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I am currently about to graduate High SChool and am looking for a summer job for 2 months. I am able meet the transportation necessary to arrive at the workplace. I am a dilligent worker at every thing I do, I perfect and improve any aspect of the task that I can, at least when it is necessary.

I am an active weight-lifter, working out har, and long hours daily, This is apart my determoination that runs high. I believe this attribute of mine would provide constant persistence and a thorough work ethic. I had a stern set of parents that have kept me clean and organized, and I beleive that it is mandatory for any field of business. 

Currently I work in the Guidence Office and Counselor Sector Units of my school. There I perfor m tasks that range from alphabetizing future schedules, hole-punching and filing refferals, hanging up important flyers for clubs and events around the school, as well as servicing parents, students, other faculty and college representatives in office procedures, dates, and information.

I will be attending College in SEptember, and will most likely be boarding the dormitory in late August. Therefore my time would be limited, I prefer to work in a store somewhere, because of my great public speaking skills, and my comprehension of serving the customer. Though it will be short lived, it is an experience I am willing to pursue. 

Work experience

Jul 2007Present


Green Brook Country Club

I have been a CAddy for 3 years now, and have increased my caliber annually. Each year has initiated a higher pay and higher demand of quality of a caddy.


Sep 2006Jun 2010

High School Dimploma

Montclair High School