ks 66102 (913) 371­ 2700
Jul 1987Aug 1987

Office Assistant

Veteran's Office of America

and Summer 1987 Work Experience Training. Office Assistant­ type using typewriter and/or computer to enter information into the system, Doing the files on alphabetic and/or numeric orders.

May 1986Aug 1986

Office Assistant

Veteran's Office of America

Work Experience Training Bookkeeper Clerks Check­ in books, Return books to Shelves. 3333 West Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85012 (602)­ 277­ 4518


Aug 1975May 1990

Graduated Diploma

Phoenix Day School For the deaf

Aug 1989May 1990

Art Culinary

Metro Tech

Bakery Helper, Food Preparation,

Serve food Banquet Set-up, Small Dining Room Set-up server

and Kitchen Sanitation.


Knowledge of cleaners and equipment , Adept with hazardous material handling

 Team centric work ethic with strong customer service