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Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Chief Information Officer

Immigrant Information Center

·        To implement, develop and monitor Internet and all social media programs

·        To provide extensive communication support to various department at the center

·        To craft resourceful plan of action for the center

·        To write speech and press releases, promoting special events, and schedule interviews for the presidents and giving interviews on behalf of the organization they represent.

·        To closely work with the external and internal media institutions.

·        To erect informative community bulletin program for rural and urban dwellers

·        To prepare newsletter, brochure and professional flyers

·        To craft attractive bill board that will contain persuasive messages for stakeholders and partners

·        To prepare year book that will feature programs and activities of the stakeholders and partners in progress

Jan 2014Jul 2014

National Communication Officer

National and International Concerned Women Organization


·        Draft resourceful communication campaigns project for the growth and development of the organization that will enhance its social media network and extensive media platform platforms;

·        Plan strategic and proactive outreach programs and activities through media bulletin and collaborate with external media institutions

·        Actively identify and maintain cordial media relations with key stakeholders that contribute to the development of the organization

·        Create platform to evaluate communication campaigns materials and assess impact of quarterly messages regarding all communications activities on social media programs.

·        Develop and monitor current events as they relates to local audiences, in consultation with Human Resources department of the organization.

·        Assess regular public opinion and press coverage and identify media issues and trends, and advise supervisors on appropriate action/responses.

·        Conduct extensive media outreach, including development of media strategies and action plans, initiating pro-active media outreach efforts; maintains contacts with stakeholders and partners in progress.

·        Arrange media interviews organize press conferences and long and short term top management briefings, and also monitors press coverage of organization and undertake appropriate follow-up action and analyzes and reports on the impact of coverage.

·        Maintain vigorous contacts with key partners at the national and regional level, affiliated organizations.

·         Maintains a web site in the language or languages of the country of his/her responsibility.

Jan 2012Oct 2013

Managing Editor/Editor-In-Chief

Rhode Island Liberian Online Journal

·Organize, Edits and proof read draft journal stories, makes recommendations and suggestions to layout editor on how to pursue with the journal articles,

·Package informative and communicative media materials for both external and internal publics;

·Produce regular four pages online informative and educational journal for Liberians and the general public at home and abroad;

·Presides over score of reporters and contributors on media related online presentation and obtain feedbacks;

·Engages audiences and readership on social media on top provoking media issue with a sense of urgency and diversity

·Conduct media seminars and workshops and supervise regular reportage

Dec 2010Dec 2011

Administrative Secretary

Liberain Community Association of Rhode Island

·        Prepares internal and external memorandums for management and executive members of the board of directors at annual deliberations;

·        Writes and prepare annual reports formanagement as well as board of directors, shareholders and partners;

·        Takes meeting minutes and distribute meeting minutes to all shareholders, board members and management team;

·        Conducts several and several consultations with selected department heads and make appraisal reports to the Chief Executive Officer;

·        To liaise with shareholders and board members by working with each department heads either on their annual budgetary allocation or annual calendar of events;

·        Hosts annual conferences, prepares conference material and enhance two way communication between the community members, partners, and board of directors and to management team

Apr 2008Oct 2010

Director of Communication

Liberia United Community

·Organize activities and create awareness for the company;

·Supervise the daily affairs of the department;

·Prepare bulletin program and activities review strategic plan and programs, and delegate responsibility to subordinate staff,

·Prepare press clipping and press brief, Conducted press review and international awareness,

·Prepare professional flyers and handouts for external corporations relations; 

Mar 20052007

Public Relation Officer

Liberia Petrolium Refnery Company

·Draw-up wide range of planned for image building activities for the Company; Planned strategic program; had over sight responsibility of the department ; Organized, designed and printed Company Newsletter on a quarterly basis;

·Prepared a proactive media agenda to counter negative media development and to also organized assignment for the department staff; Prepared news advertisement and support for the company ;

·Assists public opinion through questionnaires interviews ; Prepared conflict management strategic image building; enhanced the publication of brochure, monthly journal handbill and professional handouts;

·Created an external and internal awareness of company’s development initiatives Identified media related projects, such as radio talk show for promotion purposes and image building development, etc;

·Promotional staffs development initiatives through external media relations; Enhanced partnership communication between the company and donor organizations;

·Stimulated public interest through behavioral change program, project and achievements; Advised management on appropriate media initiatives and obtain a feedback or press related programs and international magazines;

·Designed and prepare company advertisement for newsletter; Conduct press conferences;

·Formulated radio talk show for the enhancement of the company development ; Prepared media articles for international magazines Engages in the preparation and crafting of organization Newsletter, brochure and professional flyers for both external and internal publics;

·Prepares weekly news bulletin and image building PowerPoint presentation for internal and external public. For example, we highlight Who’s who and personality profile that are captivating and appealing;

·Conducts press conferences by and through invited; journalists, radio talk hosts and other media personnel; Participates in top management meetings and advice management on the dynamics and ramification on media related management programs;

·Organizes and manage appropriate media kits, conduct internal mediate related workshop and in-house seminars on a quarterly basis

Mar 20032004

Public Relations Officer

Agency for Holistic Evangelism and Development

·Prepare publication of brochure, monthly journal/professional handouts;

·Create an awareness of Agency’s development initiatives,

·Identified media related projects, such as radio talk show for Agency forimage building development, etc;

·Promotional staffs development initiatives through external media relations;

·Enhance partnership communication between the Agency and donor organizations;

·Stimulate public interest through behavioral change program, project and achievements for Agency;

·Advise Agency executives on appropriate media initiatives and obtain a feedback or press related programs and international magazines;

·Designed and prepare Agency advertisement for Newspapers; Conduct press conferences for Agency;


Successful public relations executive/manager with 22 + years of work experience in international and national communication with direct emphasis in vibrant corporate public relations and image building management techniques and resourceful programming. Have 5+ years’ work experience as executive administrative secretary with wide range of administrative and secretariat at senior executive level with high level of confidentiality and dependability. Have5 + years’ work experience in the robust human services sector as reliable and task oriented Nursing Assistant, Case Manager, Mental Counselor, Support Staff and consumer and client advocate with reference to upholding their human rights and as well as direct care to allow them achieve their potentials
Strong internal and external conflict management and research skills, Communication/Information skills; Computer graphic design skills; Verbal/writing & clerical skills; Strong interpersonal skills;  Human Rights/research management skills; Strong computer skills in World processing and database; Have seasoned media background in journalism and media management with emphasis in public relations, sale management and graphic advertisement with techniques in industrial marketing, retails, Graphic design management skills, Internet bulletin management skill, Database and social media management techniques, Client search programing, PowerPoint presentation and bill board bulletin skills, Basic First Aid (ASHI-approved Certification Card-(JOHN BOTELLO) Crisis; Prevention/Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training skills, Customers planning and outdoor activities develop and implement daily activities logs, Trained in complete progress note writing, complete record keeping in accordance with Health Information Services (HIS) and other Center requirements and abide by Center confidentiality policy, Computer database management, Computer Training in database management, Effective Training in e-time management; Extensive Safety management Training; Performance Improvement Training on the  job; Extensive computer training skills assessment; Improved driving skills training; Extensive CPR Training; Extensive CPI (Crisis Prevention Training); First Aide Training; Combination Training CPR & First Aide) Editor-in-Chief—Online Rhode Island Liberian Journal News USA, (current) 2013 Communication/Editorial Consultant—National and International Concerned Women Organization, USA (Current-Volunteer) 2013 Data Base Analyst-Society for Children, RI. (Current-volunteer) 2013 Calm Community Watch Volunteer, RI  since 2011 Work with adults with special and confidential needs Volunteer-Detail Human Rights Advocate for the vulnerable and disables in society 2013-current


I have six fundamental primary and secondary objectives:

Primary Objectives:

a.     To thank the authorities and bosses of the communication department of the United Nations for their marvelous and job well done over the years

b.     To add my enormous talents and advanced professionalism to the resourceful achievements of the communication department of the United Nations

c.      To seek employment with the communication department of the United Nations with job station in Geneva Switzerland

d.     To take the communication department of the UN to the next level of competitive communication development programs and activities

e.      To work with refugees around the world to analyze their stories and cases and translated them into meaningful lesson learned medium

f.       To build great leadership teams work with authorities and field supervisors

Secondary Objectives:

a.     To work with people from diverse backgrounds around the world

b.      To render voluntary services when the need arises

c.      To work and support the communication team of the communication department of the United Nations in rural and urban areas at home and abroad

d.      To liaise between all United Nations communication departments to have a join projects and working agenda



As a trained and well experienced 21st century Communicator and expert Public Relations image building veteran, I have resulted to put forward primary and secondary interests that shall buttress my holistic future programs and communication activities

Primary Interest:

·To ensure that I effectively translate my advanced Master credential into a Strategic Communication marketable job commodity

·To use my graduate credential to seek employment at the communication department at the United Nations, with station in Geneva Switzerland

·To make my professional service available to Non-governmental as well as Private Voluntary Organizations at home and abroad.

·To open a resourceful consultancy to create self-employment for jobless communicator and public relation practitioner at home and abroad

·To serve as Assistant Lecturer at National University and also provide teaching services at the mass communication department University of Liberia not in the too distant future

·Secondary Interest:

·To form a union of unemployed communicators at home and abroad

·To organize professional tours of jobless public relations practitioners and communication expertise in and outside the United States of America

·To provide voluntary professional communication programs and activities to secondary and primary students in schools around America

·To create a communication talent organization of youths and adolescents at home and abroad

·To organize communication workshops and seminars for rural and urban communicators at home and abroad

·To organize speaking engagements with emphasis in effective communication, persuasive messages and communication campaigns dynamics


Nov 2014Present

Master of Arts, Strategic Communications

National University

"The overall fundamental goals of the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication are to develop effective, strategic and sophisticated professionals who possess the full complement of analytic and practical tools to lead communication efforts. It fosters strategic thinking, logical analysis, and solution generation. Upon completion of the degree, graduates will have the skills to develop and implement communications initiatives using both traditional and emerging channels such as social networks, blogs, podcast, and mobile media. Graduates will acquire an array of intellectual, managerial, and communication skills and competencies, including: an understanding of communications opportunities; the ability to carry out analyses of organizational communications needs; the knowledge to conduct audience analysis, as well as formative and evaluative research; the training to develop, implement, and evaluate appropriate strategies and tactics to reach multiple publics; and professional-level writing and presentation skills.  At the completion of the Master of Arts in Strategic Communications, graduates will emerge with a deep understanding of the theories of communication and persuasion, an ability to lead and participate in the team development of organizational communication strategies, and the practical skills to plan, produce, and evaluate strategic communications programs and campaigns." (

Aug 1993May 2007

BA (Hons)

University Of Ghana

The University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of the thirteen Ghanaian universities and tertiary institutions. It was founded in 1948[2] as the University College of the Gold Coast, and was originally an affiliate college of the University of London,[3] which supervised its academic programmers and awarded degrees. It gained full university status in 1961,[3] and now has nearly 40,000 students. The original emphasis was on the liberal arts, social sciences, basic science, agriculture, and medicine, but (partly as the result of a national educational reform programed) the curriculum was expanded to provide more technology-based and vocational courses and postgraduate training. The university is mainly based at Legon, about twelve kilometers northeast of the center of Accra. The medical school is in Korle Bu, with a teaching hospital and secondary campus in the city of Accra. It also has a graduate school of nuclear and allied sciences at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, making it one of the few universities on the Africa continent offering programs in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering.


Jan 2007Feb 2013


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