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Work experience

04 Jan 2017present

Software Developer, Department Lead


Software development : .NET web backend and frontent, WPF, Brightsript (ROKU),  .NET Core

- I worked for a few months as a team leader on a VPN solution (zenmate), helping a team of multi-platform developers (IOS, Android,.NET WPF, QA)

- I worked for some time as a front end developer for a streaming solution (mostly for ROKU) - Chrunhyroll

- I worked for some time helping a team developing a B2B application ( 4 dev, 2 qa) - currently doing that. We are trying to migrate a monolithically developed system to a micro-services environment using .NET core and docker on AWS, as well as developing new features and services in the same time.

Overall my job was to manage the .NET department, and also the PHP and web front-end departments. However I continue to work on projects as a software developer leading+helping different teams with everything I can.

Jan 200631 Dec 2016

Software Developer


Software development, mostly web applications but also winforms and wpf applications. I had also the opportunity to work on hybrid apps, ruby on rails, php, SPA's, photoshop plugins, social media etc

I spent more than 10 years working for this company. I worked on a wide range of projects, which I usually like fulfilling all  possible roles from PM to QA.

Jan 2003Jan 2006

Software Developer


Responsable for software development : ASP 6.0 Websites, Delphi applications, .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 Winforms and web applications


- Entry level -> Mid level software developer


Jan 2000Jan 2005

bachelors degree


Compute Science


Microsoft Technologies

C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Winforms, WPF, etc

Web Technologies

HTML, HTML5 Canvas directly or with different libraries, CSS,

JS - jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, KnockoutJS, Typescript etc 


SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, also a little Mongo


AWS, NodeJs, Delphi, Ruby on Rails, Cordova, VBA, etc

OOP, Design Patterns, etc