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Jim Dixon

President, Dixon - McRae Consulting, Inc./ Principal & Board Member, Oliver Wight, Americas Inc.


Work experience


Oliver Wight Americas Inc.

Jim Dixon, an Oliver Wight Americas principal and global supply chain management expert, is a consultant and educator providing companies with guidance in development of global Sales and Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning processes. While with his most recent company, Westinghouse Electric, as Vice-President, Global Supply Chain Management, he co-developed transformation strategy to deliver $1 billion in savings. As a global supply chain management expert, he developed and managed their global Sales and Operations Planning process and their integrated supply chain strategy as part of the nuclear value stream to grow global markets. 

May 2010Present

Independent Consultant

Management Consultant

·Conducted assessment,gathered requirements and recommended solutions for U.S. Airforce supply chain task force on best in class performance metrics.

·Technical adviser for President Obama’s Council of Competitiveness on global manufacturing.

Jun 2008Apr 2010

Vice-President, Global Supply Chain Management

Westinghouse Electric Company

Led global supply chain organization of 80 professional and 200 indirect reports across several crucial areas of global operations including Supply & Demand Planning, Supplier Management & Procurement, Supplier Quality, Warehousing and Logistics.

Nov 2006Jun 2008

Director, Global Supply and Demand

Westinghouse Electric Company

Developed and managed global sales and operations planning process encompassing a 5 and 30 year planning horizon ensuring efficient management of sales, financials, inventory, capital and supply capability.Established global S&OP process, education, organization and implementedan Enterprise S&OP software tool within 60 days. 

Feb 2001Nov 2006

Senior Director, Distribution & Import/Export Services

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Senior supply chain position with responsibility for distribution, transportation, and import/export functions supporting the U.S. market with revenues of $21 billion and an initial operating budget of $78 million. Managed professional direct reports and more than 200 indirect reports. Successfully served as Interim Vice-President of New Products and Global Supply. Identified as a key talent performer for six consecutive years.

Jan 1996Feb 2001

Group Director, Director, Logistics Manager


Managed the supply chain for new and existing products in intensely competitive national and global markets for a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical enterprise. Hired, motivated and led professional teams in this key supply chain role which utilized U.S. supply capabilities to plan, source, make and deliver products to key international markets

Mar 1995Jan 1996

Manager, Solid Dosage Mfg & Pkg/Other

Burroughs Wellcome

Managed production planning and control operations in solid dosage manufacturing and packaging department supporting 255 personnel, $182 million in assets, and annual sales of $1.2 billion.


Section Head, Production, Planning & Control

Burroughs Wellcome

Designed and implemented the industry’s first advanced planning and scheduling system reducing schedule time from three days to one minute while improving changeover time by 50 percent and throughput efficiencies by 30 percent . 



Dr. Rob Handfield

Mr. Danny Brown

Mr. Terry Johnson

To Whom It May Concern

It is my distinct pleasure to provide Mr. Jimmy Dixon with my professional letter of recommendation. Our relationship has developed over the past three years while I had the opportunity to work for him as an Executive Consultant in a major business transformation initiative. From early 2007 through the end of 2009, Oliver Wight was fortunate to have Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels as a client providing them with education, consulting and executive coaching in support of a very complex, global Integrated Business Planning initiative. Over the course of this project I was in the position of Executive Account Manager and as such, had the privilege to work very closely with Jimmy throughout this project through to its conclusion in a very successful business transformation.

Any organization considering Jimmy as a potential member of their executive team should understand several things about him. Although in a summarization, my single comment is that he will add incredible value to any organization fortunate enough to hire him! He will have a profound and positive impact where ever he becomes part of an executive team! Following, I will attempt to provide my personal and professional input as succinctly as possible in those key areas that I believe set Jimmy Dixon apart. 

Character:  All I can say is that I count Jimmy Dixon with the very few individuals that I have had the opportunity to associate with on either a personal or professional level in my life in that I consider him to be a role model in multiple areas; personal character being the most important. Jimmy’s uncompromising character sets him apart and I have personally been very positively influenced by his impeccable conduct. 

Leadership Style:  Having had the opportunity to work with hundreds, if not thousands of professional managers and executives over the years and gaining insights into various leadership styles, I consider Jimmy to be one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure to work with. In many ways, Jimmy’s leadership style reminds me of some of my colleagues back at Hewlett Packard in the 70’s and 80’s when I consider HP as being one of the great companies to work for. He leads by example providing a dynamic model of strong work ethic, professional and ethical behavior, a focus on individual as well as team ownership and accountability, structured goal setting and clear expectations on performance and results.

Global Leadership: Given both the multinational and multicultural nature of the project Jimmy sponsored, developed and lead, there were significant obstacles to overcome and challenges to be met. While most of the project’s scope was Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels centric, the fact was that there were three very distinct company cultures as well as high level opposition to change which had to be dealt with. Jimmy’s leadership style coupled with his strong abilities to effectively deal with virtually any other style provided the project’s significant changes required to be implemented transcending all opposition to global alignment of organizations and core business processes leading to a very successful business transformation.

Technical Knowledge and Ability:  Given I am very much considered to be an expert in my field, I am very well qualified in providing Jimmy with the strongest professional endorsement regarding his expertise in the area of Integrated Business Planning. Our view of Integrated Business Planning encompasses the areas of Strategic Planning, Strategy Deployment, Sales and Operations Planning, Strategic Financial Planning and Corporate Performance Management. Given Jimmy’s level of expertise and understanding of best practices in these areas he brings an indispensable and highly sought after set of capabilities to any company he decides to expand his career with. 

I have discussed having Jimmy join our firm and this is always an open door for him should he choose to do so. This being said, I believe at this point in his career he is more valuable to an organization that values and appreciates his leadership capabilities. You will not be disappointed!

In summary, I hope that whoever reads this letter of recommendation takes it to heart and makes the right decision. If there is a need to more broadly discuss Mr. Jimmy Dixon and his qualifications further, I would be very pleased to do so. I travel extensively so the best way to set up a call is to drop me an email. My contact information follows.


Terry Johnson

Senior Principal

Oliver Wight Americas

Mr. Paul Clayton



Logistics, Warehousing, Transportation, Import/Export
Senior supply chain position with responsibility for distribution, warehousing, transportation, trade compliance and import/export functions supporting samples, promotional, clinical materials and trade product to the U.S. market with revenues of $21 billion servicing over 10,000 sales representatives.  Supported diverse customer base including wholesalers, physicians, clinics and government agencies.     Built support for a $90 million tax savings through a tax-free-zone distribution company design for end customers. Secured $13 million distribution savings by selling direct distribution strategy benefits to commercial management.  Sell and distribute direct to hospital’s / HMO’s vaccine / cold chain line of products. Transformed a tactically driven and underachieving work group into a dynamic high performing team of which 80 percent have key talent designations. Designed a proprietary strategic planning process that launched an aggressive and comprehensive strategic analysis resulting in process re-engineering initiatives that significantly improved customer service, productivity, and quality scores as evidenced through customer surveys and more than 20 annual compliance audits. Spearheaded distribution rationalization strategy resulting in reduction of eight distribution center network to two. Increased customer on time delivery improvements from 95 to 99% utilizing vendor managed inventory strategies. Re-engineered logistics processes utilizing lean sigma tools that decreased order to cash cycle time by more than 100 percent. Identified and implemented best practices in the commercial and global logistics organizations through benchmarking, knowledge management, and strategic planning. Led successful integration of GlaxoWellcome and SmithKlineBeecham U.S. distribution networks during merger, yielding a $350 million savings while achieving a 49 percent budget reduction. Convinced senior management to outsource transportation and warehouse operations to 3PL providers and implement a comprehensive logistics strategy resulting in 3x reduction in cost and service level improvement. Transformed warehouse management system for physical distribution department by becoming a state-of-the-art paperless system via radio frequency identification tags, barcoding, scanning with real time pick, pack and ship information.  Initiative improved operational efficiencies by 50 percent and increased throughput by 80 percent.  
Business and Operating Model Development
Vision and mission statements alone are usually too high of a level to create the clarity and alignment of what people need to accomplish to achieve your strategic goals.  At the Westinghouse Electric Company our leadership team jointly developed a business and operating model to clarify our vision to employees.  The business model described what the company offers its customers, how it reaches them and relates to them, through which resources, activities and partners it achieves this and finally, how it earns money.  Additionally, the operating model provided an organization approach to deliver the vision, strategy and business model through internal roles, capabilities and infrastructure.
Broad Global Supply Chain Management Experience
  Global Supply Chain - Broad Global Supply Chain management experience in large (100k people & $38b revenue) and medium (10k people & $4b revenue) size companies, including turnarounds, merger transformations, and rapid growth within private and publically traded companies.  Led Plan, Source, Make, Deliver & Return functions.    
Reengineering and Transformation
  Reengineering and Transformation - Adept at leading transformation and reengineering programs.  Developed supply chain growth strategy at the Westinghouse Electric Company targeting $27 billion revenue increase within ten years.  Jointly led supply chain transformation program, identifying synergies across three business units delivering $1.1 billion savings through procurement and logistics initiatives.    
Team Building and Workforce Development
  Team Building and Workforce Development - Builder of high performing teams. Recruited top-tier, international team of talent to achieve crucial corporate objective of obtaining unsurpassed leadership assets. Successfully achieved the delicate balance between encouraging creative talents/ideas while maintaining focus on market needs, business objectives, and timely deliverables.  Key talent rose from 0 to 75% within two years and the number of innovative solutions that improved bottom line performance grew ten fold and yielded $250m in savings.  
Vision, Strategy and Execution
  Vision, Strategy and Execution - Cutting-edge visionary with extensive experience leading a full spectrum of business operations within diverse industries (Pharma, Energy, Industrial) in high growth and turnaround situations for global Fortune 500 companies.  Proven success providing “change agent” leadership, guiding teams through complex negotiations, cultivate strategic partnerships, and fuse disparate interests for win-win outcomes.    
Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership - Highly respected builder and leader of winning teams; able to assemble, motivate, and retain a quality workforce of talent. Proven ability to analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom line.  Track record leading strategic initiatives to reduce annual costs by 50%, yielding over $350m in savings through strategy creation and execution with an entrepreneurial team focused on becoming the “best in class”.





A Global Supply Chain director reporting to Jim Dixon distinguishes him above other top-level management by his "unrelenting focus on strategy, execution and efficiency combined with a genuine concern and commitment for all who work for him". These attributes have been hallmarks of Jim's career.

His management expertise spans the full range of operational functions - Planning, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Logistics Delivery. Add to this his ability to negotiate win-win partnerships, create value for customers, transform organizations to deliver best-in-class performance, combined with his many years of experience building world class supply chain organizations for fortune 150 companies.  Jim is a well-rounded business leader equipped and driven to handle any situation impeding corporate initiatives.

Throughout his career, Jim has brought the vision and leadership to enact needed change and engage everyone in the new mission.  His innate ability to engage associates at every level has benefitted his companies immeasurably by instilling loyalty and excitement up, down, and across organizations.  Many people that have worked for Jim have said, he is the best leader they have ever worked for.  Many describe admiration for his integrity, vision and dedication to his employees.

After graduating from East Carolina University with a B.S. in Industrial Technology, Jim gained valuable experience in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry.  He joined Burroughs Wellcome in 1985 as an operations research analyst and was quickly promoted to positions of increasing responsibility in production planning, manufacturing operations, logistics, import and exports, strategic planning and demand management.  In 2006, Jim decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry and expand his scope of work to utilize his strengths in the Nuclear Industry.  Jim joined Westinghouse Electric Company to run their global supply and demand organization.  Shortly thereafter, Jim was promoted to Vice President of their Global Supply Chain organization.

At GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals during the merger between GlaxoWellcome and SmithKlineBeecham, his ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to improve customer service, reduce costs and improve efficiency were significant.  He led strategic initiatives, which reduced annual costs by more than 50 percent, yielding over $350m in savings through strategy creation and execution.

Sales and Operations planning, enterprise systems, and spearheading continuous process improvements across global business units, the benefits Jim brought to Global Supply Chain organizations were substantial, despite facing a total redesign of operations when he came on board. Through a successful tenure, he co-developed and led the implementation of a supply chain vision and growth strategy targeting $27 billion revenue increase within ten years. Working with Vice President's in three business units he worked to identify and gain approval for $1.1 billion in supply chain cost savings.  Furthermore, Jim excelled in creating both the structure and team necessary to guide the company through the turbulence and uncertainty of this dramatic growth.

Jim proudly extends his leadership acuity to his community and has a true passion for charitable endeavors benefitting youths and children.  He is also committed to his family, church and community. His affinity for giving back stems from the guidance and support he received from his church, community, and schools when he was growing up in eastern North Carolina.  Jim served on the Board of Directors with Junior Achievements to actively support sponsorship of educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

Jim can be reached via email at [email protected] or telephone at (803) 381-1572.


Golf, Music, Wine Enthusiast

Tim Andres

To Whom It May Concern,

Jimmy was an exceptional manager, from understanding job responsibilities, setting standards, and coaching to achieve outstanding results. He encourages creative options and while providing guidelines upfront to ensure execution with the bigger picture in mind. He is a very forward/strategic thinker but understands the details of execution. His knowledge of supply chain is extensive and he understands the importance of having the right people, process, and tools to transform an organization. Jimmy leads with a confident, proactive style and approach while displaying professional presence, maturity and the ability to influence senior management in a high performance environment.  He is energetic with an inquiring mind, displays strong initiative and works as a collaborative team player in an environment that values professional excellence and results.  He has strong determination, and resolve to do whatever needs to be done to produce the best results for the company. Jimmy displays strong leadership with the ability to articulate and inspire his staff to get behind his strategy, goals and targets.  He has the right mix of leadership, business knowledge, and system experience that qualifies him to be a senior thought leader in any organization."


Tim Andres

VP of Business & Product Development

Synergy Global Products


Zemo Trevathan & Associates, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

Jimmy Dixon is a special human being.  I’m not an elitist, and I’m not a determinist – I believe that almost anybody can be trained to accomplish almost anything – but even against that democratic and egalitarian ethic, I have to admit that a few people stand out as extraordinary, special people, and Jimmy Dixon was one of those from the first time I met him in the 1990s.  The data around hiring and retaining talent has clearly shown in recent years that the quality of the individual matters much, much more than the skills needed for one particular job, and in that sense, Jimmy is one of the people I always want around me, regardless of the job to be done.

What makes him special?  Let’s start with character.  Jimmy grew up putting in long hours of hard work on his family’s farm in the Carolina’s, and he has never lost touch with that heritage.  He’s a pillar of both his family and his community, and he frequently reminds me of his Grandmother’s words to him as a child:  “Balance, Jimmy.  Do your work well, but never lose sight of your family, health, and the rest of life.”  And Jimmy embodies that.  I’ve worked with countless people over the years who aspire to that kind of balance and character, but Jimmy lives it, demonstrating again and again the willingness to make the hard choices based on principle, not fear.

And make no mistake about it, his character has translated into excellence in performance consistently over his career.  As a leadership development consultant, I have sometimes witnessed and sometimes worked with him as he took on business-critical initiatives and saw them through to completion – even after  others had failed, even after “hitting the wall” of impossibility and still creating a way through, even when it required him filling three positions simultaneously to see it through, and even in the face of the looming fact that his success would eliminate the need for his own position…  He’s been an All-Star, the A-option in every setting in which he has worked, always keeping his eye directly on the prize: contribution to the company.

Jimmy learns.  At first sound, that may sound like a throw-away statement.  But anyone grounded in the realities of 21st century business knows that all bets are off.  Change has not only accelerated but gone wild, and flexibility, adaptation, and the rigor to study and re-learn what we thought we already knew are now critical skills for long-term success.  Having worked intimately with hundreds of leaders, I can look around now at the ones who are still successful, and every one of them is an outstanding learner, including Jimmy Dixon.

And most importantly – to me as an executive coach – is that Jimmy consistently increases the capacity of the people around him, and in my book this is the true deliverable of leadership.  It’s one thing to perform, to pull out all the stops and hit an “unachievable” target (which, as I have said, Jimmy does with regularity), but to do this WHILE building and developing talent so that the organization is left even stronger, not depleted… this is the genius of leadership, and the requirement for sustained success.  Jimmy does this gracefully and naturally, attracting great people, inspiring them, developing them, all the while applying that dedication to learning, and developing himself as well.

There is a short list of very few leaders, of the hundreds that I have worked with, that rank with Jimmy among those I am most grateful and proud to have worked alongside.



Zemo Trevathan & Associates, Inc.         111 Standing Rock Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516                                           (919) 929-1917


  • Dynamic and inspirational senior executive with more than 25 years of diverse experience within complex and highly regulated Fortune 150 organizations. 
  • Visionary thinker with global perspective and entrepreneurial drive. 
  • Strong hybrid skill-set encompassing leadership of fiscal, general, supply chain, and operations. 
  • Highly regarded by business partners, clients, and executive teams as an influential leader who envisions and creates successful outcomes.
  • Recognized as an expert in Global Supply Chain Management, Strategy and Strategic Planning, as well as Global Sales & Operations Planning. 

Jim Dixon is a senior manufacturing leader and consultant with expansive expertise in a full range of strategic and operational functions including planning, manufacturing, sourcing and logistics delivery. The majority of Jim's career has been GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals where he developed a strong track record for quickly and accurately analyzing business drivers and developing and implementing innovative strategies. His leadership improved customer service and efficiency while creating significant cost reductions. His strategic initiatives reduced annual costs by more than 50 percent, yielding over $350 million in savings.  JIm had a key role in GlaxoSmithKline's rollout of six sigma, change management and leadership development in his business.

Jim left GlaxoSmithKline in 2006 to broaden his professional experience in other industries. He was recruited to Westinghouse Electric Company where he later became the Vice-President of Global Supply Chain. Jim held responsibility for sales and operations planning, leadership development, enterprise systems, and spearheading continuous process improvements across global business units. Through a successful tenure as Vice President of Global Supply Chain, he jointly developed and led the implementation of a supply chain vision, transformation program and growth strategy targeting a $27 billion revenue increase within ten years. Collaborating with senior leadership of three business units, Jim worked to identify and gain approval for $1.1 billion in supply chain cost savings. Jim's ability to create effective structure and responsive teams successfully guided the organization through the ambiguity and change caused by this dramatic growth. 

Jim elected to leave Westinghouse in 2010 as a result of a reorganization. He has since opened his own company, Dixon McRae, Inc. and is a principal consultant with Oliver WIght International.  

Jim is a principled leader who possesses a strong ability to transform teams and organizations. Jim earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from East Carolina University.  

Diversification:  Turnaround, merger integration, transformation, and rapid growth business situations within private, non-profit and publicly traded companies.  Both medium and large size companies within the pharmaceutical, energy and industrial equipment industries with annual revenues ranging from $4 - $38 billion.

Specialization:  Reengineering and transformation of value chains to deliver the highest possible return on investment while achieving the lowest cost, maximum service and required quality requirements.  

Benefits Statement:  Proven record of accomplishments in business process reengineering and transformation of global supply chains, instituting step change cost improvement, implementing state of the art technology and systems, and building high performing teams that consistently reduced operating costs while increasing bottom line benefits that have yielded companies over $1.3 billion. 

Areas of Expertise:
  • Executive Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Vision, Strategy and Execution
  • Supply Network Optimization
  • Merger Consolidations and Integrations
  • Business, Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Crisis and Turnaround Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Best-in-Class Benchmarking
  • Operational and Financial Risk Management
  • Reengineering and Transformation
  • Continuous Improvement / Lean & Six Sigma
  • Capitalization & Asset Management Strategy
  • Staff Development, Team Building and Turnover Reduction
  • Enterprise Systems Implementation

Highlights and Accomplishments

Successful leadership of strategic growth and supply chain transformation.

Consistent success maximizing performance, driving growth, improving profits and supporting customers in more than 140 global markets. Provided key leadership through three corporate mergers delivering significant cost savings, productivity and performance improvements. Developed supply chain vision and growth strategy targeting $27 billion revenue increase within ten years. Identified global supply chain synergies across three business units to deliver $1.1 billion savings through procurement and logistics initiatives.

Effective and wholly accountable in high-profile executive roles. Delivering inspirational leadership and strategy development to drive change management and improvements in communications, strategic execution, leadership development, corporate governance, risk management, and procedural compliance.

Visionary thinker with global perspective and entrepreneurial drive.

Key contributor to enterprise level planning and decision making. Delivered $350 million savings through a logistics strategy rollout associated with order consolidation, distribution center rationalization, freight consolidation, outsourcing, tax savings, process and efficiency improvements.

Strong supply chain and operations orientations in complex regulated markets.Led and participated in complex operational initiatives improving product development and quality, manufacturing design, customer-supplier collaboration, regulatory and compliance audits, infrastructure design and business unit reorganization. Mitigated supply chain risk through risk management, business continuity planning and global trade compliance.

Success streamlining operations, maximizing productivity and delivering value. Rationalized logistics networks during merger and reengineered teams, processes and system enablement resulting in a 50 percent operating budget reduction. Spearheaded distribution rationalization strategy resulting in reduction of eight-distribution center network to two. Increased customer on time delivery from 95 to 99% utilizing vendor managed inventory strategies and improved inventory accuracy to 99.998% by deploying a warehouse management system and incorporating RFID and bar coding into product lines.  

Experience leading and implementing advanced technology initiatives. Identified, designed and led technology implementations improving process capability and efficiency. Successfully implemented technologies and systems including SAP, I2 production planning, Manugistics CPFR, DRP planning, sales and operations planning, warehouse management and shop floor execution systems.

Track record for building and transforming high-performance teams.

Attract, motivate and retain key talent. Transformed a tactically driven, underachieving group into a highly motivated global team exceeding organizational objectives through talent recruiting, leadership development, training, coaching and mentoring.