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  • Social causes.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Reading.
  • Design.
  • Religion (as a study subject)
  • Social interaction.
  • Advertising.
  • Travelling.
  • Languages.
  • Visual communication.


Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Worked with different non-profit organizatios, and some businesses.

Developed a interest in social behavior and social causes, such as minorities seeking equality, and ways to interact with the rest of the society. Always looking for inclusion when it comes to social dinamics, LGBTQ rights, Deaf community and People economically disadvantaged.

At the moment working as a fundraiser and project manager for two non-profits. Musical Arts Fundation and International Resources for Non- profit organization. Also training non-profits in the state of Baja California in fundraising.

Creative, traveller and conscious about cultural differences.

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Project Manager/Fundraiser

Fundación de Artes Musicales (Musical Arts Foundation)

Main activities:

- Public relations.

- Project management. 

- Fundraising.

Jul 2011Present


Centro de Recursos Internacionales para Organizaciones Civiles, A.C. Representación Local Tijuana

This non-profit organization is being held under the supervision of  Fundación de Artes Musicales (Musical Arts Fundation) as sign in the agreement between Centro de Recursos Internacionales para Organizaciones Civiles, A.C. (Center of International Resources for Non-profit Organizations) and Fundación de Artes Musicales.

Main activities:


-Workshops planning

- Training non-profit organizations in international fundraising and individuals to fund personal projects with international funding.

Feb 2010Aug 2010


Choices Baja

- Did all initial legal requeriments  for its operation.

- Management of the committees of "Tijuana's1st LGBTQ Festival" in 2010.

- Fundraise money for the festival.

- Public relations.

- corporate image building.

Sep 2009Jan 2010

Extracurricular English Teacher

Colegio Campo Cahrro

Creating english learning activities for children between 4 and 8 years.

Jul 2008Feb 2009

Media Planner asst.

Metro Publicidad

-Media Strategy Planning

-Advertising Insertion Monitoring



Aug 2006Jun 2011


Universidad Iberoamericana


Good Response to Preassure
I am good working under preassure, even though is not recommended to work every time like this, when it is necessary, I do anything under my possibilities to accomplish the goal.  
Culturally Aware
Living in the busiest border, gave me the opportunity to grow up coexisting with different cultures and people, and this gave me the opportunity to let me relate easily to new cultures fast. Lived a short period of time in Spain, while studying abroad, had the opportunity to meet a lot of different people from different countrys, and got to know a lot of their cultures. Travaled around the world relating myself with different religions and ways of thinking.
Public Relations
Know pretty well the "by the book" P.R. process and I've been doing it the past 4 years professionaly. Developing alliances to work in pro one goal. 
I know how to  generateprojects to raise money for a specific goal. And I am a fast case statement writer.