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Design Work


Work experience

Media Director

Pleasant Vineyard Ministries

Pleasant Vineyard Ministries is a fun and exciting non denomination church camp for youth.  As Media Director for PVM, each week I had the thrill of recording motion video and digital still images of Campers learning and playing and the Counselors who guided them along the way.  At the conclusion of each week, I composed a video montage choreographed to music.  This footage was saved to DVD media and made available to Campers and their parents.  I also uploaded footage to the camp website.  To help Campers expand their creative potential, I mentored "photo campers," where I taught them the basic principles of photography.  I also arranged dance parties and tackled the logistics for all things related to "audio and visual" media.

Oct 2008Nov 2009

Chaplain Assistant- Sergeant

US Army 402nd AFSB

I am currently deployed to Iraq with the 402nd AFSB, apart of the AMC (Army Material Command) working as a Chaplain Assistant during operation Iraqi freedom (OIF).

Here I help soldiers and civilians spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  My main priority is to assist the chaplain but my duties go far beyond that to include serving the war fighter.  I work 12 hours day, 7 days a week with a half day on Sunday.


-To always have my rifle and one round of ammunition on my person and/or secured.

-Maintain uniform standard

-Daily Physical Training

-Suicide prevention Training

-Present briefings to newcomers three times a week, every week.

-Sexual assault and harassment prevention briefings

-Informal counseling to anyone who requests it

-Facilitate weekly bible study

-Combat life saver trained

-Body guard to the Chaplain

-In charge of maintaining vehicle for the chaplain and myself

-Created fliers, t-shirts and event posters for misc. events around the base

-Inventorying of 3.4 million dollars worth of Army equipment

-Distinguished  Visitor / VIP escort and body guard

-Dispatched Vehicles for entire Brigade (5,000 people)

-Day and night guard duty

Feb 2007Apr 2008

Graphic Designer

Ad Master Supply

Ad Master Supply is a small promotional printing company and supplier for distributors.  Here I created several ads each month for both print in magazines and also for digital e-mail advertising.  I was also in charge of creating their annual catalog which was sixty-four pages in length and over 50,000 went to print.  I also redesigned their logo and mascot.


Mar 2004Jun 2008


Classes at Sinclair were taught in small and personal classes with the most up to date computers and equipment by very experienced teachers who are experts in the design field.  Here I learned all I need to know to become an efficient Graphic Designer.

Focus Areas of Learning:

  • -Page Layout
  • -Branding
  • -Photography
  • -Typography
  • -Video Editing
  • -Logo Design
  • -Web Page Design
  • -Digital 3-D Design
  • -2-D Animation
  • -3-D Animation
  • -Digital Illustration
  • -Design Principles
  • -Design Applications
Aug 2001Jun 2003


Miami Valley Career Technology Center

As a Junior in High School, I started my pursuit in the Media Field.  Not yet knowing what area I wanted to focus in, I joined the "Interactive Multi Media" class.  Here I learned a great deal about the very basics of most media and also a great deal about business and professionalism.

Focus Areas of Learning:

  • -Microsoft Office
  • -Video Editing
  • -Photo Editing
  • -Digital Illustration
  • -2-D Animation

A taste of Photoshop

Design Philosophy

Design is all through life- the patterns are everywhere.

My job is to be still and see this design be lived, andthen to reproduce it to serve others just as the GreatDesigner intended.

Who I am

I am a zealous Visual Communication Graduate seeking to assist a company in the creative field of graphic design. My core competencies are branding, typography, and photo editing.  My greatest strength is maximizing the functionality of Adobe® Photoshop®.  I love immersing my creative mind into every design challenge that life may send my way.

Like many successful people throughout history, as I grew up, I worked at McDonald's.  During the summers I also learned to appreciate the value of sweat labor as I painted dozens of rooms and homes with a local painting contractor.  I worked hard to do well in school, pay off my car, and play varsity soccer throughout my high school career.  To get a jump-start on my passion for media, I decided to deviate from a traditional high school education and attend the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  There I learned about Adobe® CS®, other software programs, and acquired a strong fundamental understanding of various media and design concepts and techniques.

When I was seventeen I joined the U.S. Army Reserves.  Now, everytime I put on my uniform, I serve our country by ministering to soldiers as a Chaplain Assistant.  I consider it an honor to serve in such a great military.  It is a greater honor to protect the principles our Nation represents: tolerance, justice, liberty, freedom of thought and expression.  I am thankful for my military training which taught me to be a better, more disciplined person.

I recently served as Media Director for Pleasant Vineyard Ministries (PVM), a nondenominational Christian youth summer camp.  Once a camper myself since age 9, after I graduated from high school, I decided to become a Camp Counselor at PVM.  Three consecutive summers as a PVM Camp Counselor was a great way for me to earn money and chip away at college expenses.  More importantly, it was a tremendously valuable experience to learn about leadership, teaching, motivating, and the attitudes and personalities of people who are both young and old.  During this, my fourth year of service, I broadened my horizon and better applied my creative skills by serving as the PVM Media Director.  This was accomplished by moving my main focus of a “graphic” only medium to the audio and video field while still maintaining a hefty photographic challenge.


imovie and other video edit programs
I beleive that once you have learned one video editing program you have learned them all.  I may be wrong.  I am knowledgeable in final cut, Adobe Premier, Casa Blanca but my favotire to use is iMovie and iDVD.  I perfer things beings simple.
Page Layout
I love page layout.  I beleive to be rather skilled in it as well...  I will let my work decide.
Mutli- Platform (MAC vs PC)
Throughout high school, into college and on into the work force I have used both MAC's and PC's.  Even as we speak, I am using a PC but doing other work on a MAC.  Each one has their own strenghts and weaknesses and I plan to continue to exploit both and not simply be stuck to just one.
I will admit that my love for photography is still far abaove my overall abilities with photography.  I have yet to tap into using high quallity camera's and still rely on photo editing to make my photogrpahy look top notch professional. 
Adobe CS
Adobe CS in general is very massive and I have began, over the last couple of years, to move beyond Illustrator and Photoshop and into the other programs, like Indesign.
Adobe Illustartor
For any design or page layout work on a single page layout, I use Illustator.  When I use it in combination with Adobe Photoshop, the possibilities are quite literally limitless.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is my main focus.  I can teach it, use it and do nearly anything with it.  I feel more than confident taking my photoshop skills anywhere my career takes me and using it for something awesome, as I have done in the past.


Mar 2008Present

Combat Life Saver

US Army
Jun 2003Present

Multi- Media

Miami Valley Career Technology Center
Jun 2008Present

Desktop Publishing

Sinclair Community College


US Army