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Bernardo Sousa de Macedo, entrepreneur and social entrepreneur, was born in Lisbon and is 29 years old. He worked in marketing and communication for seven years at IGMarketing (Interactive Global Marketing) and was CTO at Go Find, Lda. He a is a speaker for social entrepreneurship and creator of the first online social network for social responsibility, Bernardo dropped out of high school because he was not prone to the educational paradigm and therefore he maintained high standards in whatever he did and remained open minded and highly optimistic.Bernardo is also a speaker for motivation, social entrepreneurship and technology applied in the third sector, speaking in conferences for students and professionals of all ages.

Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Founder & CEO

gotHubbed, Ltd

I have opened this company, to be the base of all projects i was going to develop. Online Social Networks, ideas, almost everything. Company is closed now because i simply don't need it anymore. has its own routine already and gotHubbed, Ltd will be transformed into a nonprofit.

Jan 2007Present

Founder, CEO

I build, develop, sell, speak, talk, love, amaze, convince, change the world, change politics, build better hearts in

This project is a free online social network which connects and empowers the world of social responsibility with a centralized online tool.I am the responsible for everything in Built it with my own head, reverse engineered Facebook's translation platform to have the same done in

Apr 2010Present

Member Board of Experts

doSomething Portugal

Currently i am part of the board of experts at doSomething Portugal. I am the responsible to give advice and expert knowledge about the interaction of nonprofits like Portugal and online social networks.

Nov 2011Sep 2012

IT Manager - Tux DigitalWorks

Tux & Gill

I am the responsible for all IT solutions, new media and digital works at Tux & Gill.

I have the responsibility of seeking for solutions for advertisement and publicity.

Most of my work is classified until it is launched.

Mar 2011Sep 2011

Founder & CTO

Go Find, Lda

The chalenge:

An online website / community based in local shopping.

Reverse engineered the way was searching for products in a georeferenced way.

Built integration API's for retailers and I was responsible of building all the programming of this "idea".

The company was suspended due to the market.

Mar 2010Mar 2011

Programmer & High Tech Support

Easypay - Soluções de Pagamentos, Lda

I needed a payment gateway to accept donations on, so i started working at Easypay to develop solutions i needed but the market still did not had.

I have build the first partner system for online payments, rebuilt the integration manuals allowing their clients to take a couple of weeks to integrate a payment system.

I was also the responsible to the visit of the Pope to Portugal with the movement "Eu Acredito" where i needed to develop an online solution to accept registrations and check them against a barcode system in the delivery. The movement collected about 10.000 participants.

Dec 2009Mar 2010

Tele Sales

Jan 1999Jan 2007

Solutions Integrator

Nupalinveste, SA

Not in a specific order:

Solutions Director, Web Developer and Solutions Integrator. Solutions Integrator / Web Developer / Web Administrator / PHP Developer / MySQL Developer / Web Reverse Engineer / Project Manager / Team Manager / 3D Design / Graphic Design / Online Communities Developer / Video Production / Audio Production / Sales Department / Marketing Department

- Developed the launch of “Best Rock FM Radio”

- Managed a team of computer programers (outsourcing in in-house)

- Concept Marketing Techniques for “Bacardi Bat Beats 2005” and “Heineken Thirst”

- Developed one of the top ten Viral Marketing Campaigns in the world back in 2006 referenced in called Kreedo - Brand Democracy placed in number eight.

- Flash Presentations

- 3D Design of Marketing Concepts and Integration

- PHP Programmer and Database Administrator in MySQL

- Investigation in web related areas.