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Work experience

2002May 2010

District Supervisor

Tobacco Superstore

During my employment with Tobacco Superstore, I managed as many 10 Tobacco Superstore locations throughout North Mississippi.This also involved managing as much as $12 million plus in annual sales for these locations as well as training as many as 10 managers and 14 assistant managers to run their locations.Each location also housed an average of 3 sales clerks per location.

Other responsibilities include:

  1. Administrative and banking responsibilities
  2. Inventory control and customer relations
  3. Processed daily/weekly/monthly sales reports to report to corporate headquarters
  4. Daily store visits to inspect sales, customer service, and store paperwork and reports
  5. Maintained each stores Point of Sale systems and preformed computer maintenance when needed
  6. Worked store when mangers were out
  7. Operated, maintained, and serviced company vehicle.

Sales Counselor

Circuit City

During my employment with Circuit City, I was responsible for selling any and all electronic items within our stock.My primary area of expertise was computers where I sold and often set up computer networks for many of my customers.Great customer service skills were a must as it helped me with repeat business as well as the following achievements:

  • Rated 6 out of 134 Computer Sales Counselors in the southeast district.
  • Received 4 Sales Counselor of Month awards
  • Received 5 President Club awards
  • Rated top 1000 Sales Counselor nationally

Sales Representative

Anderson New Company

During my employment with Anderson News Company, I was responsible for sales and distribution of products sold covering North Mississippi and Southeast Tennessee locations.I was responsible of maintaining my route by regularly visiting my locations to replenish and replace inventory to insure quality product for quality sales.I was also responsible for operation, maintenance, and servicing of a company provided vehicle.


Sales Representative

Golden Flake Snack Foods

During my employment with Golden Flake Snack Foods, I was responsible for covering multiple locations throughout North Mississippi.Locations ranged from privately owned stores to nationally known chain grocery stores.I was responsible for sales and distribution of product, replenishment and replacement of product, customer service, as well as responsible for operation, maintenance, and servicing of a company provided vehicle.


User Help Desk Consultant

Futorian Manufacture Corporation

During my employment with Futorian Manufacture Corporation, I was responsible for receiving and handling computer related problems as a technical support representative for the User Help Desk.Other responsibilities involved distribution of daily reports, receive and maintain inventory of computer supplies, and to maintain problem reports.



Ingomar Attendance Center


Sales, Products & Services Training
My training skills range from training managers, assistant manager and sales associates how to sale, how to use Tobacco Superstore internal computer operations, and how to maintain and manage a location.  Training also consists of training employees about our products and services, how to provide proficient customer service, and how to build a successful location based off of their sales.
People Management
During my employment at Tobacco Superstore, I managed as many as 50 employees within 10 locations over the 8 year employment.
TSync Time Reporting
Microsoft Office


To secure an interview whereby I will be given the opportunity to display my worth to a prospective employer.Also to obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong supervisory skills and tenured background to increase profitability and overall sales for the given employer.


Although much of my time is spent maintaining my locations and making sure customers and sales are being properly handled, I do enjoy taking time out for personal time.Some of my interest include but are not limited to spending time with my family, hunting, fishing, and enjoying life.


Melissa Akers

Patrick Grisham

Brenda Stogner