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ADO.Net, LINQ, Entity Framework
SharePoint 2007
Silverlight 2, 3 and 4
Expression Blend 2, 3 and 4
Microsoft CRM 4.0
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

WPF and Blend Consultant


The sponsoring company required an appraisal for moving a WPF VS2008 C# project to one where the Microsoft Expression toolset could be used to design the GUI. The resulting documentation and coaching introduced the new Microsoft toolset, proposed a new design and development process as well as estimating the implementation timescale and the effort involved in the redesign of the current GUI and artefacts to be compatible with the new process and toolset.

Jan 2010Present

UX Software Designer

Partner Re

Developing internal Silverlight LOB applications using Blend 3.0 and VS2008 Team Developer. Responsible for GUI design and development as well as writing test requirements and scripts. Defining and development RIA based WCF services that connect to a SQLServer 2008 database using LINQ.

Oct 2009Dec 2009

Software Consultant


Responsible for introducing an Application Lifecycle Management process and associated tools for a number of Microsoft based projects within IBM. After the success of the prototype the process was rolled-out and implemented in all subsequent and current development projects within the IBM group. The process included documentation, configuration and implementation of the ALM using CruiseControl.Net, Nant, MSBuild 3.5. The final solution built development, test and production images tailored for the target environment.

A second project involved support and development of an Asset Tracking and Management web application written in VB.Net and hosted within an ASP.Net 3.5 environment. The project was extended to use Microsoft Reporting Services on MOSS2007 with the Nintex Workflow 2007 product.

Jul 2009Aug 2009

Senior Sharepoint Software Developer

Namics AG

Writing Web Parts and MOSS Object model access for various components within a SharePoint 2007 publishing site. Web Part functionality included listing of articles within a news site, Banner display, User profile maintenance, and a MOSS List RSS feed provider.

May 2009Jul 2009

Senior Software Developer

Intelligence4 GmbH

Responsible for the design and development of a new GPS based vehicle tracking system. The application was based on Microsoft CRM and included Silverlight functionality. The application was written in C# using Expression Blend, Expression Design und Visual Studio .Net 2008. The database was designed using PowerDesigner and SQLServer 2005. MS-CRM was also expanded to contain user entities that interfaced to the database. The mobile device used the Compact-Framework for PC2006 and used the GeoFrameworks GPS.NET library.

Dec 2008Apr 2009

UX Software Designer

Helaba Landesbank Hessen Thüringen

Responsible for the development of an Error Correction application to correct errors in financial data input. Development undertaken in C# and WPF using Expression Blend, Expression Design and Visual Studio .Net 2008. Database developed using PowerDesigner and SQLServer 2005.

Oct 2008Nov 2008

Senior Sharepoint Software Developer

Project was specifically geared towards document management and processing within a SharePoint 2007 environment. Session files from a chemical analysis application stored within SharePoint and a custom ASP.Net 2.0 application written to process these Session files within SharePoint 2007. Session files in XML and communication with downstream analysis application were via WebServices.

Apr 2008Oct 2008

Senior Sharepoint Software Developer

Man Investments

Project was specifically geared towards document management and distribution within a SharePoint 2007 environment. An SOA was designed to provided resilience and expansion possibilities. Common alert notification subsystem undertaken to inform users of the arrival of new documents as well as to provide central error and failure handling

Sep 2007Apr 2008

Senior Software Engineer

UBS Investment Bank

Responsible for the further development and maintenance of a high worth, low volume back office application. Planning and development undertaken to move desktop applications to thin client applications based on ASP.Net

May 2007Sep 2007

Senior Software Developer


Replace a product sales system based on ASP with an ASP.Net solution. Responsible for the planning and development required for certain areas of the final portal. Project was a distributed development between ABB sites in Switzerland, Sweden and Poland.

Nov 2006May 2007

Business Analyst


This goal of this project was to replace the current social security application in 17 Swiss cantons with a new Java J2EE based system. My part in this project involved managing a small team of developers in Switzerland as well as coordinating project requirements and planning with both the customer and IBM India. Responsible for the review process of artefacts in both Switzerland and India as well as the business knowledge for the Maternity Benefit sub project.

Dec 2006May 2007

Software Engineer

Siemens Schweiz AG

This project at Siemens Schweiz was a military project and hence the actual details cannot be disclosed here.

May 2006Oct 2006

Software Engineer

Koch-IT AG

This project at Koch-IT was a military project and hence the actual details cannot be disclosed here.

Nov 2005May 2006

Senior Consultant


This project at 1eEurope was to provide initial consultancy and development services to a number of local and city authorities in Business Process Management. The product used was Business Workflow Management Server with custom coding in C#. Various websites were built using this tool along with MS SQLServer 2000 (plus Reporting Services), MS SharePoint Server 2003, MS BizTalk Server 2004 and InfoPath. Was responsible for the technical specification, design and development as well as the installation of the resulting projects.

Apr 2004Nov 2005

Senior Software Engineer

UBS Investment Bank

This UBS IB project was to replace a fat Java Client with a strategic C# .Net version with expanded functionality and with the ability to act as a plug-in framework. This application was to provide the cornerstone of future fat client offerings and establish a look and feel that would unite future fat client offerings using a workbench paradigm. Was responsible for the internal architecture, design patterns, infrastructure components and the testing.

Further project involved architecting and designing a J2EE based post trade services portal. Analysis and design completed using Rational Rose and Web Sphere Studio Application Developer. Architecture based on a JMS publish subscribe pattern linking various legacy systems with the new portal.

May 2003Apr 2004

Senior Business Process/Software Engineer

Axcent AG

Acent AG supplies Business Process Engineering service based on the IXOS eCONprocess product line. Various projects to define, implement, and install various automated process in the bank and insurance branches. Projects coded in C# for the forms design and integrated with the IXOS Process Designer to produce the final production Business Process.

May 2002Aug 2003

Senior Software Engineer


Interlock is one of the premier Security Card manufacturers in Europe. The project involved building a card production system with automatic configuration and handling of various card technologies (Smart, Mifare, Legic, etc.). The system communicated with an application server and a database engine (mySQL) to allow the selection of custom card designs and personalisation details. Additional interfacing of TINI to devices and configuration system. The project was run as an Extreme Programming project using a Feature Driven Design (FDD) methodology. Responsible for the UML analysis, design, Java development and test of the card production system.

The project involved building a mobile ticket verification system for large events. The mobile device connected via a web service to a backend SQL Server 2000 database to receive up to date seating arrangement details that help direct audience to their seats. Rollout included Windows CE and CE.Net devices as well as Pocket PC devices. The complete solution was personally developed complete with documentation and installation software using Visual Studio .Net 2003.

Mar 2002Mar 2003

Software Consultant


The Elka project is a part time project that involves bringing energy saving house technology together with an e-business platform thus allowing houses to be configured, order, tracked and delivered in a JIT fashion. Within this project responsibilities included the being in charge of the complete IT infrastructure specification together with consultancy and project management roles. Also included in this project was specification of 3D graphics, video conferencing, workflow and process management as well as providing interface between management and supplier. Prototype system used BEA Weblogic, Weblogic and struts.  Project budget of 15 million Euro.

Apr 2002Feb 2003

Senior Software Engineer

UBS Global Asset Management

Global Asset Management required a consultant with a broad range of skills to support maintain and develop new and legacy systems. Systems are based on the collecting and processing of SWIFT messages received from third party custodians. Legacy involved MS-Access SQL Server 7.0 and Visual Basic 6. New projects included SQL Server 2000, DTS, .Net and MS BizTalk. The new projects were implemented using a Feature Driven Design (FDD) methodology and programming involved using Extreme Programming techniques in MS C#. Additionally, building release procedure infrastructure, bug tracking and version control systems was also undertaken.

Sep 2001Dec 2001

Senior Software Engineer


Interlock is one of the premier Security Card manufacturers in Europe. The project involved bringing the card design and ordering system to the WWW. The project involved providing SOAP services for the entering of card details and ordering information. Services also include the XML validation of details and the driving of production processes. The information received about card and customer was stored in an SQL Server 7.0/2000 environment. The responsibilities include specification, design, development and test of the system to Interlock's satisfaction. System communicated with a online entry system for a building complex based in Germany. Server side software written in Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript in Active Server Pages and MS-SQL. Client side involved java scripting and HTML

Aug 2000Sep 2001

Software Engineer

The Strategic Software Platform project was to develop the new bank-wide software platform for future application integration. Involved in specifying analysis, design and development of Business Services using XML and UML and providing consultancy in this area. Project also involved building a repository system that stored knowledge in the form of applications, components, documentation, test scripts, etc.


Software Consultant


The Case-Based Reasoning project was to develop a CBR extension to a problem tracking system. During the Systor assignment also involved in providing technical support for MQSeries, Visual Age for Java and WebSphere 3.0.


PGD Sport and Exercise

De Montfort University

BSc (Hons)

University Of Edinburgh

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Core Competencies

  • Programming Languages

C#,  Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0 VB.Net, Visual basic for Applications (VBA), VBScript, Java, JavaScript, XML. XSLT, XPath, XAML.

  • User Interface Tools

Microsoft Expression Blend 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, Expression Design, WPF, SyncFusion, DevExpress, Telerik, Infragistics (Win Forms, WPF, Web Forms and Silverlight), CAB, SCSF

  • Tools

Visual Studio 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010. Rational System Architect, Eclipse, Microsoft Office 2003, 2007. Sybase PowerDesigner 12, InfoPath 2003

  • Object Relational Mappers

RIA Services, ADO.Net, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LLBLGen 2.0.

  • Databases

MS SQLServer 7, 2000, 2005 and 2008. Oracle 9i and 10g. DB2, Sybase and MS-Access.

  • Frameworks

Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 to 3.5. Microsoft .Net Compact Framework. Enterprise Library. Java SE.

  • Methodologies

Extreme Programming, TDD, FDD, Scrum, and UML.

  • Web Technologies

Silverlight 2, 3 and 4, WebSphere 3.X, ASP/IIS, Tomcat 4.X BEA Weblogic 6.X, ASP.Net, J2EE, HTML.

  • Application Servers

SharePoint Server 2003, MOSS 2007, BizTalk 2002, 2004.

  • Middleware

MSMQ, MQSeries, SWIFT, SOAP, JMS, EJB, Web Services, WCF and SOA.

  • Business Rules

K2.Net Business Process Workflow Manager, IXOS eCONProcess, and WF.

  • Testing

JUnit, NUnit, MSTest, MockObjects, Continuous Integration, Anthill, NDoc, Log4Net, Log4J, Rational Clear Quest.

  • Operating System

Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008. VMWare and VirtualPC. PocketPC, Windows CE and CE.Net.

  • Version Control Systems

TFS, CVS, Subversion, Rational Clearcase, and SourceSafe.

  • Others

NSpring, PDFNet, TextSharp (PDF), WMI, GPS.Net, Case Based Reasoning, Constraint Programming, Knowledge Engineering.


Graham McDonald has

  • over 20 years experience in software engineering as a developer, architect, consultant and trainer.
  • a Microsoft Partnership
  • offshoring experience with Indian companies.
  • a preference for working on UX projects with Microsoft technologies, servers, and layered architectures.
  • English as mother tougue, but has been known to speak German for weeks on end.