Work History

Work History
2001 - Present

Founder & Managing Director

Investors Europe


Pierre B. Boulle founded Investors Europe Ltd in 2001 after having worked in Executive positions for various International Banks and Stock Brokers in Lisbon and London, including BNP Paribas and Banco Popular. Prior to entering the Financial Markets, Pierre was a Senior Executive of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC- De Beers, London) and set up and managed various independent diamond mining and Oil Services companies in DRC, Congo, Angola, Guinea-Conakry and Sierra Leone. One of these projects included the World Bank (IFC) as his partner. Pierre holds an MBA in International Business, is a qualified analyst and licensed to trade many of the cash and derivative products on EURONEXT markets.


Managing Director Pierre B. Boulle, MBA Founder of Investors Europe Welcome to Investors Europe! As Managing Director and Founder of investorseurope, it is my pleasure to invite you to "Trade the World from the Rock". The Rock of Gibraltar, more than anything else, symbolises what we have to offer: Solidity, Integrity and a highly personalized approach to each and every investor’s trading needs using our unique infrastructure of Offshore Trading Platforms. Gibraltar offers You the Key Strategic Advantages of: The world has really changed in 2008. The bank where you have your offshore trading account may have been taken over by your Government. Client expectations are now for independence of choice with no conflicts of interests. Clients expect a choice of trading and execution venues tailored to their specific investment needs. They refuse to be tied to one quirky execution platform, even if it has been made by the biggest bank in Europe. This is precisely where we come in. We offer you more alternatives and a greater choice of online trading platforms than any other stock broker in the world. We are pure executing brokers, have no portfolio and do not run any positions. Once you have opened up your numbered offshore trading account, we will either find you the best managers to manage your assets or simply hand over the keys to your Offshore Trading Platform to start you "Trading the World from The Rock". If you want to give us orders over the phone, that’s no problem either: it’s all part of the service that we, as Offshore Stockbrokers, are proud to offer all our clients at absolutely no extra Cost. Happy Trading and never -but Never- forget the Stops! Pierre Bertrand Boulle, MBA Managing Director Founder of Investors Europe (2001)


Trade Online

Trade The World Online

Since it was set up in 2001, investorseurope has become the largest provider of Offshore Trading Platforms. investorseurope is unique as a stockbroker  in offering its clients integrated trading solutions structured to fit their trading aspirations and the largest selection of  Online Trading Platforms in the world. Using numbered accounts, private investors, professional traders and institutions can enter, transmit and manage orders directly themselves using real-time online trading systems in a fast, accurate and secure trading environment. Currently, 33 different offshore trading platforms are available for our investors across the globe. The choice depends very much on each and every investor's specific trading profile and unique trading skills. Specify the trading platform(s) you require to trade online A sample of our trading platforms is shown below: Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Commission Member of Gibraltar Association of Stockbrokers Member of the Investor Protection Scheme Licensed to give Investment Advice Read our Disclaimer About Us Get a Quotation