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Geosciences Petroleum Engineer

Personal profile

  • Engineer in geosciences, graduated from the faculty of sciences of Tunis - El Manar
  • Study and acquisition of various geological bases, such as geophysics, process, modeling,   simulation, well logging, performance and activation of wells, drilling, well testing, gravimetry, geostatistics, hydrology, oceanography, gitology, sequence stratigraphy, etc.
  • Gain good work experience through internships, with ability to manage a group effectively
  • Motivated, serious, ambitious, hardworking, independent, competent, creative, professional

Personal profile

Feb 2015Jun 2015

Engineer internship: Graduation Project Memory Geosciences Engineer

Geopetroleum evaluation with Petrel 2014

Application of geophysical techniques with the proposal of a new development plan                                          - Well and seismic data analysis
     - Geological study
     - Seismic interpretation of horizons and faults
     - Generate isochronal, depth and structural maps 
     - Depth conversion 
     - Structural analysis: tectonic style of the area 

Aug 2014Present

Technician internship

Seismic acquisition and interpretation with Petrel 

Geopetroleum study of well data accomplished by a seismic interpretation

Jul 2013Present

Workman internship

Well logging with Interactive Petrophysics IP           

Petrophysical study of well data associated to logging interpretation and correlation



Engineering geosciences

Faculty of sciences of Tunis - El Manar

Preparatory cycle in Biology and Geology

Faculty of sciences of Tunis - El Manar


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Arab

IT Skills

  • PETREL, SMT, Interactive Petrophysics, HYSYS, PROSPER 
  • Surfer, Arc GIS, Corel Draw, ENVI, Lotus, Outlook, Maple, Mobile Mapper
  • Microsoft Package (Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel)
  • Internet Explorer 


 Travel,  reading, painting, sport, theater, discovering new activity