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  • A dynamic manager with seven years experience in media business. Media background with extensive experience in creating content for business magazines, developing new media products, and managing editorial teams.
  • Has successfully obtained a Master’s degree in System Dynamics in Europe. Enjoys challenge seeking opportunity to move to a new career stage in consultancy, strategic management, and system thinking.
  • A creative thinker with strong analytical and leadership skills. Internationally oriented.

Additional education

  • “Branded Customer Service” by Janelle Barlow, April 4, 2007
  • “To Beat the Competitor” by Michael Porter, October 5, 2006
  • “Strategic Leadership: How to Achieve the Great Aim” by Stephen Covey, May 18, 2006
  • "Creating New Value in the New Economy" by Tom Peters, July 1, 2005

Training courses “Corporate time-management”, “Art of negotiations”, “Managing Talent”, “Creative PRand Advertising”

Personal skills

  • I am an open-minded, responsive person. Understanding the great role of teamwork I get on well with people. But after all I am persistent and purposeful.
  • I consider myself a responsible and reliable person. Task accomplishment as well as good relationship with people is on the first place for me.
  • My hobbies are reading (classic Russian, English literature), cooking, painting and learning foreign languages.
  • Driving license Category B


David Wheat

Etiënne Rouwette

Natalia Cherepukhina

Media projects



Work experience

Jan 2007May 2010


Publishing House "Novyi Izdatel"

Managed launch and development of two business magazines for top management in Russia. "New Management" coveres issues of general and stradegic management in companies. "New Marketing" coveres issues of marketing strategy, PR, loyalty programs etc.

Main responsibilities:

  • Managed the direction, content creation and promotion of two nationwide professional magazines that were aimed at top-managers, CEOs and Chief Marketing Officers;
  • Governed the whole process of magazine content creation, including: task-allocation for journalists, editors, experts and designers, control of the task execution, and proofreading;
  •  Supervized and approved content creation for websites of the magazines;
  • Led the team of five direct subordinates, managed communication with functional subordinates (creative team) and freelancers;
  • For "New Management" performed editing and writing of articles about operational and strategic management, HR, innovation management, project management, time management and self-effectiveness of a manager etc.
  • For "New Marketing" performed editing of articles about strategic marketing, communication strategy, creativity in advertisement, loyalty and service, marketing effectiveness etc.
  • Conducted PR activity including creation of texts for magazines' promotion;
  • Supported Media Sponsoring programs;
  • Hired, trained, and evaluated staff, including editors, journalists, and translators;
  • Developed several rubrics including conceptual idea, headings, and specifications for designers and editors.
Sep 2004Dec 2006

Deputy editor-in-chief

Publishing House "Standart"

Made a way from journalist to editor and then to deputy editor-in-chief in Ukrainian professional magazine "Company Management" that is aimed at top managers and CEOs.

Main responsibilities:

  • Produced ideas for articles, allocated tasks and created time scedule for several rubrics of the magazine;
  • Controlled task execution, performed editing and proofreading;
  • Managed journalists, translators and several freelance writers. Searched for new authors, communicated with authors and subscribers;
  • Personally wrote articles in every issue. I have more than 70 published articles on such topics as Innovation Management, Strategic Management and Planning, Creativity and Talent Management;
  • Conducted PR activity, including preparing of advertising texts;
  • Led the project of magazine web site creation, including: conceptual idea, headings, specefications for web-design studio, and control of results;
  • Managed content of the magazine’s website;
  • Planning budgets and actions for web-marketing.
Mar 2002Jun 2002

Manager of external economic relations

  • Analyzed and evaluated marketing and sales trends in the sphere of alternative energy
  • Was responsible for drawing up contracts for procurement both in Ukrainian and English

  • Assisted in development and organization of training program on Direct Marketing


Sep 2010Dec 2010

Master of Philosophy

Universitetet i Bergen

System Dynamics is an approach to understanding the behaviour of complex systems over time. It deals with internal feedback loops and time delays that affect the behaviour of the entire system.

System Dynamics is not IT, nor programming. It is a tool to support strategic development of companies.

System Dynamics is useful in:

- strategic management and planning, especially long-term planning and budgeting;

- HR planning (mass hiring and layoffs);

- Innovation and R&D planning;

- Inventory management.


Causal mapping
Finding root causes of  problems.
Interview and text coding
I am capable of coding texts and oral speech into structured maps. I use such techniques as SODA  and PSM.
Individual interviews
Interviews with experts and CEOs.
Group process facilitation
Managing a group to find a common view of a problem and to arrive at a decision that would suit everyone. The skill is crucial for teamwork, group model building, finding a solution for unstructured problems.
As a part of my  work I used to be a head of the research projects and I coordinated the work of the team. I maintained its high proficiency and performance and applied different methods of motivation to the team players.
Computer skills
Word, Excel, Power Point, Project Expert, Adobe Acrobat, Indesign
Creative thinking
I believe that creativity does not depend on inspiration; it is a skill that needs training. I put a lot of effort to develop my own creative tool-kit: attending courses on innovative thinking (e.g. a master-class by Edward de Bono in Kyiv, May 29, 2007), and using techniques of creative thinking in work and education (namely, mind-mapping and lateral thinking).
Business process modeling
With the help of professional software packages (e.g. Powersim, Vensim, AnyLogic) I am capable of building a model of a company or its key processes. Afterwards the model is used to analyze strengths and weaknesses of a company (process) as well as to support key managerial decisions, such as: What should be the price of our products? How many people should we hire/fire? How much capacity do we need? How to cope with competitors?
Writing and editing
I am a professional in creating and editing articles for business-oriented magazines. I have expert knowledge in such topics as management, marketinng, time-management and self-efficiency.