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I am

person who is in charge of the creation of new products, pricing, assortment policy, market analysis, the KPI planning, managing complete product life cycle, developing new distribution channels. 


Bachelor's degree /Translator of Arabic and English languages

Kyiv National Linguistic University

Work experience

Tablets Product Manager

Unitrade Group Inc.

Working in an international company whose activities includes sale and service of electronics, computer equipment, and telephony in the B2B and B2C segments all over the world

SENIOR TABLETS PRODUCT MANAGER (January 2015 - present day)


  • Work on the product development for the profitability of the company
  • Provide KPIs for products, keep track of them and meet an expectations
  • Make strategy for the campaigning of the product
  • Implementing for the sales and marketing plan of the product
  • Create, manage product requirements
  • Managing the partnership with vendors, suppliers, and dealers (also communicating with international suppliers)
  • Work closely with Sales, Marketing, Finance, Logistic and senior executives
  • Procurement management for the Department of International Sales
  • Responsible for managing the complete product life cycle

Key achievements:

  • Found near 60 potential suppliers of electronics in the United States  in the spring of 2016, with 20 of them company started active work
  • Agreed with one of the suppliers for the credit line for 30 days (the sum of 100 000$)
  • Increased sales of tablets on windows operating system from 20 to 600 units per month if we compare August 2015 and August 2016
  • Purchased in the United States a tablet that has become the best-selling in autumn 2015 in Ukraine - Asus Memo Pad Me70. Was sold more than 5000 units
  • More than a year Deputy Commercial Director

TABLETS PRODUCT MANAGER  (August 2012 - December 2014)


  • Competitors market analysis, market research, industry trend analysis
  • Pricing and purchase the product
  • Searching of the new suppliers, harmonization of working conditions
  • Coordination and approving of marketing activities
  • Assortment and inventory management
  • KPI Planning on short-term and long-term basis
  • Participation in negotiations with clients

Key achievements:

  • Developed and implemented new marketing activities. Invented a process how  to bring the model in the "top 10 Hotline" for 30-45 days, which increases its sales in 5 times
  • I initiated and implemented new way of sales planning in the company, based on detailed each SKU analysis 
  • Increased profitability on Android tablets by 40% in period of 6 month, by reducing the SKU and the purchase of more profitable products
  • Hold a meeting with the sales department every week throughout the year to improve communication and sales, which led to overfulfillment  the sales plan on a regular basis and increased company profits

Store manager

June 2010June 2012

Personnel Management (team of 15 people)

Skills and Personal Information

Product development, strategic planning, analytical skills, leadership, in my work always think about the result, easy to negotiate with any clients.

English - Intermediate.