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Daniel Castro is a design leader and self taught UI engineer with 20 years in strategic, operational, and product leadership. Daniel has a proven track record of leading teams and initiatives that result in a strong UX culture across the organization. His designs have been featured in Parenting Magazine, winning the 2015 CES Innovation Award in "Better World", and being presented in Keynote speeches as a market differentiator in ease of use. He enjoys every minute of leading teams that produce innovative, viable, and lovable products. Emphasis on the lovable.

Recent Accomplishment

Established and scaled a global UX Department for Sumo Logic (2-20) that has helped the organization grow in yearly revenue of 22M to 120M+ and valuation of $1B. I also led efforts to increase the Net Promoter Score from single digits to over 30. This has resulted in reduced churn and helped increase our customer base to over 2000 customers.

Revenue Growth

Advisory Board Member


2018 - Current, BigData @ Rutgers in San Francisco

Work experience

Director, User Experience

Sumo Logic

I joined Sumo Logic to help establish and mature a UX organization. The following are some of the achievements:



  • Helped increase NPS by 20+ points by creating a plan to improve the user experience based on resolving the biggest customer pain points of our core product offering. 
  • Created a UX Debt program with organization wide participation that has resulted in improvements to the quality of our core product.

  • Directed a full product redesign which resulted in cleanup of 100+ reported usability issues, contributed to an increase in NPS, and decrease of customer support issues

  • Helped launch critical product offerings and ensured the quality of experience was ready for GA

  • Established a Design system (code name ‘Yama’) which released its first 1.0 in 8 months. This resulted in reducing development speed and increasing usability quality and consistency, and adopted on all major initiatives.
  • Created a vision for a 10 star experience by taking a customer tour and listening to our customers journey, challenges, and desired outcomes. 


  • Helped the organization adopt end to end customer journeys, stories, and persona’s.

  •  Improved the process to maximize efficiency and quality through LeanUX methods.

  • Championed design and product management towards an Outcome Driven Innovation framework

  • Established Research, UX Writing, Design System, and DesignOps

UX Consultant

TIBCO Software Inc

Helped launch Unity 1.0

  • Responsible for leading the UX strategy, architecture and design for LogLogic 6, an enterprise leader in machine data management and business intelligence.
  • Created the concept of reusable' Bloks' which makes it easy to build and execute queries to run forensics on big data.
  • Defined and lead initiatives to improve a cross functional UX process within the organization.
  • Assisted in evaluating tools to improve project collaboration and issue tracking between UX, Management, and Engineering.

UX Consultant


Helped Sephora with the UX of a new in-store mobile POS with full loyalty program integration. Sephora received very positive feedback from customers. They loved it due to its convenience and speed to purchase items not found in stores.

Product and UX Consultant

Independa, Inc.

Helped launch award winning IndependaTV 1.0

Product and experience strategy to help Independa launch a first of a kind cloud based community engagement and remote care platform called Angela TV. Its desirable user experience for senior citizens, care givers, and senior care providers enabled a partnership with LG. Awarded #1 in Senior Care Tech at CES 2014, and the 2015 CES Innovation Award "Tech for a Better World". Read the case study

  • Product strategy, product management, and design of their health and wellness service called Angela. Angela is a one of a kind Smart TV for older adults trying to stay independent. It has an enterprise side that enables care facilities to manage medical alerts, schedules, as well as the ability to monitor health measures. On the consumer side the TV allows the primary user to stay connected to a" Circle of Care" network through social components like Facebook and Skype. One of the most appealing aspects is the ability to view photos shared from a Facebook album in a big screen with ultra simple controls. So simple Grandma can use it :)

UX Consultant

Walmart GEC

User experience architecture that helped Walmart (largest online retailer in the world at the time) with a major redesign of their homepage to create a more personalized omnichannel experience on its new e-commerce platform called Pangea. Included was a major revamp to the existing checkout process, resulting in a 20% increase on conversion and a 98% increase in purchases on mobile with a revenue impact in the tens of billions of dollars.

  • Assessing new business requirements, conduct feasibility analysis of various solution alternatives, and provide value proposition of a proposed solution.
  • User experience architecture for multiple consumer facing redesigns of
  • Rapid iterations between Strategy, UX, UAT and Engineering. Converting brainstorming sessions into prototypes used for customer testing in order to iterate through solutions until we reached a final user centered design.
  • Led the user experience and redesign of Walmart's merchant tool suite (" MTS")
  • Responsible for providing UX solutions for Walmart's internal suite of tools globally used by Walmart GEC Associates (Merchants, Customer Support, UIaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, etc).

Managing Member, Head of Studio, Director of Product Strategy


Co-founded an award winning social virtual world (GlobWorld) and toy studio with a unique IP in patented secure communication (co-inventor). GlobWorld was a 3D virtual world with a social networking layer for kids under Using a simple patent pending connection to enable kids and their parents to safely connect to their close circle of friends and family. Our unique IP covered social media, 3D world, comics, toys and merchandise. 

  • Responsible for hiring and building creative and technical teams across the company (30+)
  • Received seed funding of $4.5M
  • GlobWorld was the first 3D virtual world that also had a social component coupled with parental controls like no other.
  • Patented a communication association between networks that allows a simple interface with a secure authentication mechanism between entities (in this case children and their close circle of friends).
  • Won the coveted PTPA Award (Parent Tested Parent Approved)
  • Featured in Parenting magazine (web and print) for our numerous anti-bullying campaigns
  • Our "Free to Be" campaigns where adopted by School Districts across the nation
  • Established partnerships with nationally and internationally acclaimed antibullying organizations such as PACER, U.S. school districts, and the of Education.

Head of User Experience

CoreObjects Software, Inc.

Established and grew a global UX team of designers and developers across Brazil, India, and the US for CoreObjects

  • I helped emerging and established companies achieve the best user experience on their go-to-market strategy. I helped CoreObjects build a client portfolio of over 55 customers such as
  • Hiring, restructuring, training, mentoring and resource management of all core UX functions (information architecture, Interaction design, visual design, prototyping). Define, establish, and evangelize a User Centered Design process that spans design and development.

Lead User Experience/Information Architect

  • Extremely fast paced collaboration to meet tight deadlines between Creative team, Engineering, Product Management, Requirements Team, Usability Dept, Project Managers, Content Managers, and high profile partners (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Disney, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and others).
  • Information Architecture, Usability, and UI Design Verizon's very large consumer and business portals.
  • Played a UX advisory role in Verizon's new DSL and FIOS enriched content delivery of Movies, Videos, TV, and Games.
  • Lead Information Architect for Microsoft Live/Verizon Surround partnership for next generation branded portal strategy.
  • Sat in think tanks for strategic and creative solutions to Verizon's very complicated portal unification.
  • Lead and Mentor IA team to streamline and tighten communication/process between Content, IA Group, Creative, and Engineering teams.
  • Wireframes, FRD's, Sitemaps, Taxonomy sheets, Content Inventory, etc.

Sr. UI Engineer/Interaction Designer

Sigaba (acquired by Proofpoint)
  • Drove and directed UI process from conceptualization to development(UI requirements, wire frames, mockups, prototypes, etc.) for a secure web mail application.
  • Interaction design and development of a mobile web mail application known as" Vault".
  • Served as a liaison between Marketing, Product Management, Graphics and Engineering to help define product requirements/usecases, and interviewed customers in order to achieve user-centered designs and processes.
  • Researched, advised, and developed" proof of concepts", and implemented new UI/presentation technologies for a very complicated role based policy suite that had to be customizable for all industry verticals.
  • Architected a presentation layer that enabled a white label solution of our suite of applications by enterprise customers without imposing any UI limitations.
  • Designed and coded an attractive GUI for an enterprise "Secure Instant Messaging" application(SSIM) that incorporates presence, chat, digital signatures, and transcripts.

Sr. UI Engineer

Rational Software
  • Interaction Design and implementation of a Java based file management web application(Java, DHTML, JSP, IBM WebSphere).
  • Architected, designed, and developed a "windows explorer" style dynamic XML based tree API (DHTML, XML, XSL & Applets).
  • Led the UI for the "Project Explorer" project under a very challenging development environment to meet release date deadline.
  • Assisted in the integration/debugging of very complex (i.e. over 270 JavaScript files with over 86, 000 lines of code) web applications (from inception to release) such as: Clear Case Online Rational Developers Network ( Hosted development services (making Rational Suite web enabled).
  • Formed part of a web internationalization team for User Interface solutions.
  • Sought out by outside project teams for "out of the box" Cross-browser, and advanced DHTML/UI/JavaScript solutions. 



Issued Jun 21, 2012 Patent issuer and number US20120159168A1

The present invention relates to a device and method for establishing and ensuring secure communication among entities.

Children are increasingly using computers connected to network servers to establish communication among, typically, other children. At times, communication between children and certain other individuals is disadvantageous, particularly where the child is mistaken as to either the identity or intentions of an individual with whom they are communicating.


CES Innovation Award in “Tech for a Better World” Category

Jan 2015 Consumer Electronics Association

"Independa solutions in community engagement and remote care technologies enable seniors to maintain strong, meaningful relationships and preserve their independence, while providing a transformative community engagement and business benefits to organizations in senior living, CCRC and short-term rehab communities."
- Richard Lewis, senior vice president, B2B Technology and Research, LG Electronics USA.



Academy of Art University

Pursued a Bachelors in Fine Arts