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About Intoxalock

Law enforcement, businesses, and families alike rely on Intoxalock to prevent intoxicated people from operating motor vehicles. Consumer Safety Technology, Inc. (CST), developed the fuel cell-based Intoxalock technology and introduced it to the marketplace in 1992 as a means of ensuring that drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI, DWI, or OUI), who had been granted limited driving privileges to drive to work or visit the doctor, did not repeat their offense. CST today manufactures and distributes the Intoxalock system with several industry leading accessories and security measures. The Intoxalock is also available in a portable version, used as a stationery device by individuals, families, and businesses. Another vital function the portable Intoxalock fills is the regular, court-mandated testing of subjects while they are on the go.Intoxalock solves a real problem. Without it, courts and law enforcement are reluctant to permit those convicted of DUI back on the road for fear they will re-offend, even though many drivers lack alternate transportation for essential purposes, such as work and grocery shopping. While Intoxalock has been an option for judges for years, Nebraska recently enacted legislation requiring those caught driving while under the influence of alcohol to install and use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) like Intoxalock, after which they are permitted to drive. The backlog of court cases has declined dramatically, and the roads are safer because products like Intoxalock are in use.In other states, even though judicial proceedings are still required to restore even limited driving privileges, the availability of Intoxalock makes the process easier all around. Judges can be far more confident that drivers will not re-offend, and law enforcement can monitor the drivers’ breath tests. The Intoxalock system can be equipped with a GPS system to ensure that drivers limited to work and shopping do not go anywhere else, as well as a camera to ensure that the person taking the test is actually the driver. Further information about Intoxalock products, and the more than 1,000 locations that install and service them, is available on CST’s website at