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Is your video game business slowing down due to low sales? Does it need improvement?Video game companies lose revenue if bugs aren't fixed. When those bugs still exist after a game has been shipped out, guess what? Bad word of mouth is spread and potential customers probably won't buy any upcoming game from that company. Without the right testers, negative cash flow will result.You might be asking, "Why should I be interested in you?" Good question. But before I address the "WHY", I want to address the "WHO" first.So who am I?✪ Someone who's a team player?✪ Someone who wants to be a good asset to a company?✪ Someone who is willing to help out his future coworkers that need training?These may describe someone who wants to achieve something to benefit others. So to address the "WHY", here are 3 reasons:► Mission Statement: This is a priority and without abiding to the company's mission statement, the business will suffer.► Value: It's not about who you know, but who knows you. This is based on my connections and recommendations.► Competency: Beta testing comes before quality assurance. Working for free is the best lesson to be learned.


I want to help video game companies improve game sales by reporting game bugs.

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