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Mr. INNOCENT "At a Glance"

SUMMARY:  I come from a Business and  Finance Coach  Strategist background that is backed up by both my  formal education (University education and hands-on trainings in Management, with much career focus in  Finance,  Accounting,  Auditing  &  Fraud  Detection,  Investigation  &  Anti-Corruption)  and  a  professional track-record of more than 10 years’ hands-on  experience  in Financial Management,  Accounting,  Taxation, Auditing, Project Designing, Implementation & Evaluation,  Private Sector  Development, Entrepreneurship & SMEs  Development  within  both  non-profit  and  for-profit  environments.  I  have  worked  with  heavily  funded donor  funds  from  bilateral  and  multilateral  Organizations  like World  Bank  Group,  UN  network  and  UKAid (DFID) whereby I  was given a chance to lead and manage programs and projects of more than $150 million budget.

PERSONAL PROFILE:  In addition to  more than 10  years professional and hands on experience in Youth  & Women in  Business  Consulting, Coaching  &  Financial  Advisory  (including Investments & Funds  portfolio  management),  Procurement  &  Logistics  Management  (Supply  Chain  Management) coupled  with  my  HR  Management  &  Office  Administration  track-record,  I currently hold a Senior position where I work as Regional Programs Director for Africa in APPI Group of Companies within their Corporate Social Entrepreneurship Programs Portfolio and prior to that,  I  held different positions like the Chief Business Development Strategist at ImpactBIG one of the leading Social Enterprise Development Consultancy Firms in East Africa, Director of Business Development & Fundraising at Akazi Kanoze Access (AKA) which was funded by USAID and MasterCard Foundation and  duo position of  Chief Finance Advisor  at EDUCAT Denmark (Rwanda Office)  and CFO at OrangeKat Ltd, which were funded by Swedish SIDA under  a  Framework  Consultancy  Contract,  under  which  I  was strategically  advising  those institutions on Finance,  Procurement  &  Logistics  portfolio,  including  HR  Management  and  Office  Administration .  Beside this assignment, I am also one of the energetic Professionals providing Technical Assistance to both Profit-making and Non-Profit making sectors in both East and Central African regions to add value to their portfolios,  and  my  areas  of  Expertise  mainly  include  Consulting,  Advisory  and  Operations Management  in  Accounting,  Finance,  Auditing,  Taxation,  Procurement,  Contracts  Management, Logistics,  HRM  and  Office  Administration  issues.  I have more  than  10  years’  consistent professional  and  technical  experience  in  different  Non-Profit,  Profit  Making  and International Development areas at both Executive and Managerial levels.

QUALIFICATION  &  TRAININGS:  I  am  also  a  graduate  with  a  Bachelors  Degree  in  Business
Administration (BBA) from Curtin University (Australia) that I got back in 2004. I also hold a Post-graduate Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Management in EU from Alison Institute (Ireland). I have undergone a  series  of  training  and  facilitation  coaching  exposures  from  different  Institutions  including  the  UK Government  Public  Servants  School,  where  I  attended  lots  of  trainings  in  shaping  my  skills  and competencies  in  International  Development  issues  when  I  was  working  for  DFID  and  now  World  Bank Group, where I am a Certified Trainer in Business Edge® and SME Toolkit®, both products offered by IFC and  which also  include Internationally recognized Modules that are being  used  by millions of Executives, Managers and Consultants.





The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Regional Programs Director included, inter alia:

Africa Program Strategy

  • Providing overall strategic direction to the “APPI Zero Unemployment” and “APPI Universal Income” programs, and ensure that program deliverables are attained across a breadth of the “APPI Corporate Social Entrepreneurship” program pillars;
  • Taking an adaptive management approach to develop and innovate new processes, activities or services to improve impact;
  • Leading the development of the proposal and implementation plan for Programs
  • Leading strategy for handover and collaboration with Government and/or other service providers and private sector partners.

Methodological development

  • Leading and supporting in design of a range of workforce development services, including developing and engaging consultants to develop curricula, designing services such as apprenticeships, links to microfinance, and young professional networks, and designing delivery processes in APPI-run Youth Opportunity Centers and with partners;
  • Supporting the Country and Provincial Social Business Managers in development of business model and capacity building of partner private sector companies and beneficiaries;
  • Collaborating with Social Marketing Managers to support program promoting pre-employment skills for vulnerable youth through a youth-led community-based program.

 Relationship Management

  • Ensuring effective coordination and collaboration with program partners, including private sector actors, national and international NGO partners and Government entities, and consistently cultivate new relationships;
  • Ensuring that an effective communication strategy is in place to share program progress and successes with program donors, HQ, Government and other stakeholders;
  • Developing strategies to ensure capacity building and skills transfer to national partners and stakeholders.

 Budget and Operational Management

  • Developing, managing, and revising program budgets across multiple donors and sponsors;
  • Ensuring rigorous accountability to donor rules and regulations and that all spending is donor-compliant and program-effective;
  • Working collaboratively with support departments (finance, logistics, and HR) to ensure effective and timely delivery across all APPI offices and Youth Opportunity Centers in Africa;
  • Ensuring that effective program management tools are in place, and that the project is delivered on time, on scope and on budget.

 M&E and Learning

  • Supporting the Results, Learning and Research Managers in the evolution Prospects’ innovative M&E and learning systems;
  • Promoting influence based on findings from the Prospects program to local and international stakeholders, as well as to APPI internally;
  • Representing APPI at Conferences, technical working groups, and seminars related to youth employment and empowerment.

 Staff Management and Training

  • Creating an environment conducive to high performance, learning, adaptive management and innovation;
  • Overseeing staff development and capacity building, with a focus on mentoring of senior team leads;
  • Facilitate training workshops and seminars to increase APPI staff technical and management skills and beneficiaries’ leadership skills.

 Reporting and Business Development

  • Providing detailed reports for internal and external use, and ensuring high quality and timely donor reporting;
  • Designing and writing proposal for Prospects  with a greater focus on transition and sustainability;
  • Identifying opportunities to develop new activities or additions to current program portfolio.


Jul 2011DEC 2016


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Chief Business Development Strategist included, inter alia:

  • Articulating the company’s mission in a clear and concise way that can speak to customers and employees at all levels,
  • Collaborating with senior management to devise effective short and long term plans,
  • Creating actionable goals that make it possible to turn that mission into tangible results,
  • Assessing the company’s different projects from the products down to the daily administrative activities to make sure they align with the company’s goals,
  • Analyzing the success of products, projects, and activities,
  • Managing economic and financial viability of the company by using management strategies, financial accounting, human resource planning, customer relations, and implementation of new technologies,
  • Communicating the company’s official stance on its mission to external sources and internally to all personnel,
  • Researching and discovering ways to increase revenue by eliminating wasteful practices and expediting product and service delivery,
  • Leading and supporting management in application and implementation of new policies and procedures,
  • Representing the company in official functions,
  • Developing new business opportunities by leveraging contacts, pursuing new product development, and improving project efficiency, and
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, policies, and regulations.


Jan 2016AUG-2016


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Director of Business Development & Fundraising include, inter alia:


  • Developing and implementing an effective fundraising strategy to raise at least 1 million US Dollar for the next year, in line with the AKA’s five year plan,
  • Developing or marketing AKA services to the private sector, youth and donors to generate funds for AKA sustainability,
  • Maintaining fundraising base and build on existing and relationships with donors, government, the private sector, volunteers, and interns;
  • Broadening the mix of income streams, develop new streams of income including major donors, service fees products, consulting, etc.


Fundraising and relationship management Duties:

  • Developing relationships with major donors, identifying new potential major donors and nurturing relationships,
  • Identifying and tracking relevant upcoming funding opportunities – through advance intelligence gathering, partner relationships, and other available resources,
  • Managing activities for pre-solicitation proposal preparations and bid planning including: teaming, bid strategy, development of win-themes, oversight of and contribution to technical design, drafting management and other sections of the proposal in advance of the solicitation,
  • Working with teams to develop proposals that answer to young people’s needs, concerns, and objectives,
  • Conducting prospecting visits to Organization’s Country Offices to identify and prepare for upcoming funding opportunities,
  • Managing major open USAID and other Development Partners solicitations and other proposal submissions, including teaming agreements, oversight of technical design and cost proposal, PPPs, capacity statements, internal review/quality control processes, drafting sections of the proposal where appropriate,
  • Representing AKA’s business development interests at relevant meetings, events, and within resource mobilization or donor-specific peer networks,
  • Managing the grant application process and ensuring that reporting is tracked and meets donors' expectations.

Business Development Duties:

  • Developing and delivering the strategy for AKA’s new business (products) development, appropriate to need and responsive to opportunity, in close collaboration with AKA team, the Executive Director and board of directors,
  • Being responsible for communicating this strategy to all AKA staff and board members,
  • Helping to build the turnover to enough to support AKA as a sustainable organization,
  • Researching into relationships that should be developed and manage effective partnerships with both existing and new key corporate partners, NGOs, government, media and funders,
  • Innovating and offer new ideas and approaches for developing AKA, building relationships with other prospective business partners and with other networks and members where appropriate,
  • Staying appropriately networked and keep abreast of trends, news, events and deadlines, so that all possible, new or enhanced opportunities are exploited,
  • Working with management team to develop and implement strategic sales plan,
  • Identifying and evaluate specific new profitable business opportunities,
  • Achieving own sales target and lead team to achieve team business and fundraising targets,
  • Initiating and completing proposals and presentation for new opportunities,
  • Working with internal teams to deliver outstanding proposals to capture new opportunities,
  • Maintaining an excellent client relationship with existing and potential client.

Partner Liaison, Fundraising and Communication Duties:

  • Initiating and managing existing and potential strategic corporate relationships, together with the Executive Director.
  • Working effectively across the organization to identify current funding requirements for core activities and specific projects from Development Partners, iNGOs, the Private Sector and government. Take responsibility for contributing to an annual fundraising target.
  • Developing innovative approaches and sponsorship (and other) income packages.


Dec 2014Present


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Chief Accountant include, inter alia:

  • Provision  of  professional  inputs  to  the  Minister  of Trade & Industry Development (MIICOM) in  terms  of implementing  the  current  SME  Development  Policy  and  other  related  policies  an d  strategies  towards  reaching  the  Vision  2020  and EDPRS 2 targets around job creation, private sector development, attraction of FDIs and Export Promotion,
  • Providing strategic Leadership to the SME Secretariat's "Donor Funding & SMEs Access to Finance" Task Force,
  • Providing strategic Leadership to the SME Secretariat's "Entrepreneurship & Business Development Support" Cross-cutting Cluster.


Oct 2015DEC-2016


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Chief Accountant include, inter alia:


  • Developing and maintaining timely and accurate financial statements and reports that are appropriate for the users and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP),
  • Developing, implementing, and ensuring compliance with corporate internal financial and accounting policies and procedures,
  • Ensuring that all statutory requirements of the company are met including Charitable Status, Withholding Taxes, Income Tax, PAYE Tax, Local Government Taxes, and VAT,
  • Preparing all supporting information for the annual audit with the approved external auditor,
  • Preparing all supporting information for authorized groups such as the Rwandan RRA, RSSB and the US IRS,
  • Documenting and maintaining complete and accurate supporting information for all financial transactions,
  • Developing and maintaining financial accounting systems for cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit control, and petty cash,
  • Reconciling bank and investment accounts; and manage cash flow accounts,
  • Reviewing monthly results and implementing monthly budget variances,
  • Managing the cash flow and prepare cash flow forecasts in accordance with policy,
  • Managing the bookkeeping function, using the Accounting Package, including maintenance of the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll,
  • Developing and implement policies and procedures as required to ensure that personnel and financial information is secure,
  • Participating as a member of the Finance Committee,
  • Assisting the Senior Management Team and BoD with financial reporting as required at Board meetings and the Annual General Meetings and providing advice to support the decision making process.


Mar 2015Oct 2015


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the CFO include, inter alia:

  • Accomplishing  finance  and  human  resource  strategies  by  determining  accountabilities;  communicating  and enforcing values, policies, and procedures; implementing recruitment, selection, orientation, training, coaching, counseling,  disciplinary,  and  communication  programs;  planning,  monitoring,  appraising,  and  reviewing  job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation strategies,
  • Developing  finance organizational strategies by contributing financial and accounting information, analysis, and recommendations to strategic thinking and direction; establishing functional objectives in line with organizational objectives, Establishing finance operational strategies by evaluating trends; establishing critical measurements; determining production,  productivity,  quality,  and  customer-service  strategies;  designing  systems;  accumulating  resources; resolving problems; implementing change,
  • Developing  organization  prospects  by  studying  economic  trends  and  revenue  opportunities;  projecting acquisition  and  expansion  prospects;  analyzing  organization  operations;  identifying  opportunities  for improvement, cost reduction, and systems enhancement; accumulating capital to fund expansion,
  • Developing  financial  strategies  by  forecasting  capital,  facilities,  and  staff  requirements;  identifying  monetary resources; developing action plans,
  • Monitoring financial performance by measuring and analyzing results; initiating corrective actions; minimizing the impact of variances,
  • Maximizing  return on invested funds by identifying investment opportunities; maintaining relationships with the investment community,
  • Reporting  financial  status  by  developing  forecasts;  reporting  results;  analyzing  variances;  developing improvements,
  • Updating  job  knowledge  by  remaining  aware  of  new  regulations;  participating  in  educational  opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations,
  • Accomplishing finance and organization mission by completing related results as needed.


Dec 2013Oct 2015


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Chief Finance Advisor & SMEs Executive Coach included, inter alia:


  • Working one-on-one with Entrepreneurs and small businesses to create opportunities for high sales growth,increased employment and access to business capital,
  • Creating a vision for the growth of those businesses beyond their program entry footprint,
  • Helping Entrepreneurs to achieve their own business goals by managing our Action Plan strategies,
  • Working with these Entrepreneurs to develop their time management and project management skills.
  • Assisting  well  supported  Entrepreneurs  with  solid business plans  to successfully apply and receive small business loans from Financial Institutions through use of the Educat’s Rwanda Business Accelerator (RBA) and its micro lending and investor partners.
  • Developing  and executing  the  Rwanda Business Accelerator (RBA) program details in order  to fulfill  donor grant requirements in coordination with the Program and other Coaching staff,
  • Devising  individual  strategies  for  growth  and  expanded  employment  for  a  select  group  of  our Entrepreneurs,
  • Researching opportunities for businesses to achieve growth outcomes and increased employment,
  • Proactively identifying sales and marketing opportunities for growing small businesses.


  • Reviewing  Clients  data  to  verify  and  understand  their  financial  and  investment  goals  and  objectives,  taking assets into consideration different scenarios and assumptions,
  • Partnering  with  Senior  Advisors  and  Managers  on  more  complex  accounts  and  developing  a  thorough understanding of each client's financial situation and tolerance for market risk in order to create and discuss a suitable asset allocation strategy based on different financing products available for them,
  • Engaging  Clients  with  simple  to  complex  financial  situations  in  the  financial  planning  process  covering  topics such  as  investment  planning,  accumulation  and  cash  flow  (retirement)  planning,  and  career  development planning,
  • Identifying  and  discussing  appropriate  savings  or  spending  strategies  for  near  Clients  with  critical  cash  flow savings and sales inflows,
  • Selecting  appropriate  investments  to  accomplish  those  strategies  utilizing  investment  analysis  and  capital financing methodologies,
  • Developing  written  implementation  plans  to  document  and  communicate  the  financial  strategies  agreed  upon with the Clients and other Senior Advisors and Managers,
  • Communicating  recommendations  to  clients  during  consultations  and  interactions  demonstrating  the  highest level of client relationship skills,
  • Creating a positive interactive environment for the client to discuss their issues as well as their concerns,
  • Using  the  consultation  and  negotiation  techniques,  where  appropriate,  to  educate  the  client  on  High  risk financing opportunities available for their business growth,
  • Managing  client  portfolios  on  a  long-term  basis  and  producing  and  reviewing  performance  reports  and conducting periodic appraisals of such portfolios,
  • Addressing  each  client's  ongoing  advisory  needs  and  providing  annual  reviews  of  each  client's  financial situations;

3.  INVESTMENT ANALYSIS related duties:

  • Conducting  due  diligence  on  Clients  and  industries  by  researching,  reading  financial  statements  and  market data, policy and legal documents,
  • Analyzing  financial  information  relating  to  specific  companies,  e.g.  company  results,  profit  and  loss,  balance sheet and cash flow statements to determine how an organization is positioned to deliver for investors,
  • Keeping up to date with market developments, new investment products and all other areas that can affect the markets, e.g. movements in the economies of relevant countries,
  • considering  how  the  economic  implications  of  factors  such  as  natural  disasters,  weather,  wars,  inflation, monetary policies, etc. might affect the performance of companies and funds,
  • Drafting and writing research reports for fund managers or partner Financing Institutions analysts,
  • Meeting  with  and  providing  information  to  fund  managers;  like  summaries  of  research,  investment  ideas,  key events from the proceeding day as well as key drivers for the periods ahead,
  • Making  recommendations  to  fund  managers,  being  able  to  position  ideas  and  articulate  to  the  fund  manager about the risk or payoff for each recommendation,
  • Ensuring that all compliance regulations are met.


  • Supervising Procurement, Contracts Management, HR Management, Office Administration and   Financial  and Accounting processes to ensure adherence to all compliance requirements,
  • Updating general ledger on a regular basis and ensure its accuracy and completeness,
  • Performing account reconciliation and adjustments activities on periodic basis,
  • Preparing and distributing budget reports and financial statements to BoD in a timely fashion,
  • Managing account payables and receivables activities in a timely manner,
  • Authorizing, approving and signing on Bank cheques and Transfer orders,
  • Performing financial audits and prepare audit reports with recommendations to Senior Management and BoD for consideration and approval,
  • Creating  financial  presentations  for  management,  clients  and  partners  for  compliance  to  the  agreements  and MoUs signed with them,
  • Developing best practices to enhance operational performance and productivity as required by the Management or BoD.


ELE RWANDA "Emerging leaders & Entrepreneurs of Rwanda"
Jul 2008Nov 2013


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Senior Finance & Administration Manager included, inter alia:


  • Ensuring compliance with the organization and donor regulations and procedures,
  • Establishing finance and supporting function policies, systems and procedures, and directing or  performing their development, documentation, and implementation,
  • Supervising and ensuring that the day-to-day accounting operations and financial management functions in field offices are performed in accordance with internal policy and procedures,
  • Reviewing and accounting for procurement transactions to ensure adequate supporting documentation, accuracy of amounts and control over payments,
  • Suggesting formats for financial reporting to aid financial statement users to better understand the contents of the reports for decision-making and strategic planning purposes,
  • Ensuring  the  maintenance  of  accurate  records  of  financial  transactions  of  the  country  office  (main  and  field offices) in order to monitor financial status of all project activities,
  • Managing the  finance department of the country office to meet the financial reporting requirements of in -country management  and  Headquarters;  This  function  includes  ensuring  that  all  financial  reports  are  submitted  on  or before the deadlines set and contain relevant information for all the users of the financial reports,
  • Directing  the  preparation  of  all  financial  reports  for  external  purposes  in  respect  to  accounting,  legal  and contractual requirements,
  • Maintaining the organizations system of accounts ensuring all accounting data are updated, reconciled and fully supported,
  • Overseeing training of finance staff and provide technical support to country program and logistics,
  • Supervising and preparing budgets,
  • Presenting & facilitating review of actual to budget expenditures with Country Director and Site Managers;
  • Providing recommendations for budget realignments as required,
  • Making frequent visits to field offices provide training to finance staff on internal procedures and requirements.


  • Supervising the HR and administrative functions in field offices to ensure their smooth and effective operations,
  • Supervising  the  oversight  of  staff  personnel  files  inclusive  of  contracts,  leave  records  and  other  paperwork required for employment in local context,
  • Ensuring compliance to local labor laws including contracts, compensation packages and working hours,
  • Overseeing  the  recruitment  and  selection  of  qualified  program  field  staff,  recommend  promotions,  disciplinary action and termination of staff in consultation with supervisors,
  • Making frequent site visits to facilities to ensure that appropriate care and training are being conducted and to offer support to field staff,
  • Maintaining open lines of communications with all field staff

3.  TRAINING & CAPACITY BUILDING related duties:

  • Determining training needs for finance and human resources staff,
  • Training  local  staff  to  increase  their  responsibilities  in  order  to  build  capacity  and  ensure  sustainability  of programs,
  • Advocating and planning for professional development for expat and local staff and volunteers.

4.  WORKING RELATIONSHIPS related duties:

  • Maintaining  frequent  communication  with  HQ  Finance  Office  to  ensure  finance  activities  and  objectives  are communicated,
  • Working with Country Director and Logistics staff to ensure the coordination of programs are within budgeted targets,
  • Attending coordination meetings which are relevant to country activities,
  • Interfacing  with  stakeholder  government  institutions  and  relevant  agencies  to  ensure  compliance  with  varying government regulations.


  • Serving  as  the  principal  liaison  with  donors  on  matters  related  to  the  program  to  ensure  financial  and programmatic accountability to donors,
  • Establishing and updating contact details of potential donors in-country,
  • Participating in donor meetings and communicating relevant information to HQ,
  • Working with key donor Staff to develop and maintain optimum financial and programmatic relationship,
  • Ensuring maximum visibility of the Corporate image amongst the NGO community,
  • Leading  the  production  of  reports  and  ensuring  the  timeliness  and  accuracy  of  information  provided,  as  well ensuring confidentiality of sensitive information,
  • Contributing to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application  of  the  organizations  Code  of  Conduct,  ethics,  values  and  stand-point  with  regard  to  internal  and external actors.


Sep 2011Jun 2013


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Lead Expert & Coach include, inter alia:


  • Leading  the  finalization  of  the  systems,  activities,  and  implementation methodologies and prepare the commencement of program operations for  the following program component: Women and Youth SMEs Access to Credit including SGs and VLSAs.  This includes the development of an operations manual for the Access to Credits;
  • Developing support mechanisms for financial institutions that are expanding their range of activity to  rural  areas; 
  • Formalizing  leniency  arrangements  for  banks,  financial  literacy  arrangements  with Rwandan  Banks Association  and provider;
  • Implementation of the Partial Risk Guarantee facility;
  • Develop comprehensive lending system for VSLAs;  and  registration  of  VSLAs; 
  • Developing  ToRs  for  training providers  for  VSLAs;  Developing  and  finalize  the contracts,  agreements,  and  MOUs  with  Qualified  Financial  Institutions, including,  but  not  limited  to,  detailed implementation arrangements for the services to be provided by the Qualified Financial Institution; 
  • Analyzing the current state of the enabling environment for lending and access to credit for SMEs (primarily a research -based activity), existing obstacles  and  blockages  that  need  to  be  removed  to  improve  and enhance  opportunities  to  access  credit ;  and preparing detailed recommendations for action by the Office of Hanga Umurimo Project;
  • Maintaining the system to identify and update all lending products available in the country;
  • Advising on new and creative techniques and interventions to provide credit to underserved communities;
  • Contributing positively to all aspects of the overall development of the Program and the start-up of full IFC’s Rwanda Entrepreneurship Development Program (REDP) operations; and
  • Contributing to design of new financial product by partner banks.


Oct 2007Jul 2008


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the COO included, inter alia:

  • Strategic Management of the Company, Permanent advisory to the Director General, Daily  Management of the  Company’s  businesses,  Quality  Assurance  of  the  Graphic  Design  assignments  contracted  by  the Company,  Staff  &  Consultants’  Management,  Finance,  HR,  Procurement,  Administration,  R&D  Projects supervision,
  • Defining and prioritizing key strategic objectives where Operations Finance & Analytics, in coordination with Suppliers, Clients and Employees throughout the Company in providing decision support thru high-quality business forecasting, operations and analytics processes,
  • Leading and building a team of high performing finance and business analysts to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Consumer Advertising businesses,
  • Creating  highly  sophisticated  analytic  frameworks  and  functional  models  to  forecast  the  business  and provide  recommendations  for  solving  key  business  problems,  while  growing/optimizing  revenues  and profits,
  • Developing  and  maintaining  KPIs  and  business  dashboards  to  enable  performance  management  and facilitate accountability,
  • Keeping  the  strategic  evolution  of  the  following  focus  areas:  consumer  audience  acquisition  and engagement,  marketing  channel  ROI,  share  yield  and  inventory  optimization,  product  line  pricing  and analyses,  sales  and  sales  channel  analytics  and  decision  support,  customer  ROI  and  value  analyses, competitive research and analysis, etc.

Information Manager (IM) / Departmental Information Support Officer (DISO)

UK Government - UKAid "DFID"
Mar 2006Dec 2006


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the CIM/DISO include, inter alia:

Managing Departmental e-Document Management System (Zero-Paper Office Program) using Quest Software; Managing all departmental scanning station, according to legal admissibility and  quality  standards  for  larger  units/those  with  special  requirements;  Guiding  and  training  on  information-related  security issues;  Authorizing  usernames  for  DFID  systems  and  allocate  user  access  rights  for  Quest,  in  cooperation  with  Information Systems Department (ISD) and Open Government Unit (OGU); Assisting in the integration of DFID’s knowledge sharing work with information management processes e.g. enable integration of information systems of internal or external resource centers into DFID systems (insight (DFID Intranet), Website, e -Library, QUEST); Training Coordinator for information and knowledge management across department, both technical and business-related, liaising with OGU and Smarter Working  Team (SwaT).

This  is  in  conjunction  with  Departmental  Training  Liaison  Officers  (TLO);  Liaison  Officer  with  HQ  for  DFID’s  statutory responsibilities for Freedom of Information (FOI), Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) , acting  as  point  of  contact  on  all  relevant  issues  for  department  and  dealing  with  request  for  information;  Contributing  to development and implementation of DFID’s Sustainability Strategy for electronic records; and Managing of older and continuing (e.g.  confidential and above) paper files, large documents etc and ensuring integration of metadata into Quest, retrieval of files from external storage, file review and disposal.


UK Government - UKAid "DFID"
Dec 2005Dec 2006


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Program Officer included, inter alia:

  • Program Management inputs to different offices: HQ and Rwanda (on a full-time basis), Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Burundi (whenever requested),
  • Direct Budget  Support (DBS), Macro-Economic/PFM,  PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOPMENT,  EDUCATION AND  HEALTH SECTORS’  PORTFOLIO:  Managing  these  Sectors’  Support  Portfolio  on  a  daily  basis,  including  being  one  of  the Procurement  Committee  Members  on  Joint  Projects  with  Partners,  Environment  Management  Portfolio:  Managing EIAs of different programs and  projects, Overall Financial Management of a program of £42m in 2004 and £46m in 2005-06,
  • Working with the Deputy Program Manager, Deputy Head – Programs and Advisers, responsible for routine,
  • Participating  in  all  stage  of  Project  Cycle  Management, 
  • Providing  advisory  inputs  on  DFID  procedures  and requirements  to  Advisers/  other  team  members,  Technical  Cooperation  Officers  (TCOs),  Consultants  and  aid recipients, 
  • General  Team  Support-  assisting  with  resolving  administrative  problems  at  design,  implementation  and evaluation stages; Representing  DFID Rwanda at external meetings as and when required; participating in project reviews as required, 
  • Staff Management: Acting as a  LINE MANAGER  and Acting as Project Officer in different Projects and Programs.

WORLD BANK Basket Funds Liaison Officer

Jan 2006Dec 2006


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the WB Basket Funds Liaison Officer include, inter alia:

  • Being the Liaison Person for the PFM portfolio within DFID (Kigali, London and Glasgow Offices);
  • Playing the role of the Contact person for World Bank (Kigali and Washington Offices),
  • Monitoring periodic M&E reporting milestones; Day to day Quality assurance of information put on the Global WB TFs database and  Policy  Dialogue  &  Donor  Harmonization,
  • Liaising  with  WB  Program  Staff  in  Washington  DC  for  ensuring  Quality  of Information related to DFID Contributions to the WB managed Basket Funds,
  • Working with local WB Staff in order to ensure DFID  Contributions  earmarked  for  national  or  regional  programs  are  implemented  according  to  the  signed  MoUs; 
  • Periodically reporting to both WB and DFID in Washington DC, London, Nairobi and Kigali.


UK Government - UKAid "DFID"
Dec 2003Sep 2005


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Assistant Program Officer included, inter alia:

  • Program Management  inputs to different offices: HQ  and  Rwanda  (on  a  full-time  basis),  Uganda,  Kenya,  Ethiopia,  Tanzania  and  Burundi  (whenever  requested),
  • Overall Financial Management of a program of £42m in 2004 and £46m in 2005 and more scaling up afterwards, 
  • Act as Project  Officer in different Sector Projects and Programs especially in Education, Health, Private Sector, Budget Support, Macro-economic issues and PFM projects,
  • Directly working with the Program Officer and Deputy Program Manager, in providing daily program and project level administrative support to respective sectors,
  • Joining Advisers, Sector  Managers  on  occasional  field  trips  and  provide  necessary  support  and  advice,  and  Occasionally  represent DFID at external meetings.


Mar 2002Apr 2004


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Auditor Trainee included, inter alia:

  • Familiarizing with the clients in addition to maintaining and developing good relations by giving maximum importance to clients,  Acquiring an ability to lead the audit teams so that financial systems can be tested  for  ensuring  high  quality  of  these  systems,  Learning  the  proper  functioning  of  audit  programs  that  are  approved  by  the  Bank,
  • Carrying  out  fieldwork  properly  and  documenting  all  the  information  related  to  these  field  work  as  per  the  quality  standards , 
  • Drafting letters  for reporting  to the managers of the  Bank, Examining balance sheets, loss accounts and profit  and other Financial Reports of the Bank in detail for influencing Senior Management decisions,  Identifying the problems and risks for assessing the reporting systems of the Bank,
  • Paying attention to all the details associated with the job of an Auditor Trainee,
  • Acquiring the skills that are necessary for excelling in the work of auditing, these include hard-work, observance, dedication and analytical skills.


MSF Belgium / AVEGA Agahozo
Aug 2003Nov 2003


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Accountant & Secretary included, inter alia:

  • Overall Financial Management of US$300,000 per annum,
  • Administering all the accounting systems of the organization; incl. Preparing bank reconciliations, reporting,etc,
  • Preparing  and  monitoring  budgets  according  to  work-plans,  Making  interim  and  annual  financial  reports,
  • In collaboration with different programs’ managers and the overall coordinator, to make reports of funds utilization, and submit them to the different donors,
  • Organizing purchases of all operational items, advising the overall management, in the good operating way of different projects under the request of the Management Board,
  • Assisting the Financial Administrator in drafting/updating administrative rules and procedures of the organization before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval,
  • Preparing correspondences for Coordinator’s signature, and checking enclosures and  addresses  to  make  sure  they  are  correct,  Responding  to  routine  requests  for  information,  Proofreading  for correctness, Drafting correspondences on routine matters,
  • Receiving and screening correspondences, and attaching necessary  background  information, 
  • Maintaining  office  records  and  reference  files  on  various  subjects,  and 
  • Taking notes at meetings and preparing minutes as appropriate.


MSF Belgium / AVEGA Agahozo
Aug 2003Nov 2003


The Essential Duties and Responsibilities I delivered as the Accountant & Secretary included, inter alia:

  • Overall Financial Management of US$300,000 per annum,
  • Administering all the accounting systems of the organization; incl. Preparing bank reconciliations, reporting,etc,
  • Preparing  and  monitoring  budgets  according  to  work-plans,  Making  interim  and  annual  financial  reports,
  • In collaboration with different programs’ managers and the overall coordinator, to make reports of funds utilization, and submit them to the different donors,
  • Organizing purchases of all operational items, advising the overall management, in the good operating way of different projects under the request of the Management Board,
  • Assisting the Financial Administrator in drafting/updating administrative rules and procedures of the organization before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval,
  • Preparing correspondences for Coordinator’s signature, and checking enclosures and  addresses  to  make  sure  they  are  correct,  Responding  to  routine  requests  for  information,  Proofreading  for correctness, Drafting correspondences on routine matters,
  • Receiving and screening correspondences, and attaching necessary  background  information, 
  • Maintaining  office  records  and  reference  files  on  various  subjects,  and 
  • Taking notes at meetings and preparing minutes as appropriate.



U4-Chr. Michelsen Institute, Oslo - Norway
Apr 2004Aug 2004

Mojoring in Anti-Corruption; Forensic Accounting, Fraud Detection &

Bachelor's Degree

Mar 2002May 2004

Majoring in Business Administration

Associate Degree

Sep 2000Feb 2002

Majoring in Accounting Sciences

Diploma - High School

Sep 1993Jul 2000

Majoring in Commerce & Accounting

Associate Degree

Sep 2000Feb 2002


Diploma - High School

Sep 1993Jul 2000




- USAID Rules & Regulations

 - USAID Procument & Contract Management Guidelines
Inhouse (no Certificate)
Kigali, Rwanda
AGORA Denmark & EDUCAT Denmark
Professional Coaching: Corporate & Executive Business & Management Environment
Kigali, Rwanda
UNDP, UNEP, UNFCCC  and REMACDM & Climate Change Certified Consultants (Kyoto Protocol Overview; Climate Change & Pollution Control and CDM Project Development
Gisenyi, Rwanda

Global Fund Against HIV, TB & Malaria, Friends of Global Fund Africa & GBC Health International

Rwanda Business Executives & HR Experts: HIV & AIDS, TB & Malaria in Workplace
Policy Development
Kigali, Rwanda
World Bank Group: International Finance Corporation (IFC)
IFC Certified Consultants & Trainers: SME Toolkit Content Development & Customization; Training Curriculum & Module Development
Kigali, Rwanda
2010World Bank Group: International Finance Corporation (IFC)IFC Certified Consultants & Trainers: Trainers (ToT) for Consultants (Business Edge®), Trainers (ToT) for Consultants (SME Toolkit®)
Kigali, Rwanda
2009World Bank Group: International Finance Corporation (IFC)Senior Managers & Entrepreneurs Business Plan Development Techniques and MethodologiesCertificate
Kigali, Rwanda
2004-2005University of Wolverhampton, UK
M&E + LogFrame Mechanism; Project Management; Poverty Awareness; Development Assistance Management; Multi-dimensional Approaches; Sustainable Livelihoods & Performance ManagementCertificate (s)
London, UK


Inclusive Consultation & Decision Making

I am always able to involve others in the decision-making process and promote a culture in which all the colleagues and stakeholders work as a team in order to achieve a common goal or objective. I always ensure to fellow colleagues and subordinates that their input into the decision-making process is considered to be highly valuable and inclusive. The final decision must only be taken after conducting a complete financial and non-financial analysis of the decision and considering how the decision can allow the team to achieve the corporate objective of the organization.

Ability to Trust Others

I always develop a culture of mutual trust whereby I am always able to trust fellow supervisors, colleagues and subordinates. Wherever I work, I am always willing to delegate authority while overseeing various functions within the organization. I am comfortable in sharing authority with a wide range of people, but also do not turn a blind eye towards them and always oversee and take responsibility for all corporate decisions undertaken by the staff.

Team Work "Coordination & Communication"

I am always able to effectively communicate with fellow teammates and explore ideas and suggestions put forward by the team. I am always open-minded to the ideas or strategies put forward by staff members and partners / stakeholders rather than focusing on strategies that are designed by myself.

Ability to Take Action & Embrace Change

I am always able to take timely action based on the environmental and situational factors in any workplace setting. I am always able to design strategies that effectively and positively accommodate change and always work hard to execute those strategies in a manner such that they enhance the profitability and sustainability of the organization.

Positive & Optimistic Mindset

I mostly have a positive and an optimistic nature and mindset in general, and am always able to identify opportunities even within difficult situations. I am mostly able to think outside the box and design strategies that can effectively combat the threats faced by the organization, while inspiring others to keep a positive attitude and work hard to get through bad times.

Risk Taking

I am always and ideally be able to take calculated risks after conducting an in-depth evaluation of the probabilities associated with potential gain and loss outcomes of the decision I am likely to take. I am always able to take risks, although the risks I afford to take must not jeopardize the survival or the profitability and sustainability of the concerned organization.

Ability to Be Innovative

I personally believe in this: "Globalization, a competitive business environment, escalating inflation and rapid technological advancement all mean that organizations are faced with a rapidly changing business environment." I am always and ideally able to anticipate the future and design a set of strategies that effectively combat change and result in profitability in the long term.

Living & Leading by Example

I personally believe in this: "Leading – and living – by example isn't as hard as it might sound. It's really the easiest path. If my team knows that I'll also do whatever I expect from them, they will likely work hard to help me achieve our common goal. ". As an experienced professional, I always lead and inspire — and know when to get my hands dirty. I demonstrate that everyone is a leader, and always do this with minimal interference.


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My Client:

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